Following the traditional wedding anniversary themes, couples give each other wooden gifts to celebrate five years together. Wood is usually associated with growth (trees) and wood is quite a sturdy material, representing the strengthening bond between the partners.

A gift made of wood is really appreciated, as your spouse will appreciate the thought given to choosing an anniversary present. Looking for a gift for your husband? Check this list of 32 wooden gift ideas, divided into three categories: useful, romantic and fun.

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Useful Wood Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

A wooden liquor dispenser for a 4th anniversary gift? Yes, please!

A wooden liquor dispenser for a 4th anniversary gift? Yes, please!

Many men will prefer to get a useful gift, so please check out this section first.

  1. This super seductive He Wood cologne for men.
  2. A wooden watch will add some diversity to his watch collection.
  3. Have you heard of this bamboo iPhone speaker?It is eco-friendly and uses only physics to amplify the sounds of a smart phone! Buy your hubby one of these.
  4. If he works with a laptop often, give him a laptop tray made of wood.
  5. The Boxwave Bamboo Stand is eco-friendly and very versatile. He can use this as rest for his smartphone and as a stand for his tablet when watching re-runs of Breaking Bad.
  6. Is your man a banana lover? Get him a wooden banana rack!
  7. Does he cook? How a bout a personalized wooden cutting board?
  8. A wood alarm clock! Who would have thought? This will also look good in your bedroom.
  9. Tree stump bar stool.
  10. An oak barrel wine dispenser. To dispense his favorite bourbon.
  11. Guys love multi tools, so get him one that has a nice, polished wood finish. I used to own one of these Victorinox multi tools until I lost mine in the theaters.
  12. You can also get him a personalized hammer.
  13. Wood cross necklace. It looks nice on a man.
  14. Talking about jewellery, you can also get him a wooden bracelet…
  15. … or wood cuff links! This set of cuff links look knightly.
  16. Back scratcher! Of course buy the wooden make.

Romantic Wood Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Wood Wedding Anniversary Gift - Picture Printed on Wood

Wood Wedding Anniversary Gift – Picture Printed on Wood

Romance him with your wooden gifts!

  1. This wooden statue of lovers will look nice on his bed side table, don’t you think?
  2. A wooden picture frame with your nicest wedding photo is a really nice wedding anniversary gift.
  3. You can also give a wood-framed poem canvass.
  4. This super sweet photo of you, printed on a slab of log (on the photo). You can get one at Etsy.
  5. A cutesy wooden themed greeting card. You can buy one online. But I suppose you can easily make one DIY.
  6. A framed scrabble tile message. You can create one DIY by following the instructions on this Youtube video.

Fun Wood Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

This medieval wooden chess set makes a unique 5th wedding anniversary if your spouse plays chess.

This medieval wooden chess set makes a unique 5th wedding anniversary if your spouse plays chess.

Wood wedding anniversary gifts that will excite your husband.

  1. How about a quick vacation to the Sequoia National Tree Park? You will both appreciate the beauty of the towering trees. Maybe have a picnic or participate in the activities like hiking or treetop obstacles.
  2. I do believe the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so serve him breakfast in bed, using a wooden tray, on wooden plate and wooden glass.
  3. Robotime 3D. These are robotics that he can assemble, and the parts are made of wood. I like the triceratops model.
  4. A unique chess set. If he plays, then great. If not, well, it is really decorative and the unique design is an eye catcher, I like this medieval-style chess set… it looks like the pieces are going to battle Harry Potter style.
  5. If he smokes, a wooden tobacco pipe. Looks classy!
  6. Man crate! The wooden crate contains different kinds of goodies a man like your husband deserves: spicy peanuts, pizza flavored crackers, cheese sticks, peanut butter bar to name a few. Perfect for indulging your hubby.
  7. Is he a video gamer? A Zelda fan, perhaps? You can get him this wooden ocarina. This is like a flute, only oddly shaped. Maybe you can toss in a set of how-to-play instructions?
  8. If your man loves to cook, you can get him this spice set in three-tier wooden rack. You both can cook the first meal with it.
  9. This set of shot glasses come in very nice looking wooden case.
  10. Woodcarving lessons, anyone?