At the age of five, your little boy is already starting to become more self-confident and independent.  He is now learning to play for longer periods of time and mostly prefers to play with friends who are also boys.  Your boy can better express his emotions especially when he gets frustrated.  He is more energetic, silly, obnoxious and rowdy than ever but either way you would love him more than ever.  You can see him develop his creativity more and achieve his developmental milestones day by day and if you would like to help him out on his progress of development then it would be wise to give your five year old some useful toys to shape him up.  In line with this, we have prepared our top toys for 5 year old boys.  Check them out below for your perusal.

Toys for Active Play

Toys for active play are toys that are designed to use up your 5 year old boys extra energy and help him develop his gross motor and even his fine motor be developed for his age.  These toys are mostly sporty and are especially designed to encourage active play.   You can see your little man play for hours until his energy gets drained.

Dodge Tag

Toys that Promote Exercise for Boys


Dodge ball is one of the favorite games of young boys but we must admit that it’s sort of violent sometimes.  Although dodge ball is a rough game, it has plenty of benefits aside from weaning the excessive energy of your 5 year old boy.  Dodgeball promotes hand and eye coordination, the use of timing, cause and effect and encourages active play.  Dodge ball has been reinvented through the dodge tag and has become a non-violent game and more enjoyable than ever with Dodge Tag!  The Dodge Tag comes with air mesh vests and six soft dodgeballs.  It comes in pair so it’s either you can let your boy play with his best friend or you can play with him instead.

Super Sounds Soccer

Sports Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Your soccer player at home can be grown into a champ by gifting him this Super Sounds Soccer Play Set.  Your five year old boy can learn how to handle the soccer ball and how to score a goal.  This play set creates a sound with every goal kick.  It has an adjustable target that is useful as your little boy grows and develops his soccer skills.  This soccer play set is good for players, he can learn soccer with a friend or a sibling in a fun way.  Your boy can develop his soccer skills, promote active play, and learn how to create a strategy as he tries to make a goal and problem solving skills through play.

Tripod Motorbike

The Tripod Motorbike Assembling Model Toy is a multifunctional toy that gives your five year  old boy a lot of learning while playing.  This toy set comes with an easy to use instructions, tools and parts that are easy to assemble that are made for kids.  This one of a kind motorbike allows your little man to build and create his motorbike and let him use his problem solving techniques, learn cause and effect as he assembles and put the pieces together.  When the tripod motorbike is finished, he can roam around and exercise his muscles and have active play.

Pretend Play Toys

Your five year old is already starting to showcase his creativity and this can be vividly seen even as he plays.  You can encourage your child to have a colorful imagination and explore his little world even as he plays by gifting him toys that are designed to let his creativity be put to good use through play.  You can see your 5 year old boy spend his waking hours playing and playing make believe.  His personality can also be seen as he plays and you can have a peep on how he would become as an adult as he plays.  You can guide him and let him have fun while learning by giving him toys that can increase his creativity.  Colorful toys, toys with sounds are also great for pretend play.

Push and Go Friction Powered Cars

Friction powered toy cars are popular among young boys because through these toys, your child can learn the concept of cause and effect and that is by creating friction the car would move.  These Friction Powered Toy Cars do not need batteries to move. The bright and colorful designs of these toy cars are enticing to your  boy’s eyes and would entertain him more as he plays.  He can have hours of fun by playing make believe.  Each car is designed differently, it comes with the cement mixer car with turning mixer just like the real one that he can see on the street sometimes; there is the street sweeper car with spinning brushes as it moves and the harvester truck that also spins in action.

Bug Vacuum and Critter Barn Habitat Combo Set

Toys That Let Him Play With Nature!

Boys are explorers by nature and there is something about bugs that attracts them the most.  If your little boy is fond of getting bugs from the garden during his free time then this next gift idea would be perfect for him.  The Bug Vacuum And Critter Barn Habitat Combo Set is designed to catch the finest bugs in the garden and safely putting them in the critter barn habitat afterwards.  This combo set teaches your 5 year old the catch and release experience and lets him explore nature and learn at the same time.  He can enjoy his collection of bugs more through this fantastic combo set.

Build and Paint a Birdhouse

Challenge your five year old boy’s creativity and imagination by letting him build and paint his very own birdhouse.  This set comes with a classic birdhouse and some painting materials with four sets of paint that he can use to make his birdhouse unique and beautiful.  He can easily assemble this birdhouse and put the bird feeder too.  You can see how his eyes would gleam and marvel at his creation once he finishes this project and see it hanging on your window.  You can also help him around to make this birdhouse project a great bonding activity for you and your five year old boy.

Educational Toys

Educational toys are designed to help your child develop his brain potential by stirring his cognitive abilities, reasoning and logic through play.  You can entice his memory and let his creativity be developed even while he plays.  Blocks, puzzles, board games and other educational tools are popular on this category.

USA Map Jigsaw Puzzle

You can let your little old boy learn all the states of his country by putting together this 60 piece jigsaw puzzle of the USA map.  This puzzle comes in full color so it makes connecting and putting together the piece more fun.

Fun facts are also inserted in each state that you can read to him so he would know as he plays.

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

A curious mind would never stop asking questions and if you see a potential in your 5 year old then why not feed his mind with knowledge even as he plays.  This Mind Blowing Science Kit is his first project book that can help him learn simple science facts by doing some simple experiments at home.  This contains 20 piece kit that would let your little one explore science, engineering and math principles at the comfort of your home.

Rock and Mineral Collection

The rock and mineral collection kit lets your five year old boy have a glimpse of geology through play.  This set comes with a collection of 60 polished rocks and minerals with 15 specimens.  18 rock call cards are included and are made in pattern of STEM based educational facts that can give your 5 year old boy some interesting learning fun facts as he plays.

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