Your little baby girl has now grown into an eight year old child.  As the years passed by, you can’t seem to take hold of time and her growth is running swiftly.  At eight years old, your girl has already an increased stamina and can swim and run further than before.  She can have a conversation like an adult and she is seeking for reasons to understand the things around her.  At the age of eight, she is already competent in her skills and she already knows her favorite activities at school or even after school.   Since your little girl already going to school, you want her to achieve her optimum level of learning.  You can also help her gain more confidence in her skills and knowledge by giving her the right toys for her age.  To help you out on this task, we have rounded up the top toys for 8 year old girls.  Check out our prepared list below for your perusal.

Arts and Crafts Toys

At eight, your little girl already developed her fine motor skills.  She has an exceptional pencil grip that astounds you as you observe her as she writes down her homework or just as she doodles.  Being an eight year old girl, she already has graduated from liking and needing to play with playdough or just by coloring simple photos on her coloring book.  If you want to develop her art skills, imagination and creativity, then gifting her with arts and crafts toys that are age appropriate for her would be entertaining and beneficial for her at the same time.

Illustory Craft Kit

Your eight year old girl enjoys reading stories but some stories are quite boring for her right now.  To make reading stories more fun, why not let her make her own book!  With the Illustory Craft Kit, your eight year old girl can write, draw and publish her own book.  She can make her story more entertaining by illustrating fantastic drawings.  She can take pride as she finishes this customized book.  This craft kit book is made with twenty ready to use book pages that are just waiting for your little girl to showcase her creativity.  Ten washable markers are also included along with some prepaid postage stamps, envelopes that she can send her book to so that after three to four weeks, her material will be returned to her in a real “book” form.

Craft Knot-A-Quilt Pattern Kit

Quilting is not only for adults, even your eight your girl can make her own quilt.  If you are afraid that she might get hurt by using needles in quilting then you can worry no more because with the craft knot a quilt pattern kit, she can make her own quilt with no needles and threads involved!  Yes, you heard it right!  This Crafting Quilt Pattern Kit will let your eight year old girl, make her very first quilt by only using her fingers.  This quilting pattern kit includes forty eight vividly colored square fleece that she can use to mend together to make her fabulous quilt design!  The craft knot a quilt pattern kit is designed to enhance your child’s creativity, fine motor skills as well as to encourage her to focus and develop her planning skills.

Dream Horse Paint Activity Kit

Every little girl dreams of having her own horse.  Maybe because she can see it from the fairy tales that she watches or from the story books that she reads.  Having a horse is not practical but you can come closer to giving her own horse by gifting her this Dream Horse Activity Kit.  This paint activity kit contains paint brushes, paint, two model horses of six inches by five.  There is a booklet which serves as a guide on the coat colors, markings and more.  Creativity, imagination, hand and eye coordination as well as her fine motor skills would be improved through play.

Klutz Window Art Craft Kit

Windows become more beautiful when you put some art on it.  Let your eight year old girl beautify her room windows through this Klutz window art craft kit.  This craft kit is easy to trace with detailed procedure included.

Your eight year old will enjoy making her room windows more beautiful through the Klutz Window Art Craft Kit.  She can explore and let her imagination run wild with every project accomplished.

Free Play Toys

Playing is one of the best ways that your child can develop skills and even learn a thing or two.  Free play toys are toys that are designed to let your child play as she pleases without considering much rules.  She can play as she wants and how she wants it.  Through free play toys, your eight year old girl can develop life skills also through play as well as her gross motor skills, fine motor skills, decision making skills and more.

Friendship Bracelets Craft Kit

At the age of eight, your eight year old girl already has friends.  At this age, your little girl is already interested in making friends with the opposite gender.  You can let her explore her imagination and creativity by giving her this friendship bracelet craft kit so she can make bracelets for her besties.  The friendship bracelet craft kit contains ten skeins of embroidery floss, plastic Klutz clip, beads and a fifty eight page of instructional book.  Your eight year old girl can make at least twelve bracelets in this craft kit.

Dune Craft Dome Terrariums

The life cycle can be more appreciated by your eight year old girl by giving her something that she can grow herself.  This Dune Craft Dome Terrarium will let your little girl grow her very own carnivorous plants by planting the seeds of ten varieties.  She can make her very own mini terrarium that can eat bugs as it grows!

Secret Message Lab

Girls are fond of having secret messages especially when she reaches the age of eight.  At eight years old, the young lady is already fond of chit chatting with her besties and secret messages are part of their giggly fun activities. The Secret Message Lab contains materials to generate and protect secret messages by using invisible ink, colored filters and even light eaves in deciphering messages.  The Secret Message Lab contains the secret message materials that two girls can share and protect.  Science principles such as the use of acid and bases can be learned as your eight year old girl configure the secret messages.

Educational Toys

Educational toys will make learning fun and exciting.  School can be dreadful and tiring for some kids, you can add some spice to learning by giving your eight year old girl some educational toys.  These toys can help her gain more insights as she have fun.  Learning can also be fun and knowledge can be gained even through play.

Big Bag of Science

Science is one of the interesting subjects that your eight year old girl can enjoy at school.  You can also integrate fun with Science by letting her learn through experiments that she can make at home.  You can let her explore and love Science even more by gifting this Big Bag of Science.  This kit can let her perform up to seventy experiments.  She can integrate the science principles as she plays and have fun.  The Big Bag of Science has test tubes, test tube holders, magnifying glass, balloon, shaker slime cup with lid, pipettes, blue scoop, color wheel and more materials that can help your little scientist girl to perform.  This activity kit comes with instructions for each experiment.  Your little eight year old girl can integrate concepts of Science while applying them in real life situations through this activity kit.

Roominate Architect Accessory Pack

Take the playing doll house to the next level by incorporating some engineering and architectural points as your eight year old plays.  The Roominate Architect Accesory pack will let your eight year old child create her own designs of her doll house from bunk beds to staircase and a lot more.  She can connect materials to create walls and floor panels too.  The Roominate architect accessory pack contains fifty one piece set of materials that can help her on developing her problem solving skills, spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, creativity and even help her boost her self-confidence.

Copernicus Edible Chemistry Kit

Copernicus Edible Chemistry Kit is a one of a kind experiment kit that your eight year old can eat and drink safely afterwards.  She can make fizzy drinks, jelly foams that changes colors and even polymer pudding that she can snack on after a tiring experiment.   Chemistry can be fun and more interesting with the help of this Copernicus Edible Chemistry Kit!