The traditional theme when a couple celebrates three years of marriage is leather. By the third wedding anniversary, couples give each other presents made of leather to celebrate.

If you are a wife that is looking for a leather anniversary gift for her husband, then you can check out this list of 27 leather wedding anniversary gift ideas for him.

This list is divided into three ideas, something useful, something romantic and something fun. Also take not that this list is for presents for men. Also take note that this is a list of gifts for a husband. You can check out this article for gifts for the wives.

Useful Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

A nice leather woven bracelet look nice on lean arms.

A nice leather woven bracelet look nice on lean arms.

Most guys would want to receive a useful gift. You can get him one from the suggestions below:

  1. A leather wallet. This is a classic gift suggestion for third wedding anniversary and it is for a reason: men find wallets useful. Buy him a bifold wallet that does not get too thick because a thick wallet is uncomfortable to sit on.
  2. A pair of leather shoes.
  3. Reversible leather belt. I own a reversible belt similar to this Kenneth Cole’s reversible belt. Very sturdy.
  4. A fashionable watch with a leather strap.
  5. Leather bracelet. I personally like the woven leather. I used to wear these when I was dating my wife.
  6. Leather backpack.
  7. How about leather car seats? He will love that you know how to woo him and his car.
  8. You can also buy a leather wheel cover.
  9. A leather watch case.
  10. A leather messenger bag.
  11. Leather couch.
  12. Leather slippers.

Romantic Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Leather portrait 3rd Anniversary gift for Him

This is a really novel 3rd wedding anniversary gift for your hubby.

Some men would love to get romanced too! Here are some sweet leather anniversary gift ideas.

  1. A leather-bound photobook of your travels.
  2. Leather photo frame.
  3. Your photo burned into leather, then framed.
  4. Get yourself a boudoir photoshoot then compile the photos in a leather bound book.
  5. This leather heart handmade card from Etsy. It looks fairy easy to DIY, too.
  6. A leather portrait of you two, on tanned leather. This is super novel and if you want a sweet leather gift, I’d recommend this one.

Fun Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Leather gift ideas that will make him laugh or excite him

If you man is on the adventurous side, you can get him one of these water skins.

If your man is on the adventurous side, you can get him one of these water skins.

Now have some fun with some leather!

  1. A leather jacket
  2. And leather pants! I can almost hear the footloose theme song!
  3. A hide tanning workshop! You can learn how to tan the hides of animals to make fur and leather!
  4. A leather necktie. Clearly a leather tie is not for office outfit. It is for casual preppy wear!
  5. Water skin. This looks so authentic and makes a man feel macho (like my idol, Bear Grylls).
  6. This leather-scented candle. This is especially good if he has a man cave.
  7. A poker set. Poker sets are usually boxed inside a nice leather case. This gives him a new plaything he can use with the boys.
  8. Football. This is a nice sporty anniversary gift for your man. Many men like sports!
  9. A drinking flask with leather exterior. You can also get the personalizeable ones where you can engrave the receiver’s initials. Something like this super nice looking leather flask from Personal Creations.