For me, wrapping is half the battle. A well presented gift excites the recipient and it shows you want to impress them. This coming Valentines, you can follow these five Valentines gift wrapping ideas to impress your lover.

1. Felt Heart and Rope

Heart and Twine Gift Wrap

This one is very easy. Just cut out a heart from red felt paper, punch a hold and the use it as a topper to a gift using natural string. Looks good, very simple! Concept from Homedit.

2. Red Heart Holes


This is also very simple to make but the look of the gift will astound your lover. It looks very elegant on plain brown wrapping paper and some natural rope or paper twine.

3. Paper Rose Gift Topper

Image grabbed with permission from Lia Griffth of Elli.

Image grabbed with permission from Lia Griffth of Elli.

Roses are very popular during Valentines day, so why not add a paper rose gift topper? It looks elegant, whether your use red paper or just a newspaper. Step by step instructions found in this blog post, which was featured with permission from the original maker, Lia Griffith.

4. How About a Real Candy Gift Topper?


Since candies and chocolates are very popular during Valentines, make that your gift topper, too! Just look at these. They look too cute and friendly. This is perfect for wrapping gifts to friends and lover alike. This was conceptualized by Steph of Crafting in the Rain.

5. Heart-Stamped Burlap Bags

Valentines Burlap Bag

For candies and other small Valentines Day gifts, you can opt to making one of these heart-stamped burlap bags. they look too cute, but is simple. Plus, you are assured your receiver is bound to use the bag again! For instructions on how to make these, check out Katie’s post at The Casual Craftlete.

Looking for More Gift Wrapping Ideas?

You can also check out our collection of unusual gift toppers. You might find some inspiration there. If you want to wrap your V-day gift ideas and it has an unusual shape, you can also take a look at this series of videos.

Looking for Valentine’s Day Crafts?

Also, if you are looking for Valentines Day crafts, you can check out the DIY gift for men, for women, for friends. You can even start crafting with kids!

Good luck and Happy Valentines Day!