Gift-giving requires us to purchase the old-fashioned wrapping paper we used in decades and eventually gift recipients will only tear them apart and throw it in a trash bin. This only shows that our efforts in wrapping our gifts are time-consuming and it is never useful once the gift was opened.

Seeing your friends, family, and colleagues tearing those wrapping paper to check your gifts inside it, somehow is frustrating.

To ensure that your efforts will not be put to waste and perhaps even the wrapping material you have used can be served several times, here are the most suggested ways on how to present a gift without wrapping paper.

Use a Map!

To someone who loves to travel, using a map as the wrapping paper for your gift will give them joy and motivation to explore countries even more.

Wrap it With an Old Recycled Sweater

Remember those itchy sweaters you have inside the cabinet? Instead of throwing it out, you can repurpose it as a gift wrapper and locked it using a colored ribbon.

Use a Word Search Wrapping Paper

For bookworms and word search fanatics, you can use old word search pages stuck to your mini home library. In this way, they can have fun right before they open your gift; they might use this as a display on their working desk.

Newspaper Gift Bag, Anyone?

To exemplify your personality being a person who’s always updated from the latest news, gadgets, and trending issues makes them remember you through a newspaper gift bag. In creating this you will need the following materials: sheets of newspaper, cardstock, glue and a cord.

Mason Jars for Edible Gifts!

For sweet foods for your sweet tooth, use mason jars for cookies, peanut bars, and other homemade goodies. Another used for mason jars as a wrapping material, you can use it for a small beauty kit that contains essential oil, face mask, spa soap, and body scrub.

Washi Tape Will Make It Colorful

To make your gift a unique one, use brown kraft paper that you used to see in grocery stores and design it with washi tapes and a sweet message that you would like to express towards the recipients; washi tapes come in different colors and designs.

Creative Boxes

No need to buy creative boxes and instead you can make your own colorful and classy boxes. Incorporate it with a picture on top of the cover to make it more sophisticated, a small tag with greetings can add a little sweetness to it.

Personalized Paper Bags

If you’re planning to provide gifts per group or per family, you probably need to create a personalized paper bags. This is to prevent last-minute cramming and you will be able to save more money.

Forget the old-fashioned wrapping paper and use artsy fancy material to cover your gifts.