Are you looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for dad? Is it that he is single or divorced or widowed? Maybe just because you want to make dad happy on Valentines day? Whatever your reason is, you should take a look at this list of the best Valentines Day gifts for dad. Because daddy deserves it!

A Nice Watch

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A nice watch. If your dad is the sporty kind of dude... swims, hikes or runs, then you should get him this Timex Chronograph watch, It is sweat and water proof, making it an ideal accessory to wear when he does his sports. For men, nothing says "I Love You" more than a super nice watch.

Cashmere Cardigan

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If your dad is single on Valentines day, this will help get him a new girlfriend... a fashionable cardigan will spruce up any men's clothes, from the rugged jeans-and-shirt to the corporate-looking dress shirts and slacks. Why cashmere? Because these are so soft and comfy and warm and luxurious. Dad will feel like you are hugging him.

A Fresh Smelling Cologne (Like Nautica Blue)

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Still for dads who do not have a date on Valentine's day! A nice smelling cologne will help him score a date with the ladies. Something like Nautica Blue! My dad uses this and it smells very nice. Very fragrant, fruity and woody. It might also help that I am a guy and I borrow his cologne when I leave his house. My wife loves the smell on me too.

Personalized Liquor and Decanter Set

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For the man who loves his drinks! He can add this decanter and glasses set on his wet bar to help him better store and serve alcohol to his buddies. This is especially nice for dads who have their own man cave. (Single or not!)

Grill Set

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Many dads have barbecue weekends with his buddies. Seriously, men love meat. Why not give him something to use on the BBQ pit and to brag to his friends? This barbecue set comes in a snazzy-looking case and contains all the tools a barbecue guy will need. You can also throw in an apron and a book about making barbecue if you want! This is one of the most beautiful Valentines day gifts for dad.

Nuts About Daddy Nut Jar

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Such a cute nut jar! This features a squirrel holding a nut, and a statement saying, "I am nuts about daddy!" This is a cute gift to dad from a small child. Moms who want her children to give something cute to their dad, this is the present you are looking for. The nuts are not included -- which is nice because you can fill it up with his favorite nuts: pistachio, shelled wallnuts, sunflower seeds, even chocolate covered peanuts (yum).

Wet Shaving Set

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Hey, a man's gotta shave. You can give daddy the most luxurious shave ever with this wet shaving set. It comes with a razor, a badger hair brush, a bowl and stand to put it on display. Everything is plated chrome for that super nice look. This will make his bathroom look super manly!

Personalized Wooden Organizer

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This is especially nice for the hardworking dad, because he will have a nice space where he can put his tools or office supplies, even his electronics. The surface is made of felt and you can personalize this further by adding two lines of text in front. Super nice!

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Love your dad! He is the first man who loved you!