Give some creative but practical vegan gifts to your friend who advocates cruelty-free, or anyone whom you want to encourage to become one.

With most of our daily necessities requires in one way or another some form of animal products, it’s hard to think of a gift idea that is cruelty-free yet at the same time useful.

Don’t worry as we created a list of gift ideas, that would surely wow your friends and family this next holiday season or gift exchanging parties. The best takeaway about this list of vegan items is that they are all cruelty-free.


  1. The Best Vegan Book Ever: Vegan for Everybody
  2. The Most Delicious Vegan Basket: Elevate Gift Basket of Snacks
  3. The Best Budget-Friendly Vegan Gift Idea: Cocomels Candy
  4. Coolest Gift for Vegan Pet Parents: Faux Fur Rug
  5. Birthday and Holiday Vegan Gifts: Dr. Hempster Essential Oil Bath Bombs
  6. Vegan Kitchen Must-Have: Kitchen Spiralizer and Nut Milker
  7. Vegan Gift Idea for Mom: Plant-Based Mom Shirt and Vegan Soaps Set
  8. Nice Vegan Gifts for Her: Vegan Spa Kit, HAN Cheek and Lip Tint, and Vegan Rabbit Necklace
  9. Nice Vegan Gifts for Him:  Shampoo Bar Set and Each and Every: All Natural Deodorant

Vegan For Everybody

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If your friend is new to eating vegan, maybe you simply want to help them find more ways to amplify the taste and flavors of their food without the use of animal products. Then why not gift them a good cookbook which features fail-proof, plant-based recipes suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any in-between snacks.

Vegan for Everybody is a good choice!

With 200 recipes recorded in this book, and their baked goods, recreated in 100 batches to ensure that the recipe is fail-proof, any person who follows a vegan diet will surely enjoy this going green cookbook.

Elevate: Vegan Sweets Gift Basket

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A whole gift basket of cruelty-free goodies! This vegan basket of goodies contains twenty different snacks, which makes this perfect as a care package for those who live in dorms or those who are drafted into the military. If you are looking to bring in some plant-based goodness into your gift-giving, then a whole buck of treats would be great!

Cocomels, A Dairy Free Candy

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Everyone has a sweet tooth that needs to be quench every once in a while, the problem with sweets is that they are packed with ingredients that are not advocated by people who follow a cruelty-free lifestyle. Thankfully, there had been tons of options available in the market with one of them being these delicious coconut caramels in sea salt flavor.

Made with 30% less sugar (A treat also ideal for those trying to lose extra fat) these coconut milk caramels are smooth and irresistible bite-size snacks house in a re-sealable packaging to keep them fresh every time you pop one on your mouth.

Cruelty-Free Decorative Faux Fur

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Help spruce your friend’s home, by giving them these luxurious Faux Australian Sheepskin Rugs. They can be both decorative or your next new flat lay for that double-tap-worthy Instagram picture. The best part is that the artificial material of the sheepskin rug feels just like the real one, but with no killing involved.

Eco-friendly, cruelty-free, non-toxic and is also hypoallergenic, makes this sheepskin rug an ideal gift for those who want to enjoy the luxury of fur but not pro to supporting non-cruelty-free products. They also make great vegan pet owner gifts because they make attractive pet beds!

Dr. Hempster Essential Oil Bath Bombs

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Indulge every once in a while, by using some bath bombs to soothe the tired body and nourish the skin. Feel more at ease by knowing that these organic bath bombs from Dr. Hempster are not tested on animals, nor does it contain any animal products, and are free of GMOs.

The eco-friendly packaging of the products is also a great way of promoting environmental protection awareness to family and friends to whom we are gifting it to. This is perfect for holidays like Christmas or birthdays because nothing compares to the R&R (rest and relaxation) a nice, fragrant, and bubbly bath!

Vegetable Spiralizer Set

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The vegan is not only looking after what they eat but she also makes sure that what they eat is organic, gluten-free, and prepared at home.  The vegetable spiralizer set comes in a complete bundle that the vegan could use as they cook veggies in a different manner every day.

Eating greens and fruits on a daily basis may sound boring for some but for the vegan, the possibilities of mixing and matching whole food are endless!  Through this vegetable spiralizer set, healthy meals would be prepared in no time at all!

Nut Milk Making Set

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Organic vegan food may be too pricey and your vegan would love you more if you could shop for their supplies even just once in a while. The deluxe organic vegan and nut milk kit is such a delightful gift set to be given to the vegan.

This set comes with an ultimate combination and inclusion of nuts, seeds, and vegan milk that mom could experiment on each meal. Endless combinations of organic vegan food can be achieved through this set and for sure a variety of flavors can be tasted.

Your vegan would have a blast in her gastronomical adventure with this gift idea.

Plant-Based Mom Shirt

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Tangible gifts are practical gifts since they can be worn, displayed, used on a daily basis, and would certainly last for a long time.  Check out this comfortable shirt that has cool graphics that your vegan mom would be proud of.

Holistic Soap Gift Basket

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Your vegan mom would only eat veggies and fruits and even her skin nourishment should be screened as well.  She only lets organic ingredients touch her skin and with this holistic soap gift basket, she would get what she wants and would come in a variety of options to choose from.

Vegan Spa Set

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The ultimate spa experience can be achieved at the comfort of your mom’s home through this vegan spa gift set.  Each material comes in vegan-approved ingredients and is organic.

HAN Cheek and Lip Tint

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HAN; a brand that uses 100% natural ingredients, ensuring that its products are free of animal testing, GMO’s, and parabens.

The HAN cheek and lip tint come in eight different shades, suitable for people of all colors. The tints plant and mineral-based pigments retain their vibrancy without the harsh effects of chemicals. HAN lip and cheek tints are also fortified with organic shea butter, argan oil, and coconut oil, to keep and lock the moisture on the skin.

This cruelty lip gloss would be one of the best vegan gifts for her vanity kit!

Vegan Rabbit Necklace

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Being vegan is a liberating experience for many and your vegan giftee may agree to that too.  She can be fashionable as she shouts to the world her beliefs through this necklace. The cute rabbit doesn’t hurt too!

Vegan Shampoo Bar

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A vegan’s luscious locks glow beautifully because of their healthy lifestyle. You can also help them enhance their glowing hair through this vegan shampoo bar. This shampoo bar is especially perfect for men because of the convenience of being able to use it as a soap and shampoo. now only if we can invent to put shaving cream in this bar, eh?

Each and Every: All-Natural Deodorant

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Stay fresh and clean with this all-natural deodorant from Each & Every. These natural deodorants come in seven different scents and one unscented variant, with all of them formulated natural essential oils to help keep odors at bay, which are verified and tested by the Environmental Working Group.

The coconut and lime scent is a perfect vegan gift for him because the citrus scent is perfect for men.

With the absence of the harsh chemicals commonly present on most deodorants, the formulation of these antiperspirants makes it suitable even for those people with sensitive skin.

This deodorant is not tested on animals, so no animal is harmed while making this!