Your sweet little boy has finally reached his ninth year.  You may notice plenty of changes on his body and behavior because at this age he is in a period of transition as he is at the brink of puberty.  Although, being a nine year old, he is still a child but he is becoming more mature and more independent.  He is requiring less adult supervision and can handle responsibilities already.  Since he is at the period of development, you can enhance his capabilities by gifting him toys that are age appropriate.  As we know, children learn better through play and with this, we have gathered the top toys for nine year old boys for your reference.

Active Fun Toys

Physical Exercise Toys for Nine Year Old Boys

Your nine year old boy is so energetic that he seem to never get tired of playing and tossing around.  To loosen up and wear him up off his excess energy, it would be better to give your child some active fun toys that he can play with.  Playing can be a form of physical exercise that children need most these days.  Toys that are sporty by nature that he would enjoy such as basketball, badminton or even some colorful tunnels and the like.

Bike for KidsNerf GunBaseball and Catching Glove

Air Power Soccer Disk

Cool Frisbee for Boys

Dynamic soccer action that can be played indoors is what this Light Up Air Power Soccer Disk is all about!  This soccer disk literally floats in the air and demonstrates hover action that can make your little man go crazy and play more.  The soccer disk’s outer rim allows great rebounding which makes your furniture in the house safe from harm.  Your nine year old boy can hone his football skills at the comfort of your living room too, anytime and anywhere through this air power soccer disk.

Yo Baby Kick Flipper

Skater Boy Gift Idea

Nine year old boys are known for tossing and turning all day long, no he can learn more than just that by incorporating flipping, kicking and popping into the picture.  This Kick Flipper is a versatile board that makes your little man experience feeling how it is to play known sports such as snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding.

He can develop his coordination, balance as well as creativity and imagination as he plays the kick flipper.  Your little boy can play the kick flipper both indoors and outdoors.  He can feel like a pro before starting a boarding sport after mastering his skills using this kick flipper.

Educational Toys

Mind Toys for Eight Year Old Boys

Intelligence is very important that’s why the milk formulas nowadays are all inclined to increase or enhance cognitive development of children.  You can also aid in his cognitive development by giving him challenging toys that will shape his intelligence.  These are educational toys that are age appropriate for him.  Educational toys such as Science kits, activity books, puzzles and more are only to name a few.  Nine year olds are already capable of performing simple experiments on their own or with minimal adult supervision.

Magic ScienceTin RobotMagformers

Handheld Microscope

Your little man is an explorer and he would like to know why and how the things around him work.  This Hand Held Microscope can help your nine year old boy explore and see the things around him differently.

This four inch handheld microscope can give him an exciting viewing experience for him to learn more and understand more.  It comes with prepared slides of a grasshopper’s wing legs and abdomen for a microscopic view that he will never forget!

The hand held microscope encourages fine motor skills, scientific and outdoor learning.  It makes exploring outdoors more exciting and fun!

Math Trekker

The Math Trekker will give your nine year old boy the ultimate math speed test wherever he goes.  He can choose from twelve skill levels as the question pops up which included intense music at the background to keep him pumped.  The Math Trekker encourages quick thinking and gives math confidence anytime and anywhere!  Its handy feature and ergonomic design makes it easier to grasp and latch along onto anything too!

Free Play Toys

Imagination Toys for Nine Year Olds

Free play toys are toys that can enhance your child’s imagination and other life skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.  These are toys that can let your child explore, interact and think more.   Free play toys can even help in molding his behavior by observing rules and following instructions of the game.  Cause and effect can also be learned through these.  Examples of free play toys are Lego bricks, brain teasers, mechanic set and the like.

IQ Puzzler Pro

The IQ Puzzler Pro will challenge your nine year old to complete the designs by following the detailed procedure.  He can do this by combining the colored connected balls that can transform from 2D puzzles to impressive 3D structures.  His intelligence quotient would be enhanced as he struggles to find the missing piece to complete each challenge.

Weird Slime Workshop

Slimy and messy things interests your nine year old boy for some reasons and with that you got an idea on what to gift him.  The Weird Slime Workshop is a full pack of materials that can let him create slimy things as he likes it.  Through play he can learn the Science of polymers and how these slimy things do are formed.  The workshop set includes beakers, pair of goggles, mask, alginate, spoon, gloves, pipettes, and calcium chloride, dish and food colorants.  The set comes in with easy instructions to follow, this is a box of gruesome yet interesting materials for your little man!

Rapid Reflex

Rapid Reflex is a test of how your hand and brain can respond.  This is a fun game that will let you and the whole family be at the edge of their seats as you twist your brains and challenge your reflexes.  This game develops listening and attention skills as well as visual discrimination and the hand-eye coordination.  Your child can also reinforce his vocabulary and color concepts through play.

Arts and Crafts Toys

Artsy Toys for Nine Year Old Boys

Nine year olds already take pride in their work.  Accomplishing simple tasks given by an adult is already an achievement for them.  Whenever he has good grades for his art project, the feeling of self-worth and fulfillment comes in.  Through arts and crafts toys, he can develop his artistic talents and gain more confidence as he finishes each project.  Examples of arts and crafts toys are builder sets, stencils, art materials for painting and more.

My Comic Book

Nine year old boys are fond of reading comic books since at his age, he is into hero worship.  You can encourage his artistic and writing talents by giving him this Comic Book Kit that allows him to make his very own comic book.  Imagine the cool comic book that he would make, can be printed and mailed back to him in a real comic book set up!  He would surely marvel at his creation once the finished output is mailed back to him.  He can create his very own story for up to 18 pages and illustrate his one of a kind hero and villain too.  This comic set comes with an online program, pencil, artist eraser, washable markers, order form and postage paid envelope.

Dab and Dot Washable Markers

Yes, your little nine year old is into coloring stuff that sometimes even the walls, counters and doors are included.  So when he decorates or designs his masterpiece, it is best to give him some washable markers so that you would not have a hard time cleaning up after his mess!  This Dab And Dot Washable Markers sure come in handy for his coloring and designing needs without giving you much fuss on the cleaning part!

Googly Eyes Game

Googly Eyes Game is a family drawing game with a twist!  Imagine drawing while being in a vision altering glasses also known as googly eyes.  Let your family or a team member guess what you are drawing before the time is up.  You need not to be an artist to draw, just have fun and the rules are easy to follow too!  Your nine year old would have so much fun as you have quality time together using the googly eyes to pump up your challenge!

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