Unicorns are such magical creatures! If you know someone who loves these very beautiful horned ponies, you must take a look at these unicorn gift ideas so you can make them happy. This is a perfect present on their birthday or on Christmas.

Unicorn Plush Slippers

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These unicorn plush slippers are a very nice unicorn gift for adults! Who said unicorns are for kids only? These are super comfy and super cute too!

I imagine a geek wearing these and a bathrobe. While reading the news on his Kindle or using the laptop. Super nice!

Canned Unicorn Meat

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You look a little thin... how about some unicorn meat? It is rich in protein and will help you build that amazing muscular body... Just kidding! This canned unicorn meat is a gag unicorn gift idea where the can advertises unicorn meat but inside are pieces of unicorn plush parts. Makes a nice funny gift you can use to prank someone in the pantry.

Unicorn Umbrella

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Rainy days are even more fun when using this colorful umbrella with a unicorn handle. This is perfect for little girls and those who are a little girl at heart! Waiting for the rainbow to come is made even more colorful!

Glow in the Dark Unicorn Tank Top

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The ladies will simple enjoy this unicorn tank top... it has a really cool secret, too! It glows in the dark, making this a very nice outfit hen going out for a rave. This super cool tank top is made of 100% cotton and 1000% magic.

A Bouquet of Unicorn Plushies

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Gentlemen: are you thinking that a bouquet of flowers is starting to get outdated? Show your geeky side by giving your woman a wonderful bouquet of unicorn plushies! This is a perfect valentines or anniversary gift idea for the woman who love fantasy animals like unicorns. Warning, this bouquet is oodles of cute, to a toxic level.

Unicorns are Jerks Coloring Book

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This cool coloring books for adults features the harsh reality that unicorns are actually jerks. This book features pictures of unicorns running from a restaurant without paying, not letting anyone in the ball pit or borrowing women's clothes without asking. Color the pictures, read the funny description. Laugh.

Unicorn Backpack for Little Girls

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This is a great unicorn gift idea for little girls. This makes going to school a lot more fun because her favorite mythical animal holds her books and notebooks and pencils, as well as accompany her to school. Very nice bad that can hold quite a few small preschool books.

Unicorn Poop Soap

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Did you know that unicorn poop is actually rainbow colored and very very fragrant? You can get a bar of unicorn soap. The genius people shaped the unicorn feces into soaps ready for you to use in the shower. Nah, just kidding. This is a vegan soap that has an array of fruity aromas combined into one soap bar. It is also presented in a nice organza bag so you do not have to wrap your uniform themed present.

Unicorn Night Light

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This beautiful unicorn LED light is perfect for those who like to use their computers late at night, when everybody else is sleeping. This also makes a nice light light you can pick up when going to the bathroom so you do not have to accidentally bump your pinky toe into the furniture. God, that hurts.


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This is a funny gift for someone who is obsessed with unicorns! This is a finger puppet set so you can turn your hand into a unicorn! Also it makes a nice exercise and therapy too for those who had a broken finger, wrist or recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unicorn Head Mask

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Want to make the horse head mask even more funny and magical? try the unicorn head mask! It is so randomly funny, plus you can make a living out of greeting someone wearing this! Just ask this guy on Fiverr!

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