A 4 year old can balance on one foot and walk on the stairs without assistance.  According to Lauren Krause, Chief of Speech Language Pathology at La Rabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago, 90% of children of 4 years of age can speak clearly but some of them are having a hard time pronouncing “s”, “th” and “r”.

Self-help skills are learned at this age too such as eating alone by using spoon and fork, washing hands after going to the bathroom, and washing oneself too.  Long and short, big and small comparisons are already familiarized and mastered by the 4 year old.

Personal details in case of emergency can be taught to the 4 year old such as her full name, age, address and telephone number. She already has the retentive memory to retain these information and be used when there is a need for it.

One of the biggest challenges for every parent of a 4 year old is to prepare the child in attending pre-school.  Most moms say that having a baby sitter is one of the advanced training for the 4 year old.  Through this she will understand that the parent can leave her but then can pick her up again after some time.  Separation anxiety can be lessen when the time for school comes!

Toys can help your 4 year old to learn more about life and achieve the developmental stages that are set for her age.  Check out our top picks from the web, most of them are our personal favorites and we know that you would love them too!

Toys for Pretend Play

Imagination Toys for 4 Year Old Girls!

Toys for pretend play can teach your 4 year old girl on certain behaviors that need to be exhibit such as caring for a baby doll, proper behavior during tea party and more.

Pretend and Play School Set

Learning and Educational Toy!

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

Pretend And Play School Set will help the your little girl be familiar with school.  She would learn to like school through this pretend play.

She can take turns with her sibling or friend in playing teacher or student and have unlimited fun and love the idea of going to school.

It comes with tri-fold board, grade book, hall passes, hand pointer, stickers, double-sided calendar, dry erase board, and real school supplies too! This is also a great way to help her become excited about going to school!

Play Cooking Set

This Play Cooking Set is big hit to little girls as they love to imitate mom most of the time.  Cooking is one of mom’s favorite task in the house and your 4 year old girl can see it clearly.  She can pretend to cook through this play cooking set and cook simultaneously with mom as she prepares dinner for the family!  This play cooking set has just enough pieces to introduce cooking to your 4 year old without overwhelming her.  It would just be all fun and up to her imagination and creativity to make scrumptious meals using this play cooking set.

Camp Out Play Set

Camping toy set!

Your baby girl may still be too young to camp out but you can let her experience camping through this camp out play set. She can enjoy camping at the comforts of your home.

This camp out play set comes with a play bonfire, logs, hotdog, chocolate bar, graham crackers, glow in the dark lantern and a duffle bag which is similar to the real thing!  You can enjoy storytelling and the real-life camping feel through this camp out play set.

Like all pretend toys, this is also a social toy and you can bond with your little girl by joining her on her camp!

Toys To Sharpen The Memory

Toys to sharpen the memory are toys that are built to shape your 4 year old girl’s mind in fun ways.  She can already follow simple directions and playing board games would be a fun way to sharpen her brain waves while playing a game.  Educational toys are also a great hit for most parents as it prepares their 4 year old to school and to have familiarization with alphabets and numbers, colors and shapes too.

Eeboo Life on Earth Matching Game Alphabet Soup Matching and Memory CardOriginal Memory


Hoot Owl Hoot

Hoot! Owl! Hoot!

Hoot Owl Hoot is a color-coded cooperative matching game that is played by 2 to 4 players.

This board game uses color and comparative play to help the owls fly back to their nest before the sun comes up.  You can develop a bond with your child as you play along.

This board game teaches simple strategy to your 4 year old and also social development skills with no reading required.

Add and Subtract Abacus

You can introduce simple concept of addition and subtraction through this Add And Subtract Abacus.  It comes with interesting and colorful beads to make learning more fun and enjoyable!

Phonetic Reading Blocks

Four year olds are already starting pre-school, they are in Foundation Stage 2 in the British curriculum or Senior Kindergarten in the US.  At this stage in pre-school, children are taught to read at least 3 letter words at the beginning.  To help your child to familiarize in reading three letter words, this Phonetic Reading Blocks Set would be very useful and helpful for her.  It comes with 13 consonants and 5 vowels that can produce a total of 80 words to read.

Arts And Crafts Toys

Toys that would encourage the art inclination of your 4 year old girl would not only help her to doodle, color and shade, it can also enhance her creativity and imagination in the process.

Animal Stamp Set

Animals’ names and details can be learned through play and in a creative way through this animal stamp set.  The Animal Stamps Set comes with 16 stamps, color pencils and an ink pad.  The washable ink also makes mom worry free if it spills on her shirt by accident.

Color Me Cape

Color Me Cape

Color Me Cape will make your girl design her own cape as she pleases.  She can be a fairy, a bug or a pirate as she likes.

All she has to do is to color or paint, put stickers on and decorate this cape this durable white nylon cape and put it on!

Toys for Physical Education

These toys for physical education enhance gross motor skills, fine motor skills and strengthens the muscles and nerves of your 4 year old girl.  They are good for the body and also her well being.  Obesity can be prevented through play of toys for physical education as it is also a form of exercise.

Frozen Bowling Set

This Frozen Bowling Set will encourage your little girl to love this sport and to move her tiny muscles and develop her gross motor skills.

She can also play with her friends (or even you!) making this game a great way to stimulate the social interaction and interpersonal skills of your little girl.

This bowling set comes with her favorite Disney’s Frozen characters as design in every bowling pin.

Water Blaster

Water blaster for little girls!

4 year old girls just love to move around and do mischievous things.  If you are headed for the beach this summer, it would be great to surprise your little girl with this water blaster.

She can run get her friends (who own similar toys) to around and have some fun as they blast each other with water.

She can run around and haunt her friends until her energy drains and come back home just in time for dinner!

Mini Kick Scooter

Balancing with one foot is one of the great tricks that a four year old child exhibits.  Your 4 year old girl can stand up straight and even balance herself with one foot for a while.  You can let her move around and have fun with her balancing act through this Mini Kick Scooter.  She can surf the sidewalk around the house or even in the park.  She can develop her gross motor skills while perfecting her balance as she plays with this mini kick scooter.

Toys for Free Play

Toys for free play give your 4 year old girl the chance to explore her imagination, develop her creativity, enhance her critical thinking and shape her personality.  Through free play you can see your child’s attitude towards life as she grows up.  You can also help her see her interests and gear her towards its development.  Free play is one of the best ways to socialize as well with her age group.

Make-Your-Own Monster Puppet

Nurture your 4 year old girl’s creativity and imagination through creative free play of this Make Your Own Monster Puppet.  It comes with 30 piece set made from soft fabric and reusable self-stick ears, antennae, eyes and accessories.  The possibilities are endless and through this toy she can explore her creativity and imagination as well as her dexterity.

Magnetic Tiles

Magna Tiles

Magnetic tiles or Magna Tiles offer hours of open ended play through connecting and creating shapes and a lot of things that comes to her mind.  Your 4 year old girl can create pyramids, castles, geometric shapes while developing her imagination, eye and hand coordination as well as spatial and fine motor skills.  The magnetic tiles set comes with 100 pieces of tiles of various shapes and sizes for more hours of fun free play for your 4 year old girl.

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