Have you ever heard of wallet gadgets? They make great gifts for yourself or to any man. Here is a list.

The gentleman’s purse, the wallet is the storage of all things a man should always carry: his money, his credit card, his driver’s license, and his business cards. A man’s wallet is his financial tool, lifeline, the tool of his trade. Lately, tools that were bulky were downsized into small rectangular ones that fit nicely into a wallet’s credit card slot, making the wallet a small toolbox, too.

We compiled the best wallet tools we can find and narrowed it down by the best. We wish he thought of these tools, but hey, at least we can use them, eh? Here are some of those wallet gadgets that we wish we invented.

Pocket Monkey

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Pocket Monkey is a wallet multitool that has multiple functions: three types of screwdrivers, six wrenches, a bottle opener, and a letter opener. This is perfect for guys who love fixing electronics and going out with drinks with the boys.

If you like wallet gadgets that look cute and are as functional, then Pocket Monkey is the go-to thing!

Hedgehog Walletcomb

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As its name and its appearance imply, it is a comb that fits in the wallet and looks like a hedgehog. But there is more this cute little multitool can offer than just combing hair: It is also a wrench, a bottle opener, and a smartphone stand. Looks awesome! Hedgehog Walletcomb is cute and useful!

Imagine yourself pulling this out to groom your luscious locks and people start talking to you because of this superb conversational piece of a gadget!

This hedgehog tool makes a great stocking stuffer for guys!

Wallet Ninja

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The Wallet Ninja offers more tools than anything other wallet tool: it offers eighteen different functions. Some are small screwdrivers, rulers, cellphone stands, and wrenches. It also does not hurt that it looks super masculine and cool!

This is perfect for guys who go on weekend adventures in the great outdoors and then drink beer or cola when they get to the destination!

Iain Sinclair Cardsharp

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The Iain Sinclair Cardsharp is a small card that unfolds into a very sharp knife from just three folds! This is the perfect survival tool and self-defense tool in your wallet. It is sturdy enough for a lot of uses aside from stabbing assailants, such as cutting and slicing food when a real kitchen knife is not available, cutting ropes, twigs, and small branches for survival situations, and gutting, scaling and preparing fish. The utility lock also offers safety so children cannot open it and so you do not accidentally open it inside your pocket.

It comes in an extremely cool jet black color. Nice!

"Credit Card" Bottle Opener

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If you want to go the minimalist approach, you can get this “credit card” bottle opener wallet tool that has only one function: it can open bottles. And it does just that fantastically. Wallet tools like these make perfect gifts for groomsmen making them prepared for any round of drinking bouts. The design comes in an ace of spades design, which looks too cool not to look at.

These wallet gadgets are very inexpensive, too!

Credit Card Lightbulb

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Imagine this: you just got out of a business presentation, and you have nothing but a wallet and a smartphone. The phone died and you have to walk on a very dark street. Scary? Well not if you have the Credit Card Lightbulb! It is as compact as a credit card, but when you pull the bulb up, it illuminates, lighting your way to safety! You can also use this nifty tool when finding your dropped key in the dark and other similar tasks. It also can stand on its own, so you can do tasks that need both your hands, like changing car tires in the dark. Such a simple idea that has so many use!

Tool Logic

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Tool Logic is a credit card tool sleeve that holds nine tools that help in many tasks you perform daily: can and bottle opener, awl, 8x power lens, compass, tweezers, toothpick, knife, and ruler.

This is a great gadget for people who do a lot of tinkering with small gadgets and tools in their daily lives. This also makes a great gift for people who love the great outdoors and does a lot of camping, hiking, fishing, and camping.

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