If you have a really geeky nerdy friend who loves video games, then you might want to give them a video game themed stuff they can use in their own den. These very giftable thingamajigs are video game versions of everyday things we use in our rooms: mats, lamps, clocks, you name it.

The items in this list can be given anytime, but are best given as stocking stuffers for Christmas or a birthday present. Geeks rejoice, this list of video game bedroom gifts is for you!

Tetris Alarm Clock

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Alarm clocks are great! They tell the time and they keep you from getting late from school. That is unless you hit the snooze button over 9000 times. This really cool alarm clock looks like a Tetris game is forming the numbers in the digital clock. It also sounds off the the Tetris theme song when the alarm goes off. Super cool!

Super Mario Hat Pillow

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If you ever dreamed of mounting It's-a-me-Mario's head as a trophy (you are not a dentist, are you?) then the next best thing is to get this Mario cushion hat. This can be displayed on top of your person computer or TV or be placed on your bedside table or bed for a quirky squishy bedroom decor.

Luigi's hat is also available, and you can get the Green Mario's hat too so it will look like you hunted the brothers for trophy.


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Ditch that welcome rug! This super cool SNES controller rug will signal your visitors that they are entering a geek zone while giving them something to wipe their paws on. This rug will inspire you to move forward with your life, turn you into a man, make billions of dollars and change your name to Bill Jobs. This rug measures 13 3/4" tall x 30" across and sports a non-slick back so it won't slip.

GameBoy Laundry Hamper

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Aristotle once said, "A person's intelligence is measured by the cleanliness of his bedroom."

Or was it Einstein? Descartes? Anywho, if you want to look smart, you should clean your room! Pick and shoot your dirty clothes into this GameBoy shaped laundry hamper. Watch your room transform from dirty to invitingly clean and your IQ go from 50 to 300. Hey, Nikolai Tesla was right! A clean room does make you smart!

Arcade Light Switch Plate

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One of the most boring thing in one's bedroom is the light switch. It is rarely customized for many... but not for geek! This super cool arcade light switch will make turning the lights on and off super fun, you will probably play with the lights like a three year old again. The light switch not only gives you a joystick that controls the illumination, it also emits sounds when your touch it. This is a great gift idea for someone with a geek mancave, too.

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

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Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde. If these names sound familiar then you must have played SNES and a lot of Pac-Man in your childhood. This Pac-Man ghost lamp will dimly illuminate your room, changing colors like the Ghosts in the video game. This lamp also has party mode, that makes the light change to the beat of the music, turning it into a nice disco light. The power comes via USB, but you can plug it into any adapters that have USB ports. Game on, geeks!

Tetris Pillows

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If you love the idea of sleeping hugging Tetris bricks, the you are in luck! These Tetris block pillows are soft and very huggable and will definitely fit in a gamer's bedroom. The pack contains five different shapes that you can stack to become a makeshift back cushion or a squishy night pillow or you can invite a friend over for a Tetris Battle. No, not the Facebook game, but a game of pillow fight using these soft Tetris blocks.

Space Invader Plush Toy

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Space Invaders! If you love playing shoot 'em ups, then you probably likes playing Space Invaders sometime in your life. These ubiquitous aliens are now in soft stuffed animal (alien?) form! You can hug and squeeze this cute alien, or you can play a make believe stage of Space Invaders. Either way, this geeky plush toy is definitely a great addition to a geek bedroom or a video game den.

Super Mario Canvass Art

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If you love Mario Brothers then this canvass art of Mario, Peach and Yoshi posing a la Hollywood celebrity are a nice addition to your geeky room. These look very artsy, and look similar to oil paintings you can buy in art shops. These pictures of the iconic SMB characters will look great on the wall behind a geeky workstation or play station. Bowser and the Green Mario are also available for purchase!

8 Bit Flower Bouquet

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Ladies love flowers! No doubt about it. If you have a female gamer geek, then you can give her this super cute 8-bit flower bouquet. This set of flowers look like the power-ups from SMB and look really geeky. These can stand up like a picture frame so she can prop this into a table or work station or she can also hand this on a wall. Super nice gift idea for gamer girls.

Zelda Stained Glass Window

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Who said that stained glass windows are for churches only? These can also fit ina geek room as long as it depicts the awesomeness of Link from Legend of Zelda. These are Wind Walker's cel-shaded art... but wait! These are not real windows, but are decals meant to look like expensive custom windows. Which is fitting, because gamers are very allergic to outside air.

These decals can be peeled off and re-stuck somewhere else if you get tired of the position, or the fengshui says it is bad luck in that location. It measures 22 1/2" wide x 42 1/2" tall and is very cool. Officially licensed.

DIY Classic Video Game Bedroom Decor: Piranna Plant Pencil Holder

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If you want to give a little something to a geek gamer but do not have cash to cough out, then you can get your creative hands and mind to work and create this super cool Piranna Plant Pencil Holder. The instructions to make one are in Indestructables... go and be creative, geek people!