Years have passed and your baby now has grown a decade of existence.  Time may have lapsed swiftly and before you know it, your cutie baby doll is now at the brink of puberty.  Although your little man is ten years old right now and might be acting maturely than before, you may sometimes be confused and treat him like an adult.  Your child is still a child and he still enjoys playing.  At his age, he can still learn more through play so let him enjoy and still be a child while he still can.  You can’t give him just any toy for he might lose interest easily.  Check out the top toys for 10 year old boys that we have picked out just for you.

Educational Toys

We know that your ten year old is already a grown up boy.  He may have gained independence in his daily activities and you are amazed on how far he has become.  In line with this, if you want to enhance his cognitive skills some more, you can do so by giving him toys that will give him mental challenges as he plays.  Examples of educational toys are puzzles, model making, activity kits and the like.

14-in-1 Solar Robot

Robot Toys for 10 Year Old Boys

Ten year olds take pride in their work.  He loves to create things and marvels at his finished product afterwards!  You can give fun and excitement to your ten year old by gifting him this 14 In 1 Solar Robot.  This solar robot is a basic robot that your ten year old boy can play with for hours.  He can enhance his creative skills, develop engineering talents by putting this 190 easy to put together pieces to make his fun time be pure of enjoyment after all!  This robot can move in both land and water.  What makes it special is that this robot is powered by solar energy.  Playtime with this solar robot encourages creativity, logic and even scientific learning.

Kanoodle Genius

Your little man is up for challenges.  You can stimulate his thinking skills by giving him exciting gifts that will make him use his thinking cap some more.

This Kanoodle Genius will challenge his neurons by deciphering over 200 puzzles.  By playing the Kanoodle Genius you can encourage your child to improve his concentration, logic and spatial reasoning skills.  This comes with seven game pieces of different colors.  It also comes with a full color puzzle book which is consisted of eighty six pages of pure fun!

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science

Science is a systematic body of knowledge, when you look at the book definition of it.  It may sound overwhelming and difficult to digest but you can make learning science fun and interactive by gifting your ten year old boy this Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit.

Your child can study the microorganisms that grows on his nose, toes, hands or anywhere that he wishes to explore.  Children love to use their imagination and he can enhance his imagination by planning his experiments and anticipating the outcome of his experiments.

Snap Circuits Jr.

Electronics is not only for dads or older adults, you can also let your kid enjoy while learning simple electronics through the Snap Circuits Jr.

The Snap Circuits Jr is comprised of over thirty easy to identify parts that are color coded that can easily be put together.  No tools required to put them together too!  This makes playing more convenient and easy to play with!

Toys for Active Play

Playing can be a form of exercise for children.  Through play the child can develop his gross motor skills, hand and eye coordination and even his balance and cognitive skills.  Active play maybe a thing of the past for some since these children are now more inclined towards digital form of entertainment.  As a parent or caregiver, it is better to give your ten year old a toy that can encourage him to be more outdoors and play more.  Your ten year old can prevent obesity and its complications by being more active.  Perfect examples of toys for active play are sports materials such as balls and sports gears.

X-zyLo Flying Gyroscope


The X-Zylo Flying Gyroscope is a fun way of being outdoors.  It’s like throwing a football but with a more compact and easy to play with gyroscope.  This gyroscope can fly for up to 600 feet.  Your child can enhance his gross motor skills and even his hand and eye coordination as he play some more.  The X-zylo flying gyroscope is best played in open field so you can have more time playing, running and fetching.

Slimeball Slinger

Fun Crazy Toys for 10 Year Old Boys

Take the slime launching to the next level by using this Slimeball Slinger.  This Slimeball Slinger can reach your target no matter how far nor small your target.  Aim for the goal and slime it afterwards!  Your ten year old can play, have fun and enhance his target shooting skills.  Slime balls are gooey and yucky to look at but it is actually made of nontoxic and non-stick soft rubber, so mom is assured that her little boy is safe while playing.  Other skills enhance through play are his eye and hand coordination, gross motor skills and problem solving skills.  He can also strengthen his muscles by running around too as he targets his goal.

Rainbow Parafoil

Outdoor Toys for 10 Year Old Boys

rainbow-parafoil-kiteThe Rainbow Parafoil is a beautiful kite made of ripstop nylon fabric which measures thirteen inches in width and twenty one inches in length.  What makes the rainbow parafoil different from the ordinary kite is that is unbreakable and completely reliable with no assembly required.  Your child can have fun flying the rainbow parafoil and have endless quality time with you.  The rainbow parafoil is best played during windy season.  The wind range that this kite can travel is from 6 mph up to 20 mph.

Arts and Crafts Toys

Arts and crafts toys will help your ten year old child develop his art skills and even his life skills by putting some simple materials together and creating a new finished product afterwards.  He can enhance his imagination, creativity and even his hand and eye coordination by doing some craft skills on his past time.  Gone are the days when your child is content by coloring a simple coloring page, he is now up to something more complex because now he is ten years old.  Examples of arts and crafts toys are DIY bracelets, art kits and more.

DIY Bracelets

Friendship means a lot to your ten year old.  At his age now, he is fond of hanging out with the guys and he really values their friendship more than ever!  You can let him celebrate his friendship with the boys by letting him make friendship bracelets for his bros.  He can make up to eight bracelets with one box of this DIY Bracelets Kit.  It is complete with materials such as imitation leather, waxed cord, silver chain and more.  He can develop his imagination and creativity as he celebrate his friendship with his peers through the DIY bracelets kit.

Catapult Wars Battle Kit

Crafty Toys for 10 Year Old Boys!

Let your child take pride in building his very own catapult and win!  This Catapult Wars Battle Kit will let you ten year old make his very own catapult to defend his army as he plays with his friends indoors or outdoors.

He can explore his imagination and decorate his catapult and make it beautiful and as the perfect weapon to put down his opponents.

This comes with an easy to follow instruction and he can assemble the pieces together on his own.  His problem solving skills, strategic skills can be enhanced and developed through play of the catapult wars battle kit.

String Art II Kit

The String Art II Kit is the perfect gift for your explorer ten year old boy!  This kit comes with metallic threads, pins and dark black colored canvases that he can use to create rockets, stars or even planets!  He can easily create his very own model by pushing pins into the sturdy canvases and strings with no required nails nor hammers.  Make him use his time well by crafting and honing his talents and enhancing his creativity through play of the String Art II kit.

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