Kids are naturally growing at exponential phases and they do have a predictable sequence of developmental milestones of achievements.  Each child grows at his or her own pace, some are ahead and some are lagging from the other.  As a parent or a caregiver, you only want the best for your child.  Now that your child is already a nine year old girl, you just want to give the best possible care to help her enhance her overall well-being.  Toys can be a good way to enhance cognitive and physical skills and in order for her to achieve her milestones the fun way, the top toys that are age appropriate for her should be given accordingly.  In line with this, we have rounded the top toys for nine year old girls for your reference below.

Educational Toys

Every nine year old girl is different but at this age, she is already fond of going to school and achieving goals.  She is competitive and is willing to accomplish her tasks well.  You can hone her academics by gifting her educational toys such as activity books, Science projects, tools for experiments and the like.

Math CubesMy First Microscope4M Planetary Model Kit

Mind Ware Perplexors: Level A

Logic puzzles can sharpen the mind.  Your nine year old girl can develop her deductive reasoning through play of the Mind Ware Perplexors.

This comes with challenging logic puzzles that can help her learn about elimination process, drawing conclusions and even organizing patterns to solve a problem.  Complex skills does not need complicated strategies to learn them, this activity book would make her develop and teach her these complex life skills in a fun and interactive way for her age!

Kitchen Science Kit

Science is all around us, you can even see the process of Science at the comfort of your own home.  The Kitchen Science Kit is a great way to show your nine year old girl that Science can even be learned at home.  You can transform your kitchen into your very own Science lab and perform six Science experiments by utilizing kitchen ingredients at home.  This kit comes with sets of instructions that you can easily follow.  Make some learning and bonding moments with your child at home through this kitchen Science kit.

Scientific Perfumery (My Own Perfumery)

Growing up means a journey of discovering things around us.  Your nine year old may be curious about many things and she is very eager to learn new discoveries and to explore more about the world around her.  She can learn the sweet smelling process of perfume making through this scientific perfumery set.

With My Own Perfumery, she can mix and match scents to her liking and experience for herself the ancient art of perfume making.

This set comes with elegant vials and instructions to help your child create the perfect scent for her and her loved ones.

Arts and Crafts Toys

Creating art projects makes the nine year interested for hours.  She loves to explore and create different things and she takes pride in her work.  Gone are the days when her happiness is just to color a picture from a book.  At this age, she is open to create and design more complex projects than before.  Hobbies may include crafting materials and creating new projects such as friendship bracelets, sparkling jewelries and more.

Button ArtMagnetic Tile ArtGlow and Grow Terrarium

Weaving Loom

Let your nine year old sit back and weave a while.  Weaving in this loom is a simple way of teaching your child the value of using one’s time wisely as she develops her fine motor skills and creativity.

This Weaving Loom process can bring joy and fulfillment to her as she finishes her project all by herself!

This set comes with 91 yards of yarn that can be woven based on her selected project.

She can make her very on scarf, pouch, coaster and a lot more.

Ink a Do Tattoo

Having fun need not to be expensive.  This Ink a Do Tattoo pens are inexpensive tools to make your nine year old girl happy.  The shimmering colors of these pens can let her create wonderful tattoos that are safe for her to use.  Kids are fond of drawing pictures on their hands just like tattoos and through this pens you can let her have creative fun and be assured that the materials are safe to use and nontoxic.  These pens are washable and very easy to use!  This is perfect for her slumber parties or birthday parties or anytime she feels like having her very own tattoo.

Ultimate Friendship Bracelet Party

Friendship is fun especially for your nine year old!  At her age right now, she already knows well how to mingle and develop her socializing skills.  You can make her friendship goals be more fun by lifting, hooking and turning weaves into friendship bracelets.

This Ultimate Friendship Bracelet Party set comes with 20 floss colors that she can transform into cool bracelets for her and her friends.  She can make up to 30 bracelets with this set!

Active Fun Toys

Toys may take a big part of her life at her childhood stage and as she ages, she can take little interest in other toys.  She may choose less childish toys since she is getting older already.  Though play, you can also incorporate exercise and through these active fun toys, she can also develop her gross motor skills and even her muscles.  Eye and hand coordination can also be improved and even her sportsmanship through play.  Trampolines, sports set such as badminton or basketball are great examples of active fun toys.

Trampoline with Net

Jumping has been part of your nine year old’s gig in almost her daily life activities.  She loves to jump but you know, you are sometimes worried if she would fall and hurt herself in the process.

With this trampoline with and enclosure net you are assured that your nine year old girl can jump all she wants without being worried that she might fall and be hurt.  This enclosure net gives her the protection that she needs in case she jumps way to high and be out balanced.

Agent Bow Blaster

Your nine year old can use all her extra energy and turn them into something fun by playing this agent bow blaster set.  This Bow Blaster can give her the feeling of real bow action.  The bow can be launched for up to 85 feet away.  The arrow whistle as it flies away which makes it more interesting and fun to play with.  The set comes with three arrows and a bow.  The arrows can contain secret messages that can only be decoded by her friend as she assigns her to be the decoder.  The message will not be seen at plain sight which makes it a cool message relaying platform too.

Free Play Toys

Toys can also help in molding the behavior of a child.  She can develop her skills and attitude through play by giving her free play toys to enjoy.  Free play toys can enhance the child’s imagination and she can also develop life skills such as problem solving skills, value of money and other things that she can use in life as she grows up.  Perfect example of free play toys are toys that imitate the adult life such as mini doctor set, carpentry set for kids, money banks and more.

Barbie Dream House

Let her imagination run wild as she designs, decorates and make life more fun for Barbie in this dream house!  She can be inspired in life and let her childhood dreams come to reality as she plays this Barbie Dream House.  Barbie said that anything is possible with her.  As optimistic as Barbie is, your child can learn the value of setting one’s goals and make them into reality as advocated by Barbie.  She can unleash her creativity through play of this dream house and let her designing skills take its toll.

A Smart Girl’s Guide: Money

Money doesn’t grow on trees.  We know that money is important in this life that’s why the parents work hard for their children’s welfare.

As a nine year old girl, she can be taught on the value of money and how to use it wisely through this book entitled: A Smart Girl’s Guide: Money.  This book is an eye opener for kids such as your nine year old girl to inspire her about the value of money, how to save and even earn at her age.

This book comes with fun illustrations that your nine year old can appreciate.

It’s never too early to start saving and learning about the value of work and money.

Haute Couture Fashion Studio with Sewing Set

Runway fashions are glamorous and fun to watch for a girl.  You can teach your child to develop her designing skills through this Haute Couture Fashion Studio With Sewing Set.  She can start designing and making her dolls’ fashionable dresses and be the star of her very own fashion show!  This set comes with a set of detailed procedures that are easy to follow and understand by your nine year old girl.  It even comes with a battery operated sewing machine that she can use to make her very own creations.  Patterns, fabric, thread, trimming and jewels are included in this set.  This set even comes with four 11 inch tall mannequins to assist her in her creation.  Creativity would be enhanced through play and even her fine motor skills are developed too.

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