At the age of ten, your little girl has slowly transformed into a fine young lady.  She is at the stage of her life where in she is neither too young nor too old.  She is still a child, although she has gained much independence through the years.  Gone are the days when you can just her a baby bottle and she would be quiet.  Kidding aside, you are marveled at the growth and development of your ten year old girl that’s why you want only the best for her.  Luckily, we have gathered the top ten toys from the web that will help your child to nourish her skills and talents.  She would have fun and play with these age appropriate toys for 10 year old girls.  Check out our top finds below for your reference.

Arts and Crafts Toys

Do you miss the days when your child is just pacified whenever you give her a paper and some crayons to play with?  At the age of ten, you can’t pacify her by just giving her a paper and some crayons.  You have to satisfy her curiosity about the things around her.  She is often heard asking questions about the things around her, the people she sees and interacts with and the occurrences that she observes every day.  Your ten year old girl is not a yes girl anymore.  If you want to answer her questions especially about art and crafts then it would be appropriate to answer her by giving her some informative and useful arts and crafts toys that she can have fun with.  These arts and crafts toys are not just for decorating and making things beautiful, they are used to create her works of art and bring them to life.  More refined art materials are more appreciated by the ten year old girl such as poster paints, easels, fine brushes and the like.

Fold: Origami Brainteaser

Puzzle Toys for 10 Year Old Girls!

Origami or the art of Japanese folding paper has become a popular trends for school age children.  Your ten year old girl is no exception to this trend and you know that it’s like almost everyday that she shows you what kind of new skills she has learned in origami.  You can give her more ideas on what to create by giving her this activity kit entitled: Fold: Origami Brainteaser.  This kit contains puzzles that would bulk up her brain muscles while having fun.  There are ten puzzles to solve in this kit and believe me she would not get them instantly!  Fold is invented by Ivan Moscovich who is a famed puzzle inventor.  This activity kit is designed not just to have fun but also to develop your child’s fine motor skills, patience, logical abilities and even her mathematical logic.

Make Up Artist Portfolio Art Set

Make-Up Toys for Children Approaching Tweens

We know that your little ten year old girl is not a young child anymore.  Since she is at the brink of puberty, she is already exploring and trying to copy adults especially the usual routines.  One perfect example is by applying make-up.  Her skin is not yet ready for cosmetics, so before she would even try to put on some color on her face, tell her to practice first on this fun activity sketch pad that deals with make-up, nail design and even some hair styles.  This activity set entitled Make-Up Artist Portfolio Art Set will keep her entertained as she practices her self-expression at every page.  This activity set is made up of forty different drawings that will your girl create her very own style in nails, hairstyles and make-up.

Plushcraft Butterfly Pillow

Ten year old girls take pride in their work like it’s a masterpiece of some sort.  It gives them the feeling of accomplishment when they finish a task and when the outcome is pleasant to the eyes.  You can let your ten year old girl create and have fun through this Plushcraft Butterfly Pillow.  This pretty pillow has 360 pieces of fabric with 20 sticky jewels that your girl can use to create the most comfy pillow for her!  This craft does not require sewing nor gluing since there is a special stylus included which makes attaching the decorations easier.  She can enhance her imagination and creativity through play and even her fine motor skills and problem solving techniques too.

Educational Toys

Ten year old kids can think for themselves, solve simple problems and take instructions efficiently.  They have gained independence and have started to work their way up all by themselves but do keep in mind that ten year olds still have space for growth and improvement.  You can hone her cognitive skills by giving her age appropriate toys that are educational by nature.  She can have fun while learning and developing other life skills through play.  Examples of educational toys for ten year olds are activity puzzles, problem solving kits and Science project sets.

IQ Steps

IQ Toy for 10 Year Old Girls

Piece by piece the IQ Steps will challenge the neurons in your ten year old girl’s head.  The IQ steps is easy to learn and play with.  This activity set can help her build her cognitive skills, problem solving skills and also her spatial and visual reasoning.  This activity set has 120 challenges that ranges its difficulty as the game progresses.  Instructions and solutions are provided in this activity set.  You can have fun as you sharpen the mind of your child while having a quality time with her through the IQ steps.

Sequence Cat Game

Memory Cat Game! Awesome!

The sequence cat game is the purr-fect game for your ten year old girl who is a cat fanatic!  The Sequence Cat Game includes playing chips, cards and a folding game board.  You can play with her or even with the whole family too!

This game encourages your child to hone her strategy skills, logical thinking and even her skills in visual identification.  Have a meaningful afternoon with the family while having fun by playing the sequence cat game!

Home Quick Planner

Playing house has been part of a girl’s childhood.  Although at the age of ten, she is not really into playing the toy house that she use to play with because she says she already too old for that.  Let’s admit it, she is still drawing houses although she is not playing her toy house anymore.  You can surprise her with the Home Quick Planner Kit to help her decorate her dream house without the fuzz of drawing and erasing.  Let her design her dream house just like how architects do theirs.  The home quick planner will enhance your ten year old girl’s logical skills, creativity, fine motor skills, dexterity and even her skills in planning.  This set includes a 5600 square foot floor plan grid with 700 pre-cut and reusable stick symbols.

Pop Bottle Science

pop-bottle-scienceThe geeky ten year old girl would love to have her very own Science lab.  Although it sounds dreamy and expensive, you can actually give her very own miniature Science lab by giving her this pop bottle Science.   She can make experiments such as a lava lamp, volcano, tornado and more with this activity set.

The Pop Bottle Science has 79 amazing and child friendly experiments to make.  Instructions included are easy to follow and minimal adult supervision is required.

This activity set helps your ten year old to develop her fine motor skills, logic, scientific learning and even following directions.

Toys for Active Play

Active play should be encouraged to the children since obesity is really prevalent worldwide.  Toys for active play are usually sporty toys and equipment that will help them to move around and enjoy.  Ball, jump rope and other interesting toys are available in the market to keep your ten year old tossing and turning!

Chalktrail Scooter

Active Fun Toys for 10 Year Old Girls

Riding a scooter is fun and exciting but what can make it more exciting is by adding some colorful markings to your trails.  The chalktrail is very easy to assemble.

The chalk that comes with it is non-toxic and washable.  Your little girl can have tons of fun as she moves around and be invigorated as she sees her beautiful trails afterwards.

Chalkrail Scooter helps your girl express herself while keeping her active!

RC Flying Bird

If you have a ten year old girl who is fond of adoring birds in the sky then this gift would be great for her.  She can control this RC Flying Bird and adore its beauty in the sky.  She can run around as the bird flies and imagine that she is flying with it.  This remote controlled flying bird is lightweight and highly durable.  Flying this RC bird encourages your ten year old girl to have outdoor play, gain interest in aviation and develop her hand and eye coordination.

Light-Up GBOP Ball

You can encourage your ten year old girl to engage more time outdoors by surprising her with this Light Up GBOP Ball!  This GBOP (great big outdoor play) ball sparkles because it has ten crystal clear cells with motion activated LEDs with assorted confetti too!  This enormous ball is 65 inches in diameter which makes it a huge ball to roll and play with.  You can be assured that you girl would have loads of fun running around in the garden with this GBOP.  She can enhance her gross motor skills and strengthen her muscles too as she plays.

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