Video games may just be every man’s first love. But rather than nag about it (girls, we stress them out sometimes and video games help them relax), we should just be supportive of their passion.

Here are some great Valentines Day gifts for video gamers who caught your heart:

Headphone Stand

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Rather than let your boyfriend leave his headphones lying around on his desk or bed, get him this headphone stand to keep it in safe from accidents. It also helps to keep the headphones clean. The pedestal has a cushion on it to keep your headphones from slipping and damage. It can accommodate any size of headphones as well.

FreezerBoy Fridge Whiteboard

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Have a forgetful gamer boyfriend? Step up and help him remember his to-do lists by sticking this dry-erase whiteboard set in the design of a GameBoy. It’s eye-catching and fun so he will surely be not neglecting what’s written on it. The stickers don’t leave any excess marks in case you ever decide to remove them.

Gaming Zone Wire Sign

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Have your boyfriend’s gaming den be official by hanging up this metal wire sign on the wall. It’s made of non-tarnish wire so it can last for years with minimal maintenance (because boys don’t really like cleaning, duh). I think he’d love that his girl got the initiative of marking his territory for him.

Mesh Back Support

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Your gamer boyfriend probably has the talent of sitting on his office chair for hours with little movement. But that takes a toll when he finally decides to get up and move around because his muscles will be strained. Plus, he’s always sitting with a bad posture. This mesh back support can be attached to the backrest and the mesh material allows air to circulate on his back to make him feel more relaxed.

Shhh I am Gaming Socks

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Our boyfriends have probably got mad at us once or twice before for being “annoying” while they are in the middle of their leisure time. So, to make up for that, why not let him give you a signal so that you know when to be clingy. It’s made of cotton blend fabrics, keeping his toes toasty. Tell him to just raise his foot up so you get the message.

Pacman Sunglasses

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If he is an old-school gamer, help him hide those gaming eyebags (lol) with this pair of adorable Pacman sunglasses. It’s handpainted so you’d be amazed at the details because they are on point. You also have the option of replacing the lenses in case your babe wears prescription glasses.

Donkey Kong Bow Tie

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Encourage your boyfriend let his gamer spirit shine even on formal events. This bow tie with Donkey Kong pattern is beyond appealing. And who says only kids can wear gaming merchandise especially on strict events? The color is perfectly neutral and can be used for any type and color of suit.

Gaming Desk

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If you’ve been noticing lately that your guy’s section has been a pile of gaming stuff, get him this gaming desk that can house all his gaming equipment: laptop, controllers, speakers, and headphones. It also has a drawer for further storage but the coolest feature may be the cup holder. No need for him to pause and fetch himself a drink in the fridge. It comes in a sleek black and silver finish.

LED Computer Cooling Fan

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One problem gamers face is overheating laptops or desktop computers. While some of them may be stubborn to hit pause and abandon a game for a few hours to let his PC cool off, you can just get him the LED cooling fan to shorten the rest time (which he hates).

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