Valentine’s Day is one of the most creative holidays, not only for lovers but for the kids, too. If you want to have some fun with the kiddos this coming hearts day, you should take a look at this list of eight easy Valentines Day crafts for children! After they have finished, they can give the crafts as a gift to their teacher, parents, aunts and uncles or older siblings! Have fun!

1. Heartbreaker Candy Packets

Heartbreaker Candy Packets

This one is too cute and too easy! Just make two hearts labelled “Please Break My Heart” or similar and staple the sides to make a packet. Before sealing, put some candies inside it. Small ones like M & M’s or skittles work best. Staple the opening close. Made Blog shows you step by step on how to make this super easy Valentines Day crafts for children!

2. 3D Valentine’s Day Card With Candy

3D Valentines Day Card With Candy

What a creative concept! Very easy too! Just take a picture of the kids holding a fist (like holding an invisible balloon), decorate the photo and print it out. Using a blade, cut two thin holes on top and bottom of the child’s fist (on the photo, not in real life… the latter is child abuse) and insert a lollipop or a candy cane on slots you just made. Voila, instant cheerful card. With candy! Concept is from Juggling with Kids and the blog shows you exactly how to make it.

3. Lollypop Butterflies

Valentines Butterfly Lollipop

Another way to give Valentine’s Day candy is this cute butterfly lollipops. Eat Craft Parent has all the intructions on how to make these funny edible Valentine’s insects.

4. Valentine’s Lollypop Flowers

Valentines Day Lollipop Flowers

The tried and tested method of wooing women: candy and flowers! You and your kid can easily make Lollipop flowers with the printables offered at Skip to My Lou.

5. Heart Pasta Valentine’s Card

Heart Pasta Card

A moderately easy Valentine’s card for children above five years old. Buy some heart shaped pasta, glue them into the shape of a flower to a card, draw stem and flower and add your message. The idea was from Real Simple.

6. Crayon Heart Cards

Crayon Heart Cards

Does your child have broken crayons he does not want to use anymore? You can recycle those into colorful, swirly heart cards. Just let your child help break the crayons into very small pieces and fill up heart shaped baking molds. Melt them in the oven, take them out, let them cool and dry. The crayons will look like psychedelic swirls of love and you and your child can use them to make some cute V-day cards. Here is the step by step instructions (with pictures!) form Mom Dot.

7. Hearty Fruit Pop

Hearty Fruit Pops

No, this is not a drink, but a heart shaped fruit on a stick. All you need is two pieces of fruit and two heart cookie cutters (one should be bigger than the other — this heart cookie cutter sets should do the trick). Just punch a heart shape on a slab of a fruit. Punch another small heart in the middle of the fruit to create a heart shaped hole then use the smaller cookie cutter to make a smaller heart on the second fruit. Insert the smaller heart into the heart shaped hole the skewer the fruit using a barbecue stick. Concept by Then She Made.

8. Kid’s Hand Heart Stamps

Childs Heart Stamp

This will give a really good fun time for preschoolers and mom or dad! Just paint the side of the kids hands with red paint and use his little hands to stamp hearts into a piece of paper. The resulting product is very cute. For more photos, take a look at Bloesem. You can also frame the paper. It looks elegant on a minimalist room.

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