There are many reasons why you should give Valentines Day gifts for mom.  She maybe single or you just want to give her something aside from what dad will give her. Whatever your reason is, one thing is for sure: you want her to be extra happy on the day of hearts. Here are some V-day presents she will surely love!

Mother Framed Poem

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What a touching framed poem! This will definitely put the waterworks on! She will display it on her bedroom, to be reminded that she has a wonderful child that is ever grateful for having her as a parent.

A Bunch of Stargazer Lillies

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Unless you are Chinese, you should also send mom a bunch of stargazers or any bouquet of nice smelling flowers. However, I do recommend stargazers. Why? Because these flowers look very cheerful, smell nice and the buds bloom when the other flowers have wilted, making your bouquet last longer than any other flower bunch.

Drop Necklace

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Jewellery is like a token of admiration, love and appreciation. Buy her a nice piece of necklace on Valentines day to show her how much you love her and how much you appreciate raising you.

Chocolate Truffles

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Mom also loves chocolates. Buy her a box of chocolate truffles that she can enjoy all by herself! Mom barely has time to indulge, give her a reason to this coming hearts day. This will satisfy her sweet tooth!

Trip to the Spa

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Valentines a day to indulge in some rest and relaxation. What better R&R than a trip to a spa to have a manicure, pedicure and a massage? After this she will feel ten years younger and have more energy, ready to have her Valentines date with dad or her new boyfriend.

Hire a Personal Chef to Cook for Her

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She is usually the cook in the house... why not hire a professional to cook her a sumptuous three-course dinner? The chef will shop the ingredients, cooks and clean up after she and her home date (probably dad or her new boyfriend or your step dad). What a nice day for a change. Why not send her a bottle of fine wine to go with the Valentines feast?

Mystery Murder Dinner Date

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If she is lonely on Valentines day and you do not have a date anyway, why not schedule a mystery dinner date with her? This a dinner date with other participants and someone dies... well not literally, it is an act and one of the guests is the killer, you get to solve the mystery! Super fun.

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