Time has passed really quickly and now your little baby girl is now a first grader and is seven years old.  Being seven years old is all about refinement.  Her limbs are starting to lengthen noticeably and her mindset is starting to mature.  She is still a child, you should not forget about that.  Her curiosity is at its peak as she learns more things about life as the days gone by.  Children are known to learn more through play.  If you are seeking to find the perfect toy for your seven year old girl then it’s better to give her age appropriate toys that would hone her skills and let her brain function be more developed.  Check out our top picks of toys for seven year old girls below.

Free Play Toys

Imagination and creativity can be enhanced through play.  Usually free play toys are ideal for kids if you want them to be more creative and to hone their imagination.  Toys that are for free play are toys that are more inclined with shaping life skills by reliving real life situations.

First Sewing Kit

The First Sewing Kit is a non-traditional toy which encourages your seven year old girl to be more creative and to create wonderful designs.

It is easy to use and can help her develop not only her sewing skills but also her hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills.  She can use this sewing kit to create stuffed animals, notebook covers or anything that she wishes to create.

Mysteries Set

Your seven year old is already capable of reading paragraphs with great comprehension.  If she is a wild reader and is fond of adventures then this mysteries-set would be a fantastic gift idea for her.  This Mysteries-Set is comprised of a series of books that will excite and entice your seven year old girl’s reading comprehension and love for adventure.  It also contains puzzles to entertain her more.

Educational Toys

The brain of a seven year old is already capable of housing as much as twenty thousand words.  Your seven year old child can think like an adult and is starting to become more independent.  At seven years old, being a first grader means being exposed to many subjects at school and more school activities.  Learning is fun especially if she has exciting toys that she can play with at home that are also geared towards shaping her cognitive abilities as she plays.

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book

Connecting the dots is fun since it can be so fun.  From connecting dots, you can unleash figures, animals or anything that can amaze you.

This Dot To Dot Book is created by a fine arts graduate and an artist and designer.  This connect-the-dots book is made especially for kids seven years old and below.

You are assured that this connect-the-dots book can be enjoyed by your child and she would not be stressed figuring it out.

Body Magnet

Learning more about the human body is one of the interesting subjects that your seven year old can know.  She can understand anatomy through this interesting toy called the Body Magnet.  She can learn the proper organ, muscles, bones placement, names and features through play.  The body magnet can also let her be more creative while learning more about the human body.

Smarty Pants

Smarty pants do enjoy mind boggling activities such as puzzles, word play, fun facts and even trivia and the like.  The Smarty Pants is an activity filled set that has educational cards full of illustrated activities which contains various exercises such as problem solving puzzles, word play, creative story building games and more.

Subtraction Secrets

Math is a difficult subject for most kids but you can help your child to learn and love math in a fun way through this interesting toy.  The Subtraction Secrets  can let your seven year old learn the secrets and short cuts in subtraction.  The colorful grid patterns can be created and let her unveil adventures as she discovers subtraction secrets. She can apply her learning and let her quizzes and school activities do the talking.

Active Play Toys

In this era where in obesity is on the rise, it is better to give simulating toys for the kids that are inclined towards active play.  Muscle function and development are shaped and honed through active play toys.  Running, walking and playing can also be good forms of exercise for the seven year old.  Hand and eye coordination can also be trained even through active play.  Being healthy through exercise and a balanced diet can also be achieved by your seven year old.  Just ensure to give her the age appropriate toys so that she can play and enjoy at the same time.

Sturdy Birdy Game

You can encourage active play through the Sturdy Bird game while encouraging your child to have the perfect balance.  Counting skills can also be developed as well as her self-esteem and social interaction.  This is easy to use, all you have to do is to roll the dice, copy the card and strike a pose and maintain the perfect balance.  The first to make it and finish the pose would be the winner!

Diggin Wobble Deck


The Diggin Wobble Deck is an electronic balance board that can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Your child can play three multi-level games that are more inclined in balancing herself.  She can also develop her color and sound recognition as she tests her reflexes and reactions as she plays the wobble deck.

Arts and Crafts Toys

The seven year old is full of energy and ideas that she can’t just contain.  She can express herself well verbally and even through her craft.  Being a seven year old girl and a first grader that means she is already exposed in many art forms at school.  Having only few art materials at home may hinder her from being more creative.  It’s better to stock up with more vibrant and exciting arts and crafts toys so that she can explore her creativity even more.

Solar Print Kit

Your seven year old girl can make art projects by using water and sunshine through this fantastic Solar Print Kit.  She can fuse science and arts by creating art projects and unique prints.  This art kit comes with 15 sheets of solar art paper that she can use outdoors while the sun is shining brightly.