Wedding anniversaries are widely celebrated because it really takes two people to withstand the wear and tears of life together without giving up on each other.  Marriage is indeed not for all.  If you are married and you are right now celebrating your wedding anniversary then you should congratulate yourselves for keeping it going over the years.  If you would like to give your partner a ring that signifies your anniversary then a gemstone anniversary is the perfect gift for her.  Each year has an equivalent gemstone that can signify the number of years you are together.  Check out our top picks for each year of being together. Your wife will truly love these wedding anniversary gemstone rings!

First Year: Mother of Pearl

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The first year being married is probably the most romantic and blissful of all wedding anniversaries. This is the honeymoon stage and the newly wed is still over the moon for each other. The gemstone for the very first wedding anniversary is the mother of pearl. The couple’s love and adoration for each other is as pristine and divine as the mother of pearl. The mother of pearl ring symbolizes the first year of being together a husband and wife. This ring is made from 18k gold vermeil and the other option is of sterling silver.

Second Year: Garnet

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And you have reached your second year together, the gemstone for the second wedding anniversary is garnet. Garnet comes in a rich red color that has an elegant and classic feel when worn. You can see that this ring can stand out in your wife’s night cocktail dresses and can highlight and beautify her ring finger even more. This ring comes in a sterling silver with a 4 mm garnet gemstone on it.

Third Year: Moonstone

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One, two, three… Third year of being married! Imagine how time have passed by so quickly? The years have probably gone smoothly and you are just enjoying each other’s company and did not notice that you are now on your third year as husband and wife. Third year anniversary calls for a moonstone gemstone ring. This moonstone gemstone ring is a beautiful and intriguing. Moonstone signifies not only the third year anniversary but it is also known as the strongest gemstone for bringing out the psychic abilities of the wearer. Moonstone is also known for its wish fulfillment abilities according to some folklores, ask your wish about it when she gets to wear it for your wedding anniversary.

Fourth Year: Blue Topaz

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Being married means being with someone whom you can spend the rest of your life with. It’s life finding your missing piece of the puzzle. To cut it short, it just feels right. Ever since you have been married and living together, you don’t seem to notice how the years have passed by and now you are celebrating your 4th year wedding anniversary. Fourth year wedding anniversary calls for the gemstone blue topaz. The blue topaz is a majestic gemstone that is as beautiful as the ocean’s color. You can see how this ring looks so royal and can suit any outfit that your elegant wife has.

Fifth Year: Rose Quartz

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Five fabulous years of being together calls for a dazzling celebration. Who would have imagined that you have topped your road to forever and is now celebrating five blissful years of being married? The fifth wedding anniversary has a special gemstone and that is the rose quartz. The rose quartz is a baby pink colored gemstone that is also known as pink cat’s eye glass. This rose quartz ring is made with adjustable bronze ring band that fits any ring size. This rose quartz ring is perfect for any occasion whether it be a romantic dinner together or a casual date. Your wife would love this ring for your fifth wedding anniversary!

Sixth Year: Amethyst

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When you meet your soulmate, you would never hesitate to spend the rest of your life together as soon as possible! Marriage is just the beginning of your wonderful journey to forever. Being married is just as easy with the two of you as an example and now as you celebrate your sixth wedding anniversary, an amethyst gemstone would be your lucky charm. This amethyst gemstone is such as head turner just like your lovely wife. The purple shade and the delicate design and cut of this gemstone is priceless and a sophisticated representation of your great love for her. This ring comes in an antique brass base which comes straight from Ukraine.

Seventh Year: Onyx

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The seven year itch, most people say that when a couple has been together for a long time such as seven years the fights and the road gets rocky for them. This may not apply to all as you are a living example of how love should grow sweeter as the years gone by. Seven fantastic years of being together is just a tip of the iceberg for you and you know that you can go on forever and love each other more every time. The seventh wedding anniversary has their gemstone: onyx. This black diamond is a beautiful and charming gemstone that is as sophisticated as your partner for seven years and counting. This would be perfect for her cocktail dresses and date nights!

Eight Year: Pink Tourmaline

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She is the love of your life. She supports you in everything that you do and she helped you change for the better. Eight years have passed and you are still rocking married life. Your solid bond is just so adorable that your friends and your families are raving for you. Eight wedding anniversary has their lucky charm of pink tourmaline. This beautiful shade of pink gemstone is perfect for your sweet wife of eight years. This would be well loved by your wife even more if her favorite color is pink, like most women. As she loves the color, you know that it matches her entire wardrobe. This pink tourmaline ring comes in sterling silver and 14 k gold fill so choose your partner’s favorite.

Ninth Year: Lapis Lazuli

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You love each other beyond words, there is no doubt about it. You now reached your ninth year of being together and it still feels like you are still in your honeymoon stage. Ninth year of wedding bliss has their lucky gemstone of lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is an enchanting gemstone that is really stunning. Your wife is indeed a precious person and this gemstone can compete with her charm and elegance. This ring comes in a sterling silver base. She can wear this gemstone ring in any occasion it may entail and she would be more beautiful as ever with this charm around her ring finger.

Tenth Year: Crystal Quartz or Green Tourmaline

Crystal QuartzGreen Tourmaline

Love is a mysterious feeling that we all enjoy.  It makes us feel warm inside.  It gives us a feeling of being wanted, cared for and adored.  We all have that one special person who is meant to be with us for the rest of our lives.  If you have found your “the one” and have tied the knot for a decade now, then this calls for a celebration.  Tenth wedding anniversaries have not just one but two lucky charms to beautify your loving wife’s ring finger.  Crystal and green tourmaline are the symbols of tenth wedding anniversary.  The crystal is a reflective gemstone that is refreshing to look at.  On the other hand, the green tourmaline gemstone is an elegant and sophisticated gemstone that is really eye catchy.  Both rings come in 14 k gold fill base with nickel free brass.  These rings are tarnish resistant and can rock your wife’s ring finger at all times when worn.