To celebrate wedding anniversaries, couples usually give themed gifts to each other. Traditionally, the theme for the fourth year of marriage is linen. Celebrating your fourth wedding anniversary with your handsome husband? You should give him linen gifts. Check this list out!

This list is divided into three: something useful, something romantic, and something fun. Take note that this list contains gift suggestions for men. If you are looking for your female spouse, check out this page.

Useful Linen Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

A linen dress shirt looks good both in work days and casual days.

A linen dress shirt looks good both in work days and casual days.

Men love to receive gifts that are quite useful, so go ahead and buy him one or two from these useful linen gift ideas:

  1. Linen Dress Shirt. This looks super sexy on men! Get him a few of the classic colors, white and blue. He can use this shirt both on work days (all buttoned) and on casual days (unbottoned top half).
  2. Linen Hanley Shirt. Adds a bit more diversity to his wardrobe.
  3. To make your gifts a set, you can also get him a pair of linen pants. These are really comfy and stylish, too.
  4. A linen sleeping shorts. Perfect when sleeping on hot summer days.
  5. Handkerchiefs. A gentle men should carry one all the time and your man should always have a nice supply of fresh ones.
  6. A Newsboy Hat. Looks really nice and preppy!
  7. Running shoes are usually made of linen mix.  these are perfect for running and going to the gym, but these make excellent casual shoes too.
  8. These super nice tatami-linen slippers. These are very nice for lounging around the house during those lazy weekend days with you.
  9. Most laptop bags are made of linen. If he brings his laptop everywhere he goes, go and buy him one! Consider the size of his laptop first, though.
  10. A linen draw string bag. I love using one of these… in fact I use three draw string backpacks.
  11. Linen couch. If you haven’t bought you guy a leather couch last year, you can buy him one this year so he can have something to take a nap on!

Romantic Linen Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Monogram Linen PIllows for 4th Anniversary

Monogram Linen Pillows for 4th Anniversary

Romance your hubby with these linen wedding anniversary gift ideas:

  1. A linen pillow with your initials and date of marriage printed on it. Something like this throw pillow.
  2. Linen framed monogram. Decorative and romantic!
  3. A nice linen themed card. You can buy one from Etsy but you can also create one perfectly fine.
  4. Linen couple’s throw pillowcases. I love the look of these three pillowcases, one for “each: Mr.” “&” “Mrs.” and these will look really nice on a sofa.
  5. Or, if you want linen pillow cases for your bed pillows, you can get this “LOVE” pillowcases.
  6. You can also make one of those monogrammed linen, DIY. You can see a step-by-step instructions in Red Stamp. You can use the skill to make a framed linen monogram or a monogrammed linen mouse pad for him.
  7. Customize a mouse pad at Zazzle. You can put a picture of you both or a picture of him with a dedication or just a nice sweet message.

Fun Linen Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Linen scented candles!

Linen scented candles!

Make him laugh or sm ile with these linen anniversary gifts.

  1. These linen scented candles are nice.
  2. A hammock. Perfect for cooling off on hot days.
  3. These superhero throw pillows are made of linen and made of tons of fun.
  4. Also, these “Dashing Gent/Scrumtuous Lady” pillows look nice and cute.
  5. Go to a windy spot, fly a fighter kite. The linen here is the thread you will be using.