The mischievous toddler has now grown into a kindergartner and turned 5 already!  She is already blooming into a little person who can express herself even more as the days gone by.  Your five year old girl can now distinguish right from wrong, is fond of playing make believe, prefers to play with friends than to play alone and mostly of the same gender.  If you are looking for the top toys for 5 year old girls then you better check our prepared list from educational toys to various play sets that any five year old girl would love to have!

Educational Toys for 5 Year Old Girls

Educational toys are popular for parents, godparents and friends who would love to help improve the brain capacity of the child.  In this era, there are a lot of ways of improving the brain’s capacity of the child even through play and that is where educational toys come in.  From simple blocks, board games and more, these educational toys are certainly helpful in preparing your child to have a bright future ahead!

IQ Challenge Set

IQ game for Five Year Old Children

The IQ Challenge Set comes with 7 different puzzles for your five year old girl.  Each puzzle would prepare her in sharpening her brain to gear her up towards decision making as she grows older.

As she solves each puzzle, a mental exercise is done and her perseverance is also practiced and started to be disciplined.

Spatial relations of objects is also learned through play as she entangles obstacles and put the pieces back together.

Talking Microscope

A Cool Science toy for Five Year Olds

Science is fascinating since it is all around us.  From the smallest living things up to the largest animals, life has always been a beautiful topic to study.  It doesn’t take a geek to appreciate the beauty of creations and if you have a five year old who is curious and is seeking for more, then this would be perfect gift for her!  This Talking Microscope is like a real life microscope that comes with prepared slides of 12 insects.  Your five year old girl can listen to the fun facts of what she is seeing and it even has an electronic quiz game afterwards.  Her memory and recall can be challenged as she feeds her inquisitiveness and practice observation skills through play.

Spelling Match It Game

Your 5 year old is already going to school and she can already spell words and start reading.  You can help her develop her vocabulary and even her spelling skills by giving her this Spelling Match It Game.

You can teach her basic spelling and reading skills in a fun and entertaining way.  The colorful illustrations may also help her to retain the correct spelling in her head.  She can develop her problem solving skills too with every play as she figures out the correct match and spelling of the illustration.

Make Believe Toys for Pretend Play

Social Toys for 5 Year Old Girls

Five year old girls are starting to have a vivid and colorful imagination.  They love spending their free time on pretend play and make believe.  You can encourage your 5 year old girl’s imagination to be developed by gifting her toys for pretend play such as costumes for her role play, sets or kits that could mimic adult life are among others.

Young Chef CookwareMy-Oh-My Pizza PieDoctor Role Play Costume Set


Chef Costume Set

Your 5 year old girl adores mommy as she does her wonders in the kitchen and someday she would love to be a chef and make scrumptious meals.  You can support her dreams of becoming a chef in the future by gifting her this Chef Costume Set.  This chef set is equipped with apron, mittens, chef’s hat that can make your five year old girl have more fun and feel like a real life chef as she plays.  It comes in adorable pink design that would melt your five year old girl’s heart more!  This chef set costume would work best if given with a chef cooking utensils set or a baking set too.

Rainbow Dash Doll and Pony Set

Little girls love ponies and for some reasons it is not that easy to get a pony for her 5th birthday.

You can give her the next best thing by giving her a surprise that she would love as well and that is by giving her this Rainbow Dash Doll And Pony Set.  This doll set comes with a doll and her pony and favorite guitar.  It comes with a comb that can groom the doll’s hair and also of the pony’s.  Your five year old girl can let her play time of make believe with her friends be more fun and colorful with the help of Rainbow dash and her pony!

Wooden Dollhouse

Playing doll house has been part of every girl’s childhood.  It gives her the chance to mimic her family and let her imagination and creativity run and explore.  This wooden dollhouse would make her pretend play even more enjoyable because it comes with built in LED lights and music too!  Her dolls would love this beautiful wooden dollhouse and would guarantee hours of endless fun and play.

Arts and Crafts Toys

Toys for arts and crafts are there to encourage kids to have a colorful imagination and to be more creative.  Art materials and other forms of canvas to showcase your 5 year old’s talents and beautiful creations fall on this category.

Paint A Tea Set

Let your 5 year old girl create and explore her skills in arts and design by letting her paint her very own tea set.

This paint-a-tea set is a unique tea set that she can create all by herself. She can also have a playmate help out and this artistic toy can become a toy that develops both social skills and artistic appreciation!

She can follow the suggested decorations on the guide or make her own cool designs as she pleases.

Stick’n Style Crystal Clutch

Make Your Rhinestone Cluth Bag

Being a five year old and in a kindergarten, let’s your little girl start to shape her own personality as she socialize and learn new things everyday.  You would be surprised on how she easily catches words and memorize lines too.  You can see that she already knows the things that she wants even in her clothing or even in her accessories.  You can let her decorate her very own clutch and make it one of kind by gifting her this Stick ’n Style Crystal Clutch.  She can have endless hours of sticking jewels and making her clutch beautiful and unique the way she wants it to.

Sidewalk Mandala Stencil Set

Artistic Toys for 5 Year Old Girls

Your 5 year old girl may have outgrown her hobby of writing on the walls but you may see her do a different thing now at this age.

You may see her fond of drawing on the floor or on the sidewalk as her canvas turned bigger and wider, it would be great to support her passion for art by gifting her this Side Walk Mandala Stencil Set.

This art set comes with jumbo colorful chalks for endless drawings on the sidewalk or on the floor.

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