Your cute little baby girl is now called a toddler, time flies really fast!  She is now three years old and you just can’t help but notice the milestones that she has achieved.  As she turns three, you will see that your little girl is starting to be a little lady who wants some independence as much as she could.  She would try to get dressed, feed herself, ask questions such as why more too often, she is now ready to be potty trained and for some they do accomplish this easily at this age.

Three year olds can also start to formulate their sentences.  At this age, she already has a 300 word vocabulary and can make three word sentence.  She can make friends, follow activities and even start to attend pre-school.  You may also be surprised to hear that she is more than willing to help you with chores as she can follow simple directions and instructions already.

If you want your three year old girl get the most fun of her toddler life and at the same learn through play then you need to check out our top toys for 3 year old girls below.  These are handpicked toys and personal favorites that we think could help you out in bringing a fabulous and smart girl in the future.

Toys For Pretend Play

Outdoor Fun Toys for 3 Year Old Girls!

Toys for pretend play offers unlimited play for your three year old girl.  She can let her imagination be unleashed and be more creative.  She can re-enact simple chores that she sees in the house.   She can also have a role play of her favorite cartoon show.  She can learn reasoning, cause and effect and develop her creativity and even enhance her gross motor and fine motor skills at the same time.

Crabbie Sand Table

Sand is such a huge hit for toddlers.  With the Crabbie Sand Table, you can let your three year old play endlessly with sand and let her imagination run wild.  You are assured that this sand table is easy to clean and dry too.

Modular Wooden Doll House

Designed by You Dollhouse with Furniture

An imaginative 3-year-old may want to play house all the time.  Let her imagination run and be more creative as she has endless play with this Maxim Modular Wooden Doll House.

This doll house can be pulled and stacked apart to create different house designs that your three year old girl wishes to build.

The added furniture makes play time with this doll house more fun and exciting.  You would see how your little girl get creative every time she plays.

Cupcake Party Game

Tea parties and cupcakes are one of the favorite past times of young girls.  Three year old girls are no exceptions, as they already know how fun it is to play tea parties.  Cupcakes are well loved so even in their pretend parties, cupcakes are made and served.  Let your little girl enjoy her pretend play with Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game.  This cupcake party games comes with 40 cupcake materials, recipe cards, sand timer and games manual.  She can play this with her friends and let their imagination and creativity be developed the fun way!

Count ‘n Play Cash Register

Count and Play Toy Cash Register

Play cash register has always been a fascinating toy for most girls.  Maybe because it involves the feeling of shopping and counting money.

This Count ‘N Play Cash Register is a colorful pretend cash register that comes with play money.  You can let your three year old play little market with her friends and be the cashier and let her counting skills be developed at the same time!

This is also can be a social toy, developing your child’s interpersonal traits when she plays with her friends!

Educational Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Educational toys are created to enhance the intelligence quotient of the child.  These are toys developed specifically and patterned to achieve the developmental milestones set for the age of the child.  These toys are designed and developed to enhance and create a learning environment for the child.  Educational toys are usually brightly colored, enticing for the child and geared towards learning.

Miller Goodman PlayShapes

Miller Play Shapes

Miller Goodman’s PlayShapes comes with geometrical pieces up to 74 pieces that can be mixed and matched.

Your little girl can learn shapes and develop her reasoning through play.

She can create and pair up endless combinations and create characters by mixing and matching.

Toys to Enhance Physical Activities

Toys that are developed to enhanced activities such as sporty toys, toys geared for adventure, toys that are aimed to develop your child’s muscles and are made to develop her gross and fine motor skills are these toys.

Barbie Tough Trike

Riding Toy for Toddler Girls

Barbie Tough Trike

Your three year old girl loves to move round.  She may tell you that she likes to drive her own car too as she sees you drive the car on your way to work.

You can let your little girl move around and go places with this cool and fun trike which is made especially for her.

This Barbie tough trike is a beautiful trike that she can use and play with to help her go places and explore.  The colorful design is very cute and made beautiful especially for a three year old girl.  She can develop her muscles and even her gross motor skills as she play along with Barbie Tough Trike.

Easy Score Pink Basketball Set

Pink Basketball Set for Three Year Old Baby Girls

Hoops are not only for boys, even girls enjoy playing basketball.  It is fascinating how shooting balls can give you so much fun!

The Easy Score Pink Basketball Set is designed to let your little girl play basketball and let the net be adjusted as she grows.

Muscles are not only developed as she plays but she can also develop her gross motor skills, learn cause and effect as she sees what happens when she puts the ball on the hoop and develop tricks on how to shoot balls to score.  She can also create an interest for sports through play.

Aoneky Badminton Racket Set

Badminton is one of the girls well-loved sports.  If you want your little girl to develop her eye and hand coordination through play, giving her Aoneky Badminton Racket Set would do the trick.  She can have endless play with her friends as she learns how to play badminton the simplest way possible.

Musical Toys for Toddler Girls

Musical toys are toys that would develop your toddler’s senses through music.  They are mostly miniature musical instruments that cerates music and gives your three year old girl the taste of music at her age.

Mo Trent Wooden 8 Notes Xylophone

Toddlers love striking things and you know you can make use of this passion of hers and develop her musical inclination through play.

The Mo Trent Wooden 8 Notes Xylophone is a beautiful xylophone that comes with wooden mallets that she can play and make music with.  She could learn cause and effect by hitting a key she would hear a different sound.

The vibrant colors on each key gives her color familiarization as well.

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

The Melissa & Doug Learn To Play Piano is a fascinating musical toy that your three year old can play with endlessly.  It features a brightly colored piano with 25 keys that she can strike and make music with.

It comes with an easy to play song book that you can help her guide with to help her learn, play and enjoy making music with her first piano.

This will make a great gift for a three year old girl’s birthday, don’t you think?

Art Materials for Toddlers

Art is not only for the adults even toddler enjoy art.  At the age of three, your child can create beautiful masterpieces through the art materials that are made from safe materials and are created to develop her imagination and creativity at the same time.

Arts and Crafts Modeling Kit

Modeling clay fun!

Play dough has been a favorite toy for most toddlers and parents know it all too well. Play dough or clay is fun to mold and it doesn’t only bring fun and creativity but through play, toddlers can develop pencil grip, fine motor skills and develop imagination. One great modeling clay for kids is Playmais One.

Focused play is targeted which can help your three year old develop attention and focus on details.

This arts and crafts modelling kit is made from safe and nontoxic materials which makes it a child and parent friendly toy.

Make Your Own Cards Set

Making cards is one of the fun activities that your toddler can make.  And even if she is not yet registered in a pre-school, you can let her make mommy and daddy some cute cards that they can treasure forever.  This Make Your Own Cards Set is made especially for toddlers for them to create and inspire their loved ones with their creativity and imagination.  This card set comes with different colored cards, pop out images, glue sticks and more.

Playable Art Ball

The Playable Art Ball is a beautiful crafted toy that your three year old girl can manipulate and transform into endless shapes that she wish to create.

It comes with 20 colorful balls that is enticing to look at and develop her sense of sight and touch too.

She can play endless shape formations and be familiar with colors too.

Fine and gross motor skills together with eye and hand coordination are developed through play.

3 in 1 Easel For Kids

The Three In One Easel For Kids is an easel made especially for kids.  Your three year old girl would love to create beautiful masterpieces on this ease as you can easily place it on her play table or on the floor.  It comes with a chalkboard, dry and erase board and a built in paper roll.  She can be creative in many ways possible and let her imagination be channeled through her drawings.

You may see her work of art and have endless crafts time with the help of this sturdy and dependable easel.

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