If your man loves receiving a lot of different gifts at the same time, you might want to take a look at gift baskets. With Valentine’s Day coming up, why not get him a basket that contains goodies? Here are some of the nicest Valentines Day gift baskets for men!

Movie Night Gift Basket

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This is perfect for movie date nights. Maybe create a drive-in theater or show your movie inside a blanket fort. be creative, tickle your man's inner child This gift basket contains:

  1. Four packages of popcorn
  2. Oreos
  3. Haribo
  4. Skittles
  5. Swedish Fish
  6. Sour Patch Kids
  7. Ring Pops PLUS popcorn bags (for easier sharing!)

Beef Jerky Sampler

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The ultimate snack for a man: jerky! It is like dried fruits for the carnivorous! Drying enhances the meat's taste and makes it even more enticing for a guy. jerky is like a portable steak meal. You can grab this gift basket of 25 pieces of jerkies. Different flavors, different types of meal. All delicious! This gift pack contains:

  1. Includes 11 assorted packs of 1.5oz Buffalo Bills Country Cut and Western Cut Beef Jerky
  2. 3 assorted 3oz packs of Buffalo Bills Premium Beef Jerky (Hickory, Beer, and Maple Pepper)
  3. 10 mixed Ole Smokies beef sticks (ham & turkey, too), and 1 pack of 1.5oz Buffalo Bills Turkey Jerky

Man Can

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Your guy will feel you are treating him like a girl if you give him a spa gift basket, but will feel absolutely macho if you present him this man can. This is like the testosterone counterpart of a spa gift basket! Just look at the container. A paint bucket! What can be more macho? It will make him smell super clean and masculine. The Man Can contains:

  1. Licorice Fisherman's Scrub Soap
  2. Heavy-Duty Hand Butter
  3. Spicy Shave Gel
  4. Bay Rum Oil Aftershave
  5. Body Sponge

It's a Guy Thing Gift basket

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Contains various edibles that a man would love. Your guy will definitely feel your love way past Valentines day as he muches the snacks in this as he works on teh computer, watch TV or play his favorite video games. Includes:

  1. spicy all beef sausage
  2. all beef smoked summer sausage
  3. all beef salami
  4. assorted mustard
  5. zesty cheddar cheese pepper cheese
  6. bourbon vanilla dessert twists
  7. toasted water crackers
  8. moist chocolate rum cake with real Jamaican rum
  9. Spanish olive flavor cheddar
  10. roasted garlic crackers
  11. bruschetta parmesan crisps

Healthy Valentine's Day Gift Basket

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For the health conscious man, you can grab this gift basket! This Healthy Valentines Gift Basket for Men focuses on giving your man snacks that are rich in antioxidants that keep him looking young! This gift basket was even featured in Men's Health Magazine! This gift basket contains:

  1. Plantain Chips
  2. Bissinger's Naturals Crunch Snack
  3. Figamajigs
  4. Lesser Evil Flavored Popcorn
  5. Dried Apple Chips
  6. Terra Chips
  7. Natural Pistachios
  8. Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar

Meat and Cheese Gift Box

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Men love their meat! There is no doubt about that. Cheese, too! Why not get your lover boy's favorite proteins into one gift box? This meat and cheese gift box is an attractive food box that contains:

  1. (2) 10 ounce Beef Summer Sausage
  2. 10 ounce Brown Sugar & Honey Turkey Summer Sausage
  3. 6 ounce Smoked Gouda
  4. 6 ounce Harvest Vegetable White Cheddar Blend
  5. 4 ounce Farmhouse Cheddar Blend
  6. 4 ounce Jalapeno Cheddar Blend
  7. 4 ounce Creamy Swiss Blend
  8. 1 ounce Golden Toasted Crackers
These are perfect for snacking healthy! Perfect for guys who are bodybuilding.

Gourmet Italian Gift Basket

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For the more refined taste, you can get this gourmet Italian food collection. This gift basket will definitely titillate his taste buds (yours, too... this gift box is meant to be shared) as he devours the various cheese and sweets and wines in this. There are also some cooking ingredients here (like the balsamic vinegar) and a chopping board. Here is a complete breakdown of the contents:

  1. Montasio
  2. Pecorino Crotonese
  3. Mountain Gorgonzola
  4. Grana Padano Stravecchio
  5. Artisan Grissini
  6. Cheese Knife
  7. Bamboo Cutting Board
  8. 100% Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  9. Acetum Balsamic Vinegar
  10. Italian Vegetable Tapenade
  11. Italian Biscotti
  12. Venchi Piedmontese Chocolate Bar

Manly Man Meat & Snack Attack Gift Basket

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This is another gift basket that contains jerkies and sausages and sweets if you want to give him assorted stuff. This is perfect for the man who likes to snack on different things. Delicious! This basket also includes personalization options for your sweet, sweet message for your guy. Inclusions are:

  1. BBQ beef jerky
  2. honey cured beef jerky
  3. traditional beef jerky
  4. jalapeno cheese and beef stick
  5. cheddar cheese and beef stick
  6. spicy pickled sausage stick
  7. Big Hunk Nugget
  8. Beer Belly Jelly
  9. American gourmet pretzels twists
  10. Jelly Belly sports beans