Leather is the traditional theme for the third year of marriage. Couples celebrate this occasion by giving each other gifts that are made of leather.

If you are looking for a leather wedding anniversary gift for your wife, you can take a look at this list and see if you find it useful in getting that perfect themed gift for your love.

Take note that this list is for gifts for the wives. If you want a list for a husband, you can look at the list I published earlier here.

This list is in three parts, something useful, something romantic and something fun.

Useful Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Did someone say, Michael Kors handbag?

Did someone say, Michael Kors handbag?

Some women would want stuff they can wear or use everyday. You can go through the useful route if you are the kind of guy who likes to see his spouse using the things he gave her.

  1. Leather hand bag! Did someone say Michael Kors?
  2. A pair of nice high heel shoes…
  3. …and because women love shoes, how about a pair of leather skin boots?
  4. Leather flip flops for those hot and casual days.
  5. Moleskin journal. This is a nice avenue for her to write down her thoughts.
  6. A beautiful leather belt, perhaps?
  7. This leather cuff bracelet is the cutest thing ever! The owl is a really nice touch and its jewel eyes are the star of the accessory.
  8. This really nice DIY leather key fob.
  9. This cowhide necklace is really nice. Quite inexpensive, too!

    This cowhide necklace is really nice. Quite inexpensive, too!

    Cowhide necklace, perhaps? Go for the retro-looking handmade cowhide necklace. Like this one. The seahorse trinket is really cute.
  10. Your wife would appreciate a nice leather wallet.
  11. You can both have a nice leather lounge chair. Women do appreciate a nice, classy piece of furniture in the house.
  12. Leather smartphone covers look super sleek. Buy something that suits her personality… consider the her favorite color, design, etc.
  13. Coasters made of leather. You can buy one but you can actually do this yourself. Here is a tutorial from Indestructables.
  14. You can create her this super neat leather feather earrings. Of course, this is another DIY leather wedding anniversary gift idea. Labor of love! This makes her look like Tiger Lilly, don’t you think?

Romantic Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

DIY Leather Roses for 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Gorgeous looking leather roses from Indestructable member curtiplas.

You can romance her with your leather anniversary gifts. Here are some ideas!

  1. A super nice portrait of you two burned on leather.
  2. This leather rose is nice and very decorative. She will be reminded of you every time she sees it.
  3. You can also create DIY leather flowers. Here is another very nice step-by-step instructions by Indestructables.
  4. How about a leather heart card?
  5. These DIY leather conversation hearts are really nice!
  6. This ultra cute leather heart necklace. Pretty!
  7. Handmade leather bracelet.
  8. Leather Heart Key Ring. Very cute and very useful!
  9. This cute leather clutch bag. It says, “I love you” on the inside!

Fun Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

A nice leather jacket is very trendy.

A nice leather jacket is very trendy.

Have some fun doing activities or giving stuff that would excite her.

  1. You can have an anniversary photoshoot. Masquerade themed. Wear leather masques!
  2. Does she have a nice body? Buy her a pair of leather pants!
  3. Or a leather jacket, maybe?
  4. These leather mittens are really cute and I bet she will have fun matching these with her clothes!
  5. Leather cuff links. To make bedroom activities spicier. *wink wink*