Children develop in a predictable sequence of milestones but not all kids are created equal.  Some proceed through the same development while some do not.  At six years old, your little girl has a rapidly increasing vocabulary.  She can now read and can entertain herself by reading her favorite story books.  She may be at enjoying or hating school but either way, your little girl can comprehend the things they read and they devise schemes on how to enjoy what they’re reading.  Six year olds are active kids that enjoys moving around.  In terms of social and emotional development, they are starting to become confident and loves to showcase their talents.  At six year old, your little girl is starting to shape her personality and you can aid in her development by giving her wonderful toys to increase her creativity and imagination while learning too.  Check out our fabulous finds of the top toys for 6 year old girls.  Some are our personal favorites and we are sure that you would love them as well.

Free Play Toys

Free play toys are toys that give your six year old girl the power to choose how she plays.  She can let her imagination run wild and explore her creativity while playing.  Her different life skills can be improved through free play such as her problem solving skills, critical thinking, concept of cause and effect and more.

Frozen Sparkling Ice Castle

Disney’s Frozen Toys for 6 Year Old Girls!

Frozen is one of the all-time favorite of young girls in this era.  You can let her relive the magic of Frozen by letting her build the sparkling ice castle of Elsa through this Sparkling Ice Castle Set.  She can also make her own castle she pleases.

Her hand and eye coordination is developed through play and her imagination and creativity are enhanced too.

This also develops interpersonal skills when she pays with her friends!

Diy Hair Chalk And Headband Kit

She may be only six years old but she already knows what she wants.  Showcase her vibrant personality by letting her decorate her hair and her unique headband through this superb DIY Hair Chalk And Headband Kit.  She can design her very own headband and create her hair color according to her mood.  Rest assured that the materials used are nontoxic and safe for children use.

Story Time Dice

Children learn best through play.  You can also create a bond with your six year old girl by joining her in play time.

This Story Time Dice is a great way to bond with her by rolling the perfect story.

Let your six year old hone her imagination and creativity by creating combinations and have unlimited stories to tell.

Arts And Crafts Toys

Toys That Develop Your Girl’s Creativity

It does not take an art genius for someone to love colors, crafts and putting them together to make an art.  Your six year old girl is enjoying the art activities at school and is into coloring, crafting and more.  You can let her enhance her art and crafting skills by gifting her arts and crafts toys that are age appropriate for her.

Pop Stick Art

Cool Art and Crafts Toys for Little Girls!

The Pop Stick Art is box full of playful projects in the making by using pop sticks.  She can develop her hand and eye coordination and even her fine motor skills as she makes her crafts by putting together these pop sticks.

Your six year old girl can create cute animals or even puppets that she can uniquely design as she wishes.

Let her imagination and creativity be developed in a fun way through this pop stick art kit.

Ready Set Paste

Ready, Set Paste is an art kit that let’s your six year old girl paste projects and create her very own work of art as she pleases.

This artwork set includes art materials that are easy to make and put together that her little hands can make in no time.

You can showcase her creativity as she plays.  Each project is individually packed, all you have to do is open and start making the art project.

Fantastic Spinner

Unique Artworks Toys for Children!

Let your six year old create cool paintings and greeting cards by spinning paint.  She can have a good and productive play time as she creates, mixes colors and spins.  This Fantastic Spinner requires no batteries and she can have fun anytime she wants.  It comes with a spinner machine with bright colored paints.  It takes only few seconds for her to create fabulous paintings.  Let her showcase her art skills and create her work of art in a fun way through this fantastic spinner.

Toys for Active Play

Toys for active play are designed to keep the child’s body to be developed through active play.  Exercise may not be a child’s favorite activity but through play she can let her muscles work.  You can promote physical activity and help her fight obesity by giving her toys for active play such as sporty toys or toys that are great for outdoors.  At six, your little girl loves to play with friends and giving her toys for active play would her to have great and fun activities with her besties.

Bubble Gun Blaster Toy

Bubbles are fun and kids can’t get enough of them!

Your six year old girl is no exemption to this, and for sure you could see her go gaga over bubbles so why not give her own Bubble Gun Blaster Toy that she can have fun with friends.

Let her and her friends create and catch the bubble outdoors and have endless play time outdoors.  This is great for parties and for weekend playtime at home.

Rapid Fire Power Popper Foam Balls

Balls are not only for boys, even girls are getting hooked on it.  This Rapid Fire Popper With Soft Foam Balls is a fun way for your six year old girl to hang out with her friends.  It’s like playing a mini dodgeball game but only this time the balls are smaller and soft so you are assured that its pain free and just pure fun!  She can exercise her muscles while having fun and her critical thinking is also developed through play by devising her strategy on how to haunt her friends down.

Educational Toys

At six years old, your little girl has a lot of questions running in her head.   This is because her brain is already developing and can comprehend many things.  Since she can read at this age, she can explore more educational materials and be more knowledgeable.  You can help her gain more knowledge even through play by giving her educational toys such as science kits, books and materials that can help her in her quest for knowledge.

Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Nature is indeed such an interesting topic to study.

If your little girl is into plants and does exhibit to have a green thumb then this gift idea would be perfect for her.

She can grow her own terrarium and see the magic of a growing terrarium that she planted herself.  She can learn the concept of cause and effect, reasoning and a bit of science through this Grow N’ Glow Terrarium.

Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set

Let her have fun by learning how to code.  The Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set lets your year old girl create a step by step path for her robot mouse to follow to get the cheese.  This activity set helps her to experience STEM through hands on activities that can challenge her critical thinking, problem solving skills and acquire more knowledge even while playing.

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