She is now a one year old child! Your little baby girl who was once a helpless infant is now transforming to a girl who is starting to explore.  She is now able to start to speak and her vocabulary is starting to increase and you’ll be surprised to hear her from babbling to formulating discernable words.  From crawling slowly to walking with confidence, you will be mesmerized with her energy on how she loves to explore the places in the house with her two little feet.

The little girl would start to see her world to be more interesting and you can help this one year old girl to see life differently through play.  From stacking blocks to play tables, here are the top toys for 1 year old girls that are certainly enjoyable and suitable for her and would help her to achieve her developmental milestones.

Shape Sorters Make Great Toys for One Year Old Girls!

One Year Old Developmental Toys Are Great!

Shape Sorters

Shape sorters is one of the best toys that you can give to a one year girl because it’s a trial and error game.  It improves hand and eye coordination and will definitely teach her to develop her problem solving skills early on.  She will learn which shape is the appropriate for the specific hole.  Each piece is vividly colored to enhance her color recognition and same goes with the shapes.

You can buy shape sorters here.

Large Building Blocks for Cognitive Development

The Classic Open Ended Toy for One Year Olds

Imagination is starting to be enhanced as your child grows up and even if she is just a year old, she already starts to imagine and develop vivid ideas in her head.  Blocks are one of the top toys for one year old girls because it promotes freeform play.  The possibilities are endless with these blocks.  She can stack them up and build towers and just simply bang them together.  These Maple Wooden Blocks are made from safe materials and toxin free so you are assured that she would be unharmed even if she tries to taste them sometimes.

Active Play Toys are Very Good at Developing Her Motor Skills

One year old girls are in the starting process of developing their gross motor skills, hand and eye coordination, imagination, balancing and even walking. Active play toys such as activity tables, push and pull toys, toys with interactive buttons would help her to promote her fine and gross motor skills while having fun.

Here are some nice active play toys for 1 year old girls:

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean OrchestraFisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning BasketballWinfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table

Nesting Toys Are Simple But Very Fun for Girls Approaching Her Toddler Years

Toys That Stack and Go On Top of Each Other

Stacking toys develop hand eye coordination for little children!

Nesting or stacking toys are built to put things together or stack them up as your little girl likes.  Nesting toys are believed to enhance a child’s imagination by putting things together and taking them apart.

Take a look at the My First Stacker.

This nesting toy is safe because it does not have edges and it has no harmful materials included.

Pounding benches will help her use up that pent up energy!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Is a Toy That Helps With Cognitive Development

Also Improves Fine Motor Skills

This Melissa & Doug Pounding Peg toy is a classic favorite for every kid, you may even had one when you were her age.  This pounding peg toy would nurture her creativity and imagination.  You would see your 1 year old girl pound the pegs happily, remove them and put them back again and pound again over and over until she loses her energy.  Fine motor and cognitive skills are developed through this classic toy and a fun filled activity for every one year old girl.

Pull Toys Will Exercise Her and Keep Her Entertained

Little girls love to drag things around.  If you would notice, she would be seen dragging her teddy, your shirt, her favorite blanket.  Pulling things is one of her favorite to dos in a day and this is because she develops her balancing act through this activity.

You can let her enjoy dragging or pulling with this cute pull toy.  This walk Along Puppy Pull Toy in shape of a very charming puppy would make her enjoy pulling more.  This pull toy is a colorful puppy and make her imagine walking her dog.  Maybe having a puppy is too soon for your little girl so you can give her this pull toy instead.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Will Help Her Learn to Walk

Walkers Help 1 Year Old Girls Learn to Walk!

She may have wobbly feet because she is still not confident enough to stand still and to walk on her own.  On her first birthday, a top toy for one year old girls is a sit to stand learning walker, like the VTech Sit-to-Stand Walker!

This walker is an interactive baby walker that can develop her fine motor skills while learning to walk.  The sit to stand learning walker is a colorful walker with multiple play panel for your little girl.  It has colorful rollers, shape sorters, light up buttons with over 70 sing along songs and sound effects for a more role play fun!  She can play while sitting down so she can practice how to sit still and stand and walk slowly with confidence too!

Sensory Play Toys for Your 1 Year Old Girl’s Sensory Development

Toy That Develop Sensory Organs

Toys that appeal to the senses either through the eyes, ears, mouth or their fingers are sensory play toys.  These sensory toys stimulate a child’s senses and help her to focus, imagine and play.  Educational toys with various textures, colors, sounds are perfect examples of sensory play toys.

Infantino Sensory BallFisher-Price Boppin Activity BugsStackable Teether Tower

Octopus Hoola Bath Toy Makes Bath Time Fun!

Bathtub Toy for 1 Year Old Girls!

Octopus Hoola bathtub toy for toddlers!

Bath time can also be play time for your little lady.  She loves being clean and is encourage to bathe because of the fun and colorful bath toys that you have in the tub.  You can make her bath time a more active and enjoyable one through this Octopus Hoola bath toy.  It is a colorful, fun and educational toy that helps her develop her hand and eye coordination through the interactive tentacles that she can put the rings on.  She would love this octopus for sure!   The fun and eye catchy design is also made to make her boring baths transform into an active and fun way of bathing and learning at the same time.

Musical Instruments Set for Happy Play

A Toy That Develops Motor Skills and Hearing

Hape – Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

Little kids especially the one year olds love to bang things and make noise.  It would be more interesting and productive for your one year old girl to make her banging acts be more fun with these musical instruments set.

You should get your 1 year old baby girl the Pound & Tap Bench and Xylophone! Musical instruments set is far better than the pots and pans that she likes to hit and bang for sure!