At six years, your little boy already experiences birthday parties, play dates and school.  Although he is starting to be independent, he still needs his parents’ attention more than ever.   Parents should be aware of this and help their 6 year old boy to feel secure by giving him reassurance of understanding and love.  Independent self-care is already exhibited by the six year old but some may still require little guidance and help.    Although separation anxiety from his parents is still an issue for some, it would be less intense as he naturally build stronger bonds at school and become used to spending time away from home.  Predictable routines such as play dates with friends and after school activities are important for the six year old.  These regular activities provide security for him as he encounter changes in the future.  Toys can be helpful for him to build bonds with his friends and family during play dates and it would be appropriate to give him quality toys to help shape him up.  Check out our great finds below and see which one would be your top pick for toys for 6 year old boys.

Toys for Active Play

Your six year old boy is full of energy.  You may see him running and tossing around for hours and never seem to get tired.  If you have an energetic little boy at home then it would be perfect to give him toys for active play to aid in his muscle development and for him to use his excess energy with.  Sporty toys and toys that are great for outdoor play would be fun for him and his friends to play with.  You can even join the fun and make it a family bonding experience as well.

Pockite: An Instant, Easy-to-Fly Kite

Outdoor Activity Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

PockiteThe Pockite is a play as you go kite that is easy to assemble with no sticks required.  It is designed as an air formed kite that conveniently folds into your pocket.

It is ready to fly instantly with no fuzz at all.  The Pockite is the perfect play buddy of your six year old boy as he roams and runs around your garden or anywhere outdoors, just add wind!

With this, he will stay active and all his pent up energy will be released!

Monkey Balance Board

The Monkey Balance Board is a wobbly wooden board that is designed for your energetic six year old to have fun while improving his balance and coordination.  It is very easy to assemble and is durable.  It can be played in indoors and outdoors as well.

Stomp Rocket

A Rocket Propelled by his Stomping Power!

Your six year old boy may have tons of energy in his little body so gifting him with a toy for active play such as this Stomp Rocket would certainly make use of his energy for sure.

This requires no battery or fuel to power it up, all it needs is just some stomping power from your six year old.

It can be launched outdoors even at night because it has some glowing in the dark features too.

Don’t be surprised as this rocket can launch him for up to 100 feet, clearly depends on his stomping power as well.

Free Play Toys

Free play toys are toys that can be played anyway he wants to.  Through free play creativity and imagination can be enhanced.  Other life skills such as problem solving skills and critical thinking are also learned and improved.

Carnivorous Plants Growing Craft Kit

Your six year old boy is a fun explorer at his age.  This Plant Growing Craft Kit would certainly catch his attention as he can grow his very own carnivorous and bug eating plants.

It’s like growing his very own terrarium day by day.

He would be amazed how this plant grows beautifully every day.

Cash Register

Pretend Play Toys for Six Year Old Boys

The Cash Register Toy can let your six year old pretend play while learning the value of money.  He can have his mini market and be the cashier.  You can also incorporate teaching math skills such as addition and subtraction while having fun with this cash register.

Building Block Set

Building Block Construction Set for Boys

The Building Block Set can let your six year old boy have fun as he creates vehicles, machines, houses or whatever model he pleases.

He can learn cause and effect, challenge his critical thinking skills as well as develop his eye and hand coordination through play.

He can have tons of combinations by putting together these blocks.

The possibility of creating a variety of models is endless!

Arts and Crafts Toys

Since a six year old boy is already going to school, you may see how his eyes sparkle whenever he makes some arts and crafts.  He takes pride in his art work that he brings home from school.  If you have a little boy who loves to color and draw, it would be perfect to give him some arts and crafts toys to keep him busy after school.  Colors, shapes and his crafting skills would be perfected as he enjoys and have fun.

Giant Art Jar

Arts and Crafts for Six Year Old Boys

You can never get enough of arts and crafts materials!  If you have a six year old boy who is fond of making arts and crafts at home even after making tons at school, then this would be the fabulous gift that would suit him well.  The Giant Art Jar contains various art materials that can really come in handy such as wiggly eyes, paper bags, buttons, spools and more.  His creativity and imagination would be at its peak as he thinks and creates his beautiful projects.

DIY Clay Modelling Play Set

Ninja Turtles Clay Modelling Kit



The DIY clay modelling play set will let your six year old boy create his favorite cartoon character by sculpting it using clay model.  In this play set, a ninja turtle is the model and if he likes Ninja turtles too much then he would love this DIY Clay Modelling Play Set for sure! His hands would be practiced in creating his favorite character while improving his eye and hand coordination as well as his pencil grip and control by just merely pressing onto that clay model.

Educational Toys

Educational toys such as books, educational materials like books and puzzles would come in handy to help your six year old gain more vocabulary words.  There are educational materials meant to help him spell and read with comprehension.

IQ Twist

Cool Education Toys for 6 Year Old Boys!

iQ Twist

IQ Twist is a logic game that your six year old boy could enjoy as it has 100 challenges to enjoy.  It comes with simple to complex challenges that will test his logical thinking skills as well as his spatial reasoning abilities in a fun way.

Awesome Optical Illusion

The Awesome Optical Illusion is a collection of brain twisting puzzles and eye boggling dimensions that your six year old boy would be amazed to see.

It would be an entertaining collection that can let your six year old marvel at and have his brain twisted with.

His imagination can be enhanced as well as his critical thinking with this collection.

Compose Yourself Music Card Game

If you have a music lover six year old boy then this would be perfect for him.  He can compose his very own music though this music card game.  He can create his original music in just minutes as this music card game is designed to combine music cards to allow your kid to create and play and share his music piece to the world.  The Compose Yourself Music Card Game Set can stimulate your six year old’s left and right sides of the brain.  This activity can challenge your child’s thinking skills while encouraging his creativity and self-expression as he creates music the way he likes it.

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