Each child is unique; there is no one like your child.  At the age of eight, the child has grown and developed remarkably.  Their thinking skills are now highly developed and they can now solve problems by generating strategies.  The language and reading skills of an eight year old is already established and learning and literacy skills are well developed at this stage.  In this age, the child can already manifest skillfulness in sports and other physical activities.  They can already identify and classify themselves as athletic or not.  The eight year old’s skills is based on the amount of physical activities done and enjoyed.  Creativity of the eight year old is dependent on the child’s experience with music, art, music, theater, dance and more. If you want to mold your eight year old child into a talented and skilled, then now is your chance to expose your child and give the best tools and toys for learning.  Children mostly learn through play and in line with that, we present to you the top toys for eight year old boys.  Check out our top picks from the list below for your reference.

Art And Crafts Toys

At eight years old, the creativity and imagination of the child is widely dependent on the experience that they gain.  You should expose your child to music, art, theater and the like if you want to have a creative child. Arts and crafts toys can also help your child to develop and explore his creativity and enhance his imagination.

Paper Airplanes Craft Kit

Making paper airplanes have been one of the guilty pleasures of every child.  On this paper airplane craft kit, your eight year old can have a step by step guide on how to fold and make colorful airplanes that would rule the skies.

This Paper Airplane Craft Kit contains forty sheets of flight tested paper with colorful patterns and decorations.   All of the airplane papers are ready to fold.

Let his imagination run wild and let your eight year old use his time wisely by crafting his artsy side by making beautiful paper aircrafts.

Educational Toys

The brain of an eight year old is continuously developing and at this stage, the child can be seen with gradually growing independence.  His attention span is remarkably increasing and at this age, the child can make decision making and think on his own.  Detailed directions can be carried out and the child can already follow step by step guides.  Educational toys can shape your child’s brain and help it to develop some more.  Cognitive skills are challenged and enhanced through play of these educational toys.

Scrambled States

Learning geography can be boring for many but with this Scrambled States of America game set, your eight year old can have fun while getting to know the states in details.  Basic knowledge of the United States’ geography can be learned through the play of this game set and your child can have fun at the same time by solving riddles and geography challenges.

Disgusting Science Kit

Curiosity is at its peak at the age of eight. Your child is starting to be curious as to how things work and how they are made.

You can enrich your child’s curiosity even more through this Disgusting Science Kit.

Through play of this Science kit, your child can learn parts of his body and know its function in a fun way.

This Science kit even includes experiment materials such as petri dishes, cotton swabs, baking yeast, coloring and more.

This is an awesome way to help your child love learning.

Ultimate Factivity Collection: Animals

The Ultimate Factivity Collection: Animals contains several fun activities that your child can enjoy while learning more about the different kinds of animals on earth from the smallest insects to the huge mammals.  It contains puzzles, crafts, doodles, coloring pages and even as much as 500 stickers.  Amazing facts about each animal is lively presented alongside with their photos.

Social, cognitive, language and even emotional skills can also be developed through this fun filled book.  This would certainly keep him busy for hours!

Active Play Toys

Children should be active because they have astounding energy that never seems to waver.  At the age of eight, the child is fond of tossing and turning, running around, hopping and skipping.  They can balance their selves well no wonder they are starting to become confident and be more active as they play.  Being active also prevents obesity and other dangerous diseases that being obese attracts such as diabetes, heart ailments, kidney failures and a lot more.  Aside from the health benefits of being active, playing active play toys can also help the child to develop his muscles, hand and eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills.

Wheel Brightz LED Bicycle Light

Your eight year old can already balance his self and riding the bike is already a breeze.  To enhance his biking moments, this Wheel Brigtz LED Bicycle Light would make his riding more fun and entertaining.  This bicycle light uses 20 micro LED lights with brilliant color.  This string of light can fit any bike wheels of twenty inch and over.

Free Play Toys

Free play toys are toys that can let the child play in any way he wants.  He can create and learn more through play by exploring his imaginative thinking and even his critical thinking as well.  He can develop even his problem solving skills through play of these free play toys.

The Lego Ideas Book

Playing Lego has been part of every child’s memory because aside from the educational value of this toy, it also enhances the imagination and other aspects of the child’s cognitive skills.

The Lego Ideas book can help your child to have more ideas on what to create using his favorite Lego blocks.  The possibilities are endless and he can make use of his time wisely by creating wonderful sets out of his Lego blocks.

125 Cool Inventions

Your child may be a geek for some people but this is how he is.  He is interested in Science and it makes him marvel with every interesting invention that he learns about.

This book entitled 125 Cool Inventions would make your geeky eight year old knocked out with the coolest inventions up to date with photographs to confirm their genuineness.

This book would encourage your child to be more creative and even make his very own unique invention in the future.

Soda Can Bug

Recycling is highly essential in our time since most of our living resources have become polluted due to the widespread trash from all over the globe.  The Soda Can Bug can teach your eight year old the value of recycling and reusing a “trash” and turning it into a fun toy for him to enjoy!  Your eight year old Science enthusiast can be challenged and create his very own robot bug by using a soda can as base.  This would keep him wandering and crave for more learning too.

Techno Gears

Boys just love gears and the things that they can make with these.  Your eight year old would play for hours and create astounding creations by using this Techno Gears.  The Alpha set of Techno gears marble mania will let him build creations and be a little engineer for now.  He can make up to four hundred thirty constructions by utilizing these techno gears.   Fine motor skills can also be developed as well as his creativity and imagination through play.