Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are most often themed. For the first wedding anniversary, the theme is paper and couples usually give gifts made of paper to one another. If you are looking for traditional 1st wedding anniversary gifts for your wife, you might want to take a look at this list of gift ideas.

This list of thirty 1st anniversary gifts is divided into three: something useful, something romantic and something fun. Be reminded that this list is for the ladies. If you are looking for gifts for a husband, you want to take a look into this article.

Useful Paper Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Paper Necklace

A paper necklace can be stunning!

Paper gift ideas she can use! From wearables to decorative, paper is a very versatile material!

  1. A set of cute stationery.
  2. Journal
  3. Is she a creative soul? You can give her scrapbooking supplies.
  4. A nicely made paper jewellery looks stunning. Buy one for her. An example is this super well made paper necklace. Cute!
  5. Newsprint scarf. This looks totally awesome.
  6. Book sculpture. Very decorative!
  7. Make a paper swan basket. you can fill it up with sweets if you like. Instructions in this video.
  8. Paper Mache Jewellery Box.
  9. A Japanese Paper Lamp will look super nice in your rooms.

Romantic Paper Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

These paper roses are almost life-like!

These paper roses are almost life-like!

The ladies just love romance! Here are romantic paper themed gift ideas!

  1. Buy these paper roses! These are very decorative and she will feel that you took the time to think for a themed anniversary gift for her!
  2. Write her a poem…
  3. Or a love letter! She will feel like you are still on the courtship stage.
  4. A romantic printed poem, framed.
  5. 52 things I love about you deck of cards. You can see how to make this through this Indestructables article.
  6. How about a DIY greeting card?
  7. Oh I have an idea: buy these monogram paper letters, set up an “I Love You” in the back yard together with romantic firefly lights.
  8. Folded monogram book. This looks so gorgeous.
  9. Have photos of you both printed then frame it in a cool collage frame.
  10. Create origami hearts sprinkle them on your bedroom floor and on the bed. You can check the instructions for origami heart video here.

Fun Paper Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Extraordinary Chickens! It looks like I just found Adam Duritz's pet chicken.

Extraordinary Chickens! It looks like I just found Adam Duritz’s pet chicken.

These are the paper gift ideas that make her laugh, flatter her or make her excited.

  1. A boudoir photoshoot for her. This is a great gift that makes your wife feel super sexy and beautiful. Have the photos printed on paper and framed. Assure her only two sets of eyes will see those. Yours and hers.
  2. Plane tickets for two, to somewhere you both can get away. Maybe go to a tropical paradise.
  3. Tickets to a musical theater. You can also both dress up in formal wear, then eat at fine dining to make it an extra special event.
  4. Porn for women book. No it is not that kind where you see people get it on. This one illustrates men taking care of the baby, cleaning the house, vacuuming the floor, etc.
  5. A funny coffee table book, like this book about extraordinary chickens. Just looking at the cover image makes me laugh.
  6. Edible paper money!
  7. Hey, the box of chocolate truffles is papery! The individual chocolate holders are paper, too.
  8. That gift voucher from the spa? That is made of paper too.