The traditional theme for the fourth wedding anniversary is linen. Couples usually give their spouse a linen themed gift to celebrate four years of marriage. If you are looking for a linen anniversary gift for your wife, this collection of linen gift ideas will prove useful.

This list is divided into thee, linen gifts that are useful, romantic and fun. Also, take note that this is a list for gifting to the wife. If you are looking for something linen for your husband, you should check out this article.

Useful Linen Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

I am someone who thinks a woman that can rock a loose blouse is just sexy.

I am someone who thinks a woman that can rock a loose blouse is just sexy.

If you want to give her something you will see her use regularly.

  1. Linen handbag.
  2. Laptop bag. This is a really nice gift for the lady who uses her laptop often.
  3. Tablet bag. Also made of linen mix fabric.
  4. A nice linen blouse. Something like this loose but very sexy blouse.
  5. You can also give her a maxi skirt made of linen so you can help her widen her wardrobe.
  6. Cadet hat. This one looks really feminine and I bet this will look nice for the short haired women.
  7. Have her pair it up with a linen tank top! You can get her this “Life is Good” tank top made of linen-polyester fabric. What a cute outfit!
  8. Table runner.
  9. Linen coasters. You can find a DIY Linen Coasters instructions here.
  10. Cloth sneakers. Women usually love shoes, so this one is a very sure option.
  11. Linen aprons. She can use this when she prepares your dinner!
  12. Tea towels. Very handy around the kitchen!

Romantic Linen Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Stitched Envelope

Stitched envelope. Very cute!

Lovely linen gifts for your lovely wife.

  1. Romantic Framed Linen Monogram.
  2. Couple’s pillow cases. I like this linen pillow case that say “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”.
  3. You can also get her one of these linen heart bookmarks. Cute! Especially useful for the book loving woman.
  4. A linen greeting card. You can buy one from Etsy here, but I bet you can create something like this easily.
  5. A custom anniversary linen maps on frame.
  6. Make her one of these handkerchief flower necklaces. A DIY project that shows her your love.
  7. Use your photos to make these cloth picture beanbags! Another sweet DIY linen gift to make. Instructions here.
  8. Stitched envelope and note. Super cute! (On a side note, I cannot find the source for this… can anybody tell me so I can give proper credit?)
  9. Linen bed sheets and pillow cases embroidered with your names.
  10. The penguins in this linen pillow are just cute.
  11. This fruity heart linen pillow. Deliciously cute.

Fun Linen Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Exciting linen gifts that will make her smile!

  1. Linen superhero pillows.
  2. How about a hammock made of linen? This will give you another a place to bond and have some fun.
  3. Wine is always fun! Present it inside a linen wine sleeve.
  4. This very cute linen mouse.
  5. Linen kitchen art prints. Super nice to look at in the kitchen.
  6. Maybe go to a linen farm and see how the people loom the fibers into fabrics.
  7. Burn his favorite music in a DVD and put it into this linen CD case.