Turkey is the star of Thanksgiving.  This ritual actually started way back  in the 1600s where in the pilgrims of the Northern Americas used the turkey as a symbol of abundance and thanksgiving.  Aside from thanksgiving, the turkey is a symbol of fertility; gratitude and abundance.  The Mexicans see the turkey as a sacred animal while in the Aztecs, Toltecs and Mayans, they see the turkey as the great Xolotl or a jeweled bird.  The turkey is used by the Creek tribes in their annual fire festivals with their so called turkey dance.  The turkey is even used as a foretelling tool in the primitive culture because it exhibits agitation prior to an upcoming poor weather condition.  Either way, the turkey is still a charming and one of a kind animal for some people even up to this age and time.  Some people see the turkey differently, more than a meal I should say.  If you are one of the people who greatly adores turkeys or knows someone who does; then you need to check out our great finds of turkey inspired gift ideas below for your reference.

Turkey Pillowcase

This lovable turkey pillowcase showcases a child and a turkey in an innocent pose which is a refreshing sight.  This pillowcase is made with one hundred percent cotton with high quality canvas that measures eighteen inches by eighteen.  The pure color of the design is seen in the front with a soft textured feel; the zipper seem invisible too because of the matching color it has with the design.  This would be the perfect couch aesthetic for any turkey lover out there!

Turkey Tshirt

A lightweight shirt with a classic fit that will guarantee satisfaction to any turkey loving dudes out there!  This turkey shirt can be machine washed with like colors.  This turkey tshirt is a practical gift for the guy who is a fan of turkeys on your gift list. This can also be a funny pregnancy announcement gift for the new dads of dads to be for the nth time on your list.  This funny shirt with a turkey as the main design is a show stopper for sure!

Turkey Ceramic Cookie Jar

Cookie monsters would certain love this turkey ceramic cookie jar.  You can enjoy the sight of your favorite turkey while munching your favorite snack!  This turkey cookie jar is ceramic with high quality of construction.  It is beautifully designed with vibrant colors of the turkey and it also comes with a sturdy gift box for easier gift giving without worrying that it will be broken to pieces while handling.  This turkey cookie car is a functional cookie jar that can be washed by hands only.  This would be a great house warming gift for your turkey fanatic friend.

Turkey Salt & Pepper Shakers

You may be looking a table center piece for your Thanksgiving bounty, well we have one here for you!  This turkey salt and pepper shakers are not just table piece decorations but they are also functional; you can enjoy looking at them and at the same time add taste and zest to your meal!  This three inch ceramic made turkey salt and pepper shakers is a bundle of turkey gifts that would be great for any turkey lovers out there!

Turkey Track Beer Mug

Beer drinkers and lovers who are turkey lovers as well would be the great recipients of this turkey track beer mug.

This turkey track beer mug is a twenty four ounce hand etched beer mug that is printed well using screen printing that is ensured to withstand long periods of time.  The turkey track etching on this beer mug is guaranteed to never chip or fade in time.

This would be the perfect gift for the beer loving turkey fanatic friend on your list.

Turkey Funny Mug

Get your fat pants ready because thanksgiving is coming!  More turkey more fun, but don’t forget to watch your figure too!  Kidding aside this turkey funny mug is a cool gift to give your funny friend who is fond of turkeys, thanksgiving and coffee all at the same time!  The color of this turkey coffee mug can be customized as you please too!  This turkey coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave oven safe too.

Turkey Coasters

Turkey coasters are great for those who loves turkeys and who hates glass marks and spills on their table tops too!  These turkey coasters are not only for thanksgiving but they are also great all year round too.  These turkey coasters will keep your table top free from water marks, juice drips that leaves and stains your beautiful table.  Save you table tops from unwanted marks by putting some turkey coasters on!  These turkey coasters are beautifully designed with colorful turkeys to keep you entertained and amused.

Turkey Jerky

Delicious Turkey Gift Idea!

The turkey jerky is a great snack for your man den and would be the perfect gift for the foodie turkey loving recipient on your list of giftees.

This turkey jerky is made with hands which is made from soft and tender turkey jerky that is styled traditionally.

This would be the perfect snack surprise for your turkey loving fanatic friend on your gift list.

Turkey Earrings

Make your earlobes wobble gobble with this extraordinary pair of turkey earrings.

This pair of turkey earrings is made of lightweight materials which is plainly made of Tibetan silver charms and sterling silver wire that is a great rendition of your favorite turkey.

This pair of earrings comes in an organza gift bag when bought.

Thanksgiving Turkey Earrings

If you want something cute and heartwarming for a turkey gift then you need to check out this pair of thanksgiving turkey earrings.  This pair of turkey earrings is made with big soulful turkey eyes of turkeys dressed as pilgrims of the ancient time. This pair of earrings is made with cute lamp work glass that is made of hypoallergenic materials such as niobium ear wires in brass tone.  This pair of thanksgiving turkey earrings would make any turkey lover wobble and gobble with joy!