At seven years old, your child is growing with curiosity, mastering his reading skills, starting to become confident in answering math questions and is generally excited towards school and making friends.  Your seven year old may sometimes be a pain for asking a lot of questions and he is also starting to voice out his own opinions about many things.  Your guidance and discipline on him is still very much needed as he is still not old enough.  You can shape your seven year old’s brain and personality by giving him quality toys that he can enjoy.  Children learn much through play and it would be great to give him age appropriate toys that will not only keep him entertained but would also give him some benefits as he have fun.

Educational Toys

At seven years old, your little man in the house has now an astonishing vocabulary of as much as 20,000 words.  He can match patterns of related words like sheep-lamb, calf-cow etc.  He can read also on his own as much as 200 words.  Since he is already going to school, his knowledge would certainly grow as the days pass by.  You can nurture him even at home by giving him educational toys that can hone his critical thinking, spatial reasoning, logical reasoning and even his creativity and imagination.  Wordplay are popular for a seven year old because he can now read to himself and can understand the concept of this game.  Riddle books are also entertaining for a seven year old as well as books with silly characters.  The silly characters in the stories are fun to imagine and it gives him a feeling of being mature as he knows that what they are doing are wrong, it seem to make him feel smarter in a way.  Although your seven year old can read on his own, it’s still better to have time to read to him so you can expose him with books that are more challenging for him.  Books with illustrations on every page are fun to look at too and may encourage advanced comprehension while you read to him.

Light Building Stax

Kind of Like a Glowing Lego Blocks

Building blocks are educational toys for children but you can also use this concept of learning by giving your seven year old a cooler version of the building blocks.

The Light Building Stax are illuminated building blocks that can be stacked to set a solid light flashing or even gently fading ones.

No special wires or connectors are needed to light them up.

Let your seven year old boy make his masterpiece and build his creations by exhibiting his creativity and imagination.

World Scratch Map

Awesome Educational Toys for 7 Year Old Boys

The World Scratch Map is a high quality map that features a foil layer that can be scratched to reveal a vibrant color with geographical details.  You can let your seven year old learn geography in a fun way through this world scratch map.  You can scratch the map by using a coin or the keychain included on this package.  If your family travels a lot then you can also scratch each country that you have visited and let your boy know more details by showing him this one of a kind world scratch map.

The Space Creativity Book

Space Workbook Toys for Boys

There is something about the galaxy and space that astounds a seven year old boy.  If you have a seven year old who is fond of studying about the galaxy then the space creativity book which is full of fun stellar activities would be great for him.  The Space Creativity Book is packed with coloring pages, fun facts, puzzles, games to play, drawing tips and even stickers, fold out space scenes and more.  Your seven year old would have tons of learning and crafting to do and hours would pass by quietly in the house as he keeps busy with this activity book.

Active Play Toys

Your little seven year old boy is now capable of focusing his attention.  He already knows how to take turns and that he can lose in games too.  He is also fond of imitating his friends but you have to be cautious as he might pick up bad habits too.  Active play toys are enjoyable for a seven year old boy because he is always running around and enjoys being active most of the time.  He may show physical prowess as he can now kick a ball accurately and can even ride a bicycle without the use of trainers any more.  His hand and eye coordination at this age is very good.  He can run, turn and stop accordingly without falling or losing balance.  Some children are not that active, especially in this digital age.  A sedentary lifestyle among children is not healthy and may result to obesity.  You can encourage your seven year old to be more active by giving him active play toys that he can enjoy with his friends.  Outdoor games, sporty toys such as basketball, baseball or football are popular too.

Space Hopper

Bouncing and hopping is your seven year old boy’s favorite thing in the world.  You can let him enjoy bouncing around more by giving him the Space Hopper.  This twenty four inch bright yellow smiling face can bounce crazily and give your seven year old hours of fun.  The sturdy horns on the top makes it easy for your boy to grip it sturdily and bounce around outdoors.  This comes with a foot pump when purchased which makes it easy to inflate.  Let your seven year old bounce and hop until he gets tired and runs out of energy while exercising his balancing skills.

Indoor Trapoline Trampoline

Toys that Promote Exercise

Seven year olds are full of energy and you are always wondering how to burn off his energy in a fun way that he could enjoy.  This indoor trampoline is the perfect tool to let your seven year old boy use of his excessive energy by jumping around.   He can use this with confidence since it comes with a handle bar that he can hold on to anytime he wants a little stability.

Arts and Crafts Toys

The creativity of your seven year old assume many forms. Since he is already going to school, he is already exposed to a variety of medium so it’s better to keep more than just the usual crayons and paper at home.  Your seven year old can delve into different craft materials that are not too expensive such as pipe cleaners, scraps such as toilet paper rolls, fabric, wood, sticks and more.  You can also give him toys that are inclined towards arts and crafts to help him develop his creativity, imagination and his passion for arts.  Coloring materials, easel, paintbrushes, clay and other art materials are popular for the seven year old.

Design Your Own Yoyo

Artsy Toys for 7 year Old Boys

Having a yoyo for a little seven year old boy is like a small piece of fun that can turn into hours of play. You can give him the power to decorate his very own yo-yo by giving him this craft kit.  A fresh twist for this timeless toy is achievable by letting your seven year old boy decorate and design his yo-yo the way he wants it to.  For sure he could make his yo-yo the best looking there is with the help of the creative kit included which is comprised of paint brush, paints and the wooden yo-yo.  The art of spinning the yo-yo while perfecting hand and eye coordination and even his artsy side is achieved through play of this DIY yo-yo.

Brick House Building Set

Clay is popular among kids but for a seven year old he might be bored using that soft material in creating models at school.  Let him use a different kind of clay at home that he can use to make realistic mini houses in this Brick House Building Set.  This building set comes with over 200 parts which includes the roof, door and windows.  The bricks are made from clay turned into mini bricks by mixing the sand and corn-extract cement with water.  The brick house building set will give your seven year old the DIY skills that he may use in the future.  His imagination, critical thinking and creativity will be enhanced through play of this building set.

Free Play Toys

Children often learn by observing.  You can help him see the world in a better way at this age by being a role model to him.  He might be exposed to children of different cultures at school and having some quality play time with your seven year old boy would be very helpful for him to learn right and wrong.  You can’t be with him 24/7, so all you can do is to hope and pray for him as he leaves home every day.  He is fond of checking out on you when you do something like when you are cooking, fixing something at home etc.  You can give him toys that imitate real life scenarios so he can life skills as he plays.  Free play toys such as role play costumes, miniature tools and other hobbies of adults that a child can role play are popular for this age.  Just make sure that what you are buying for him are age appropriate so he can enjoy it and not be frustrated as he plays.

Space Torch and Projector

How cool it is to have the galaxy around your seven year old’s room?  The space torch and projector is the cool toy that can project images of space on the walls, ceilings and just anywhere that you would want to have an intergalactic atmosphere.  This Space Torch comes with 24 colored space photographs that are surely fun to watch during sleepovers or pyjama parties at home.

Children’s ATM Savings Bank

Teach the concept of savings and managing money by giving your seven year old boy this very stylish Children’s ATM Savings Bank.  Just like a real ATM, this machine uses a card, PIN and can be used to withdra and deposit cash.  This children’s ATM savings bank counts each coin and notes individually and automatically draw them in just like a real ATM.  Your seven year old can check his balance whenever he wants and can even have target savings amount.  This machine will let him know once his target amount is reached by lighting up and by making real ATM sound effects when in use.

Suspend Game

If you are a master of balance and has a steady hand then Suspend is the right game for you.  You can let your seven year old have fun with you and even the whole family by playing this exciting game for the whole family.  Build and stack rods of different points while helping your seven year old boy’s critical thinking to develop while having a nerve jangling game that is pure fun!