One year old boys are like little men starting to explore their world.  For the first time in their lives, they are able to walk around with confidence and have started to be more conversive.  Gross motor skills are starting to be developed and his senses are stimulated.  Learning for a one year old is done through play.  If you want to shape your one year old boy in a good way, it would be great to give him only the top toys to play with.  We are committed to provide you only the best list from the market, so without further ado here is our list of the top toys for 1 year old boys.


Classic Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Toys That Will Always Be Perfect for One Year Old Toddlers

Classic toys are the usual toy that promote or helps your child to grow according to his developmental stage.  Sensory blocks, stacking cups, pounding bench, shape sorters these are the classic examples of classic toys in the market.

Stacker Building Set

The Megablocks First Builders Stackers Set is Perfect for 1 Year Old Boys!

Megablocks First Builders Stacking Set

The stacker building set is compatible with mega blocks first builders.  It encourages exploration and open ended play.

Hand and eye coordination is improved by playing a stacker building set.  Fine and gross motor skills are also enhanced through time.

The Megablocks First Builders Stacking Set is perfect as it does the job wonderfully. It is colorful, goes with fun faces and shapes and very lightweight!

Motor development will surely be achieved by playing with these.

Laugh & Learn Learning Workbench

This is great for stimulating a one year old’s senses!

Laugh and Learn Work Bench – The Perfect Toy for Toddlers!

One year old boys are not only fond of pounding objects there are also stimulated when the things they pound make sounds or has lights on it.

The Laugh and Learn Learning Workbench is an enhanced pounding workbench that is not only fun to play with for your one year old boy but it also stimulates his senses because of the lights that appear every time he pounds.

A counting song also plays every time an object is pounded on this workbench. This is perfect for his hearing.

This toy develops the sensory organs.

Stack & Roll Cups

A Kind of Classic Type Toy for Little Boys, Age 1

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

Stacking cups are classic toys for the one year old boys as this promotes hand and eye coordination, gross motor skills and even fine motor skills.

Color familiarization is also enhanced through play.  With colorful stacking cups! Something like Fisher-Price Stack & Roll Cups!

This stack and roll cups does all the developmental achievements that can be learned through playing the usual stacking cups which only got better because the stack and roll cups can be spinned since it’s in a dome shaped and fit snugly when nested together.

Come and play with your toddler boy to enhance bond, too!

Wooden Shape Sorters

Shape sorters make great educational toys for one year olds!

Shape sorter toy is one of the classic toys favorited by many because of the problem solving skills developed through playing this toy.  The wooden shape sorter can help your one year old boy recognize shapes and colors too.  Through trial and error, his problem solving skills is enhanced and through playing this class toy he would recognize the shapes and which should fit in what appropriate hole.

Hape Color and Shape Sorter Hape Shake and Match Shape SorterPlan Toy Shape and Sort It Out

Active Play Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Makes Perfect 1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

Active plays are toys that enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, balance and help your one year old boy to be confident in to stand and walk on his own.

Play Tunnels

Make Great Active Fun for Your Toddler Boy and His Friends!

The play tunnel is a fun way for your one year old boy to move around.  He can develop his crawling skills, has imaginative play until he gets tired.  It is convenient to store and set up.  It is safe to play and is one of the top toys for one year old boys.

Kiddey 6-feet Kids Play TunnelMelissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Tunnel Kiddey 3pcs Cubby-Tunnel-Teepee Play Tunnel

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity-Pop Musical Dino

Fisher Price Toy for One Year Old Boys!

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity-Pop Musical Dino Make Great Cognitive Toys for One Year Old Boys

The Fisher Price Musical Dino is a musical toy that enhances your one year old boy’s senses through play.  The musical dino is also a toy that can encourage your one year old boy about reward system and cause and effect.  The musical dino has silly sound effects and 8 fun tunes.  The balls are brightly and vividly colored that makes playing the musical dino more fun!

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Toys For Baby Boys Who Just Turned One!

What a colorful toy for your toddler boy!

The Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball promotes active play and helps develops your one year old boy’s sense of vision.

It is ergonomically designed for your child to easily grasp and play with it.  It has multiple color beads that create rattle noise that adds excitement with every bump.

This makes a perfect birthday gift for a boy.

First Sports Bag Playset

My First Sports Bag!

The first sports bag playset is a colorful bag that contains the playset of almost all sports which your future sports fan would love to enjoy.

My First Sports Bag has a basketball, soccer, football, baseball and crinkle toy.  Each ball has sounds produced and is soft to touch.

Grasp and palmar reflex along with his gross motor skills would be promoted with continuous play with this toy set.

You can also start your baby boy’s interest in sports with this play set! Daddies, you should get him one of these!

Toys For Free Form Play

Free Form Toys and Playsets for One Year Old Baby Boys!

The toys that promote free form play are the top toys for one year old boys that enhance the imagination, creativity and impose unlimited play. Examples of toys that promote free form play are balls, musical toys, blocks, keys and more.

Baby Einstein Musical Toy

An Educational Toy for 1 Year Old Boys!

Baby Einstein Toy!

The Baby Einstein Musical Toy is an easy grasp caterpillar handle toy that has 7 classical melodies stored.

The volume can be controlled as you please and because of its handy design, you can bring it along with you even as you travel.

This is one of the top educational toys for one year old boys because it promotes music appreciation and auditory development.

The handle is good enough for baby’s grasp and can double as a teething toy whenever he feels like chewing stuff! Awesome!

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

The Baby Einstein Bendy Ball is a flexible ball made of plastic that is squeezable and bendable.  Your one year old boy can have unlimited free form play with this bendy ball.

Imagination is enhanced through play of the bendy ball and his senses are also stimulated with the help of the vibrant colors and the smooth texture of this bendy ball.

Leapfrog Alpha Pup Toy

Leapfrog Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Leapfrog Toys for Baby Boys

The Leapfrog Alpha Pup Pull Toy is a multifunctional toy.  It is a pull toy, a percussion toy that also promotes the senses.  Your one year old boy can learn to walk independently and balance himself by pulling the Alpha pup toy.  The Alpha pup toy has alphabets on it that enables the child to hear letter sounds when each alphabet button is strike. Gross motor skills, phonics and alphabet familiarization is learned and enhanced through play of the Alpha pup toy.

Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

Bathtub Toy for Your Baby Boy

The Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy is the perfect bath time buddy for your one year old boy.

The penguin toy can swim through the water and can promoted imaginative play. Plus, it is windup. Very entertaining, indeed!

Bath time can be more fun and enjoyable when the swimming penguin toy is around.

Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle

Rattling Toy for 1 Year Old Boys!

The clip clop activity baby rattle is one of the top toys for one year old boys because it is a fun toy that promotes eye and hand coordination.  Each hoof has a different activity in stored.  The bell with a rattle can stimulate your child’s auditory senses while the patterns and vivid colors can enhance visual perception.

Leapfrog My Pal Scout

A Cute Singing Dog!

Leapfrog My Pal Scout is one of the top toys for one year old boys that belongs to this generation of digital and can be synced to a smart phone or any device like computer or tablet for easier personalization.  It has over 40 learning songs that can be listened to for a more interactive fun time.  My Pal Scout teaches your one year old boy feelings, emotions, counting, colors and even his first words.

Icybite Teething Keys

Teething Toy for One Year Old Babies!

Teething Toys are also essential!

The Icybite Teething Keys is suitable for your one year old boy’s teething needs.  It’s not just a toy for imaginative play but it can also help him get over his teething problems and pain.  The Icybite teething keys is suitable for front up to back teeth teething and when placed on the fridge, it would provide him gentle cooling.  This teething keys toy can assist your child in the eruption of his teeth and give him comfort as he plays with it.

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