Unique clocks are kind of a double-edged sword. While some will make you look artistic and will start conversations, some will make you look like a weirdo. We are looking at those that me you look an interesting individual that people want to talk to you about your clock!

When designing your space, it’s important to have some conversation starter pieces which can help break off the ice. One piece of the item which is essential in desk space, and at the same time highly customizable according to your preference and interior design, is a clock.
A clock helps you keep track of the time and at the same time, with the right choice can also become a piece that can help start a conversation between you and your visitor.

To have an idea of what kind of unique clocks can best spark a conversation, I’ll give you some tips and recommendations that can help you have a statement piece of decoration, a conversation starter at the same time can be personalized according to your preference.

College Football Clock

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Show to others your love and support to your favorite college football team. Choose from 14 famous football teams, and personalize it with your own name (or friend’s name if you’re gifting it to somebody) and your own favorite number, or your favorite player’s shirt number.

Perhaps next time someone visits you who shares the same interest with football, the two of you can share your interest in the game, by using this clock as a way to start an interesting sports conversation.

Clock and Pen Organizer

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Have your visitors wonder if this piece was personally handmade for you, specifically since this sailing boat décor which is imbued with a clock and a pen holder is definitely hand-made using metal, which gave it a unified gun-metal color, a perfect piece which can be placed in any office or spaces, without worrying that it may clash with the current theme of the room.

Industrial Clock with Lamp

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If you’re looking for a statement piece of décor, then this industrial clock with a built-in clock can be the one for you. This desk clock is furnished with black industrial pipes which helps to hold the two key pieces of this item which are the vintage analog clock and the lamp which produces a warm white light and is very much interchangeable according to your preferred color of the light lamp.

Having this piece on your desk, office or at home can surely make people asking you in wonder if this clock is a vintage item with its rustic, retro-steam punk design.

Multi Time Zone Clock

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Keep track of multiple time zone with this revolving desk clock. Aside from keeping tabs on different time zones with just one clock, its interesting cube design which continuously revolves on top of the wooden base, makes this piece a sure way of starting a conversation for anyone visiting your place.

The empty faceplate at the back of the cube is also a great place to put a personalized engraving of your choice.

Clock with Engraving Text

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Gift yourself or a colleague of yours a personalized clock, with two empty plates, a small one at the front of the foldable clock, and the other one facing the clock itself, which can be both be customized to have a text engraving of your choice.

The beautiful, solid, mahogany material, gold-colored lining around the edge of the clock, and matte-golden colored customizable plates may interest some visitors into thinking if this beautiful piece of ornament is a trophy because of its beauty.

All-in-One Clock

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Hate to clutter your desk with a speaker, lamp, and clock? Then why not get all those together in just one item. This all-in-one clock features a Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, 48 customizable interchangeable lights, which can be adjusted according to your preferred brightness.

Surprise some of your friends when they visit when you play a song from this gadget, or you can wow them on how much you can personalize its color according to your mood.

Salvador Dali Melting Clock

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Do you know “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali? It is one of the most popular works of surrealism and Salvador Dali’s most famous art piece. The clocks in this painting are melting.

You can also have your very own melting clock! Your melting clock can be nestled on top of a mantlepiece, with its side hanging just on the edge, just like one of the clocks in the painting.

This unique clocks is a perfect gift for artistic persons like painters, sculptors, and animators. Just about anyone who practices and appreciates visual arts.

Guitar Vinyl Clock

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This guitar vinyl clock is just a thing of beauty. Firstly, it is made from upcycled old record vinyl and is very well done! The guitar design is just superb. This will be perfect in a music room or library, so if you have a friend who is a musician (especially a guitarist!) or someone who owns a large library, this unique clocks would be the most special present.

Projection Clock

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This is one of the most amazing clocks ever! This very unusual clock looks fairly common at first but come nearer and touch it to find out that you can’t! This is because it is just being projected by a machine. Cool, right?

This projection clock can also change the looks of the projected clock, from color to style of number and the looks of the hands… everything is changeable and you can just mix and match whenever you get tired of how it looks.

Perfect for people who love a lot of variety and choices in their lives.

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