The terrible two that is what most parents call this stage of development.  At two years old, she can jump off a step, build a 9-10 cube tower, use crayons, ride a trike and start formulating short sentences and is able to express herself briefly.  She may be clingy at times and prefers sameness of routines.  In terms of toys and playing, your 2 year old girl can enjoy playing alongside with a playmate and she is starting to be possessive of her toys too.

You can give her toys to play with to keep her busy but we want you to get the best of both worlds.  We have gathered the top toys for two year old girls to entertain her and boost her brain powers at the same time.  Check out the list below for your reference.


Wheel Toys

At the age of 2, your little girl may still have not perfected her balancing act.  You can help her improve her balance and coordination by gifting her wheels.  Wheels are one of the top toys for 2 year old girls.  Wheels are good for children who are scared of movement because of the fear of falling or tripping.   Since she can plant her feet firmly on the pedals while on the wheels, she can feel in control and be more confident.

2-in-1 Wooden Balance Bike

Balance bike toy for 2 year old girls!

The two in one wooden balance bike is a convertible tricycle that can be transformed into a 2 wheel balance bike easily.  It is safely made for up to 2 year olds only.

The seat is cushioned for added comfort.  Balance and coordination would be perfected by your little two year old girl through this convertible bike.

She will be truly surprised to get a cute toy as a gift!

Barbie Tough Trike

Barbie Tough Trike

The Barbie Tough Trike is a girly bike that is especially made and designed for a princess.  Your two year old girl would love to ride this Barbie Tough Trike and pretend play while enhancing her balance and coordination.

Trikes like these also are an outlet of a toddler’s extra energy. It is also a great exercise!

It comes along with a secret compartment under the ride seat which makes her hide her stash easily.  This bike has durable tires that makes off road adventures more fun.

Styled for a princess, yet tough enough for years of fun and adventure!

Step2 Ride Buggy

Push Toys for 2 Year Old Girls

Let your baby girl sit and you push! This is a fun interactive toy for toddler girls!

This cute Ride Buggy is a beautifully designed ride which is perfect for the two year old girl who is still clingy and would love to have parental or guardian support while on the ride.

It comes with two cup holders one for the parent and one for the child.  It has smooth quiet ride wheels for easy navigation and seamless turns.

This buggy ride also has storage under the hood for storage so you do not have to bring a backpack when playing with your little girl on the park.

Safety comes first as it has seat belt included.

Role Play Toys

Role play toys are toys that can help enhance your little girl’s imagination.  She can mimic real life situation and pretend play.  She can explore and let her imagination take over.  Creativity, resourcefulness and imaginative ideas are developed through role play toys.  Examples of role play toys are dress up clothes, costumes, play sets and more.

Dress-Up Clothes

Play Clothes for Two Year Old Girls

Two year old girls would love to have pretend play by dressing up.  One of the top toys for two year old girls is some dress up clothes.  Creativity and imagination is enhanced through these dress up clothes and it gives her a safe environment to do her role play.  Princess clothes are big hit for most girls and some are community helper clothes to give her an idea on what she would like to be when she grows up.

Melissa & Doug Goodie Tutus! Dress-Up SetDisney Princess Dress Up Trunk Fairy Dress Up Costume for Girls


Princess Fiona Costume

Fiona Costume for GirlsIf Princess Fiona from Shrek is your two year old daughter’s favorite princess then this Princess Fiona dress up costume would be perfect for her!  She can also try the simple tutu costume with matching wand and wings for her princess role play.

Foam Princess Tiaras

Foam Crowns for Your Little Girl

Foam Princess Tiara for Dress Up and Play Pretends

Little girls would love to be princesses in real life.  You can let your two year old girl play and feel like a princess with these Foam Princess Tiaras.

These tiaras are safe to play with and since there are no hard and sharp edges, you can relax and be confident that your two year old may not get hurt while playing.

She can even invite her friends because these tiaras come in batches of 12. That is a lot of tiaras to be made! More fun for your little girl.

KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bight Play Kitchen


Play kitchen is so much fun for little girls.  She can pretend play and let her mimic her mom as she cooks their lunch or dinner.  With KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright, creativity and imagination is developed through pretend play and your two year old girl could achieve this by playing with a play kitchen.

Young Chef Cookware

Young Chef cookware pretend cooking toys for 2 year old girls!

The Young Chef Cookware Set is a pretend kitchen play that comes with pretend food too.

It makes your little two year old girl’s role play more fun and enjoyable.

Plus, she can also play with her friends. One can play the chef and the other can order items or be the waitress! This will spark imagination and story telling capabilities of your little girl!

The colors are striking and color familiarization can also be achieved through play.

Baby Doll

Young girls love baby dolls even as early as to years old.  Your two year old would love to have a baby doll for her to nurture and pretend play.  Pretend play is helpful in shaping your child to become successful learners in the future.  Having a baby doll may also help your little girl to prepare her for an upcoming sibling too.

Baby Stella Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll

Baby Dolls for Two Year Old Girls!

Baby Stella baby doll toy

The Baby Stella Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll is a soft doll that your two year old girl can play with and cuddle as she pleases.

This soft nurturing baby doll has a two piece outfit, cloth diaper and pacifier that are all removable. Since it is made of ultra-soft materials, you are assured that she can cuddle this baby doll all day long without being hurt.

Creative role play can be achieved through this soft nurturing first baby doll. Imagination is sparked and the senses are straightened trough play of this baby doll

LA Baby – Lifelike Baby Doll

Lifelike Baby Dolls

La Baby Lifelike Baby Doll

The LA Baby Lifelike Baby Doll has the looks of a real baby.  Your two year old girl would be amazed on how realistic this baby doll is.

The head, arms and legs of this lifelike baby doll is made of vinyl and is 20 inches long, the body is made soft which is made for endless cuddles.

Play time is more fun as she does her nurturing role to this baby doll.

Creativity, thoughtfulness and being caring is developed through the pretend play of this baby doll.

Puzzle Toys for Toddlers

Puzzles are traditional toys that are very educational for two year olds.  Just ensure that you pick the larger version of puzzles because two year olds are still fond of putting things in their mouths.  Playing puzzles will make her realize that parts fit together.  Her problem solving skills would be improved and she can develop her sense of focus through play.

Melissa & Doug Beginner Pattern BlocksSkoolzy Peg Board Set


The Melissa and Doug Bead Maze

The Melissa And Doug Bead Maze is an activity set that is designed and developed for your two year old to enhance her gross motor skills while learning colors and shapes at the same time.  Your two year old girl would certainly be busy for hours and let her imagination go wild as she plays this bead maze activity set.  The Melissa and Doug bead maze promotes basic learning skills such as eye and hand coordination and visual acuity.

First 100 Words Board book

A two year old girl may already know plenty of words and you can help her to increase her vocabulary through this board book.  The First 100 Words Board Book is a picture book with 100 photos that she can look at.  You can talk about these photos to help her know more about these things that she can easily see around her.  The cover is padded softly for your child’s little hands comfort and firm grip.

Potty Trainer Toy Toilet

At a tender age of two, toddlers are already prepped for toilet training.  You can help your young girl to gain confidence in relieving herself at the right time by introducing her potty training in a fun way.  This princess’ throne inspired toy toilet would encourage her to sit like a princess and let her have a welcoming potty environment to help her be at ease and relieve herself in a timely manner.

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