Mother’s day is a day in a year when we celebrate our appreciation and love for our darling mom.  Although it is not enough to tell her how much we appreciate her, it is very important to show her and make her feel special even just for a day.  If you have a vegan mom who has been a vegan all her life or just converted into one just recently and you are totally clueless on what to gift her then you can check out the list we have below. We have rounded up the coolest vegan gifts for moms on Mother’s day and can also be gifted on Christmas, her birthday or any special occasion, actually!

Cooking and Food Vegan Gifts for Mom

Vegan baking book

If your vegan mom just shifted to veganism recently, she would love to explore and learn more about this recent choice that she made.  It would help to surprise her with reference books to help her plan out her meal.  See our top picks for the best cook books and vegan food books in the market.

The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions

The Joy of Vegan Baking

The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook

Extraordinary Vegan

The New Vegan Cookbook: Innovative Vegetarian Recipes Free of Dairy, Eggs, and Cholesterol

Although you have a vegan mom, she still has a sweet tooth and would love to munch on some sweets but only if it’s organic and is made from veggies.  Check out our top picks for the vegan snacks that mom could enjoy without the guilt.  These snacks are healthier options, satisfying, gluten free and mostly made from organic ingredients.  Load up your gift basket with the following vegan treats:

Vegan cookies

Organic Gluten Free Oats with Omega 3 Chia Seeds & Flax Seeds

Vegan Cookies

Peanut Butter Truffles

Veggie spiralizer set

Vegetable spiralizer set

The vegan mom is not only looking after what she eats but she also makes sure that what she eats is organic, gluten free and prepared by herself.  The vegetable spiralizer set comes in a complete bundle that the vegan mom could use as she cooks her veggies in a different manner every day.

Eating greens and fruits on a daily basis may sound boring for some but for the vegan mom, the possibilities of mixing and matching whole food is endless!  Through this vegetable spiralizer set, healthy meals would be prepared in no time at all!

Deluxe Organic Vegan & Nut Milk Kit

Deluxe Organic Vegan & Nut Milk Kit

Organic vegan food may be too pricey and your vegan mom would love you more if you could shop for her supplies even just once in a while.  The deluxe organic vegan and nut milk kit is such a delightful gift set to be given to the vegan mom.

This set comes with an ultimate combination and inclusion of nuts, seeds and vegan milk that mom could experiment on each meal. Endless combinations of organic vegan food can be achieved through this set and for sure a variety of flavors can be tasted.

Your vegan mom would have a blast in her gastronomical adventure with this gift idea.


MegaFood Food Supplement

Food supplements are essential in achieving an optimum level of health.  Even food supplements are also made especially for the vegans and the MegaFood food supplements contain the essential minerals and nutrients that your vegan mom needs.

This food supplement is easy on the stomach and is made to enhance energy, alertness and overall well-being.

This is great since not eating animal products makes someone prone to B12 deficiency.

Beauty and Scents Gifts for Vegan Moms

The vegan mom is quite picky on her food because veganism is also a lifestyle change.  Even her beauty essentials and scents should come in organic state.  You have to keep in mind that Parabens are a big no-no.  Check out our great deals on the vegan beauty essentials and scents that your mom would surely love!

Soy Candle

Soy Candle. The smell of fresh ripe tomatoes would come to life as your vegan mom lights this soy candle.

Holistic Soap Gift Basket. Your vegan mom would only eat veggies and fruits and even her skin nourishment should be screened as well.  She only lets organic ingredients touch her skin and with this holistic soap gift basket she would get what she wants and would come in a variety of options to choose from.

Natural & Vegan Spa Gift Set

Vegan Spa Gift Set. The ultimate spa experience can be achieved at the comfort of your mom’s home through this vegan spa gift set.  Each material comes in vegan approved ingredient and organic.

Vegan Shampoo Bar. Mom’s luscious locks glows beautifully because of her healthy lifestyle; you can also help her enhance her glowing hair through this vegan shampoo bar.

Lavender And Marjoram Bath Bomb. Lavender is really relaxing to the senses and for sure mom would have a mini aromatherapy as she throws this bath bomb in the shower.

Other Vegan Gift Ideas for Mom!

Tangible gifts are practical gifts since they can be worn, displayed, used on a daily basis and would certainly last for a long time.  Check out our timely gift ideas that are made especially for your vegan mom.

M.O.M. – Meatless Organic Mama

Meatless Organic Mama T-shirt. This comfortable shirt has cool graphics that your vegan mom would be proud of.

Organic Kiss Mug. The coffee junkie vegan mom would love to have a travel mug that is made especially for her.  Plus this travel mug comes with a funny tag line too.

Vegan Necklace. Being vegan is a liberating experience for many and your mom may agree to that too.  She can be fashionable as she shout to the world her beliefs through this necklace.

Looking for More Gifts for Mom?

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