The giving of gifts has always been a heart-warming act that flatters both the expecting and the not expecting. But even the occasional act as good as gift-giving can get too predictable especially if you are the type who give gifts that are only based on trends as an apparent result of the lack of imagination about it.

Moving away from the obvious and the common, there are unusual gift ideas you can resort to that not only surprise the expecting, but more so the un-expecting. Thinking outside the box paired with a little creativity, the following are some of the most eccentric gifts you can come up with but are nonetheless appealing to the receivers:

IOU Card

Got a skill that could be of use to another person you know you could offer? Whether something that requires an artistic use of both hands or a bit of cooking, skills such as these are a valuable asset that can be used as gift by offering your services on it, minus the pay. Make use of that refined skill of yours as a means of gift by making an “IOU card certificate” about it.

Non-IOU Card Service

Similar to the one listed above but minus the IOU certificate card, you can render your ordinary service which requires nothing but your company as a means of gift to a person’s household. This could mean offering your baby-sitting or housecleaning service for free. Otherwise, other equally useful service such as sketching and massaging can also be a very good option as a gift.


Turn something drab into something that is lively and cheery to look at if you have the right set of skills for it.

An example is turning a simple wall-hanging corkboard into a unique display board. The work is relatively simple:

  1. Make a covering of the corkboard with a bright cloth
  2. Add glamor into it by adding designs like flowers or seashells depending on the recipient’s preference by gluing them to the fabric
  3. Do not forget to include a small dry erase board which will be the highlight of the transformation

Otherwise, you may also do other product which involves using both hands with a lattice wood photo display. Here are the steps to go about it:

  1. Cut the lattice into pieces
  2. Place them accordingly to the wall of your own design
  3. Cut the photos fitting the diamond-shaped holes
  4. Cover the pictures with plastic to preserve their quality
  5. Decorate on each picture according to theme
  6. Make a finishing by framing on everything with molding

Custom-Made, Personalized Gifts

Whether it is a printed shirt, a personally designed mug, or the recipient’s photo on a mouse pad, nothing says personal than having the recipient’s own trademark on the gift he or she is about to receive.