Laundry baskets may be the last thing you’d ever think of purchasing with so much thought. After all, they only house all your dirty clothes before they go straight to the washing machine.

Most of us would just pick the cheapest one or the one that can store the number of our dirty clothes but never the chicest one in the store. And finding an aesthetically appealing laundry basket is rare unless you go into fancy furniture showrooms.

But hey, what’s the harm of buying an eye-catching laundry basket that you can up the purpose as a décor as well into your room or bathroom.

Here are our top picks for unique laundry baskets that can spruce up a boring room!

Labeled Foldable Laundry Basket

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These unique laundry baskets make life a little easier with the 3-sectioned frame for dark, light, and colored garments. You no longer have to sort through your clothes before tossing them into the washing machine. The simple embossed statement at the front is enough to give it a simple edge doubled with its purpose for convenience. It is foldable so you can bring it for staycations or whenever it is not in use. The sleek metal frame is also lightweight and gives it a clean look coupled with the muted gray laundry bag which is also washable.

Shark Felt Laundry Basket

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Teaching your kids to be more responsible with their dirty clothes will be a breeze when you get them this cool shark felt laundry basket. The shark’s mouth serves as the opening of the laundry bin and tossing dirty clothes inside will be a lot more fun. The felt material also gives this piece a different twist and is also malleable to cramped spaces. The comical design gives it an upscale function as a decorative to your space. This is a perfect gift for your kids or for someone who just loves swimming with this ferocious sea creature.

Stair Climber Laundry Trolley Dolly

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This vintage laundry basket will steal everyone’s attention. The classic monogram at the front and the metallic trolley it comes with to wheel it around everywhere will surely make laundry a light-hearted chore. The laundry bag is made from faux burlap, with a round frame at the top and a drawstring closure. The three “stair climber wheels” helps you take the laundry bag through flights of stairs in your apartment building. The rubber handle also protects your palms and fingers from calluses when hoisting it up the stairs. You can fold the bag in half and is detachable from the frame for cleaning.

Moda Home Collapsible Metal Laundry Basket

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If you love art deco items, this contemporary metal laundry basket will steal your heart. Made for a lighter pile of clothes, this one is more of a décor for your room or bathroom. The elegant copper color and beautiful interweaving metal design make this a work of art. For functionality, it has four 360° wheels and is collapsible for easier transportation and storage.

Ombre Laundry Basket

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Ombre became a trend in the recent years with its marvelous visual appeal. This run of the mill laundry basket makes up with its dreamy ombre design. It is handmade and hand-dyed, perfect for people who like more personalized products. The basket stands alone even when empty and has a faux leather base. This is more suitable for a baby’s nursery, or a kid’s or teenager’s room. It’s not only cute but also safe for young children because it is made of soft materials.

Finnhomy Bamboo Laundry Basket

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This bamboo laundry basket is a perfect gift for your nature lover friends. Made from narrow bamboo strips lining the outside and faux rope handles better handles. It’s collapsible for transportations and storage. The spacious two compartments inside allow you to put two piles of clothes⏤dark and light. It can hold up to 15kg of clothing. The lid also presents a neat appearance to your room or bathroom by not exposing all your dirty clothes in plain eyesight.

Crochet Laundry Basket

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Crochet crafting is no longer limited to garments or blankets ⏤ this one-of-a-kind crochet laundry basket adds to the list. A unique gift to your loved ones for the holiday season, they’ll remember you for gifting them this charming item. Handmade from high-quality, eco-friendly yarn, styled beautifully in a classic round hamper with a matching lid.