Your father-in-law deserves a gift! He was responsible for giving life to your spouse, a medium of God’s gift to you. Although he grunts and does not speak much, we all know that he is a softie inside who also likes to get attention from his children, including you.

Here is a list of unique gift ideas for father-in-law. This list is applicable to use for any event you need to give a gift to your FIL, whether it is his birthday, Christmas or you just miss him.

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"I Have Been Blessed with a Wonderful Dad. First Through Birth, Then Through Marriage." Framed Artwork

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If you want to give something that would touch dad-in-law, then a simple framed artwork that says you are thankful for him is a great idea. "I Have Been Blessed with a Wonderful Dad. First Through Birth, Then Through Marriage." is a great gift that your father in law would hang in the house. This framed artwork measures 8x10 and is double matted so it looks great. This framed gift is personalizeable, where you can add two lines of text above the quote and two more below the quote.

Engraved Beer Mug

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Dad-in-Law loves beer! No doubt about it. Why not give him a really cool beer mug that he can use whenever he drinks his favorite beverage? This beer mug can be personalized, where you can have your father-in-law's name sandblasted into the mug. You can also just say dad, though. The beer mug can hold 25 ounces of beer, which is a lot of golden nectar. FIL will love this mug!

Pocket Watch

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One of the classic gentleman's timepiece and jewelry! The pocket watch is making a comeback now, and you father-in-law will love the beautiful, modern, Dr. Who inspired design of this pocket watch. It is very detailed and if your Father in Law watches Dr. Who, he will delighted to see the resemblance! Maybe he can be a Time Lord too, don't you think?

Tactical Barbecue Apron

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I your father-in-law loves to have one of those Sunday barbecue and beer with his buddies, then you might want to give him he can use on those days with the boys. This super cool tactical apron is a really nice apron that has a lot of pockets so he can cook his meat with ease. This also looks super bad-ass and your father-in-law will appreciate having an apron that does not look something like his wife will wear. Bless you, child!

Wallet-Size Multitool

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Men have a great love for tools and this (believe it or not) is a multi-tool. Pocket Monkey is a multi-tool that can fit inside a wallet! It can do twelve different types of jobs. It is a bottle opener, two types of screw, a ruler, wrench, letter opener and more. your father-in-law will love the fact that with this one small tool, he can become a McGyver in his own little way. This a nice toy for your dad-in-law!

Watch Box

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Is dad-in-law a watch collector? If so, you can get him one of these classy looking watch boxes. These are leather and will look good on display in their bedroom! This can be personalized by having his initial printed on the glass covering of the box. This is a nice present that says you are lucky to have him as an in-law. Watches not included, of course!

Survival Kit in a Can

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The survival kit in a can is a sardine tin can that holds the following: a compass, whistle, matches, first aid instructions, razor blade, pencil, non-aspirin pain reliever, fire starter cube, adhesive bandage, energy nugget, reflective signal surface, fish hook & line, duct tape, wire clip, note paper, tea, sugar, salt, gum, watertight bag, safety pin, antibiotic ointment and alcohol prep pad.

That is a lot, right? Not only that, once it is opened, it can be re-used to hold water. Cool isn't it? This is a great gift for the guy who loves the great outdoors: hiking, backpacking kayaking, fishing. It is a nice insurance (sort-of) that a man can have first aid, food and survival tools when lost in the wild.

Liquor Dispenser

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Does the old man love bourbon, whiskey or wine? If yes, then this liquor holder is a nice gift for him. This makes dispensing his favorite liquor easier, plus it makes a great decor. (It even has a small boat inside! Cool!)

This liquor dispenser is handblown by skilled artisans and is really durable. It also has a bottle stopper, so the liquor won't evaporate or go stale. It holds 1000ml of liquor. That is a lot of alcohol! We have one of those here in my house, and I tell you, the picture does not do the product justice.

If your father in law loves liquor and has a library, a den or a man cave, then this gift idea might be one of the best in this list. Father -in-law will love this present!

Beer Tour

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If your old man loves beer, then you can give him an experience gift where he can have a tour to learn how his favorite drink is made and where he can taste ten different beer types. This experience is a nice guided pub-hopping experience where you get to taste local as well as international beer. For the geek father-in-law who loves beer.

Guided Fishing Tour

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If your father-in-law would love to learn fishing in the lake, then this is the best bet. This guided fishing tour lets the guy learn how to catch bass in a boat. He will be guided by an old timer who has more than fifty(!) years of experience in fishing in lakes. He can even bring home the fish he catches! This is a great gift idea for fathers, since most dads love fishing.