Gifts are given primarily to make the receiver happy. And it is a fact that it would make the recipient a lot happier if the gifts are something they really want and are useful. For this to happen, you have to make sure that your guests know what exactly do you like and don’t like. So how will your guests know what items do you wish to have? A gift registry, can make this possible. A gift registry is a list that contains all the items you desire to have from your guests especially for weddings.

The first gift registry was initiated by the Chicago department store, Marshall Field’s in 1924. It became very popular that registries increased over the years. In 1993, Target Store of Minnesota, introduced the very first online registry. Through this, the couple’s choices can easily go viral among their invited guests

So How Does a Wedding Gift Registry Work?

The traditional way is to complete your gift list and hand it over to the merchant in the store. He in turn will give this list for all the customers who visit his shop. People who reside in the same locality will visit this store so the list will eventually land on your guests hands. You can inform other guests who don’t go to that store that they can get your list from there. The guests can then choose to buy any item from that list and you will expect to receive items you really like. However, in this process, you cannot update your gift list so some guests may not know about the gifts already bought by other guests.

Online gift registries are more practical and easier. There are a number of websites that handle this service. The concept is the same as the traditional way but it is more accessible. The advantage of online gift registry is that the moment an item is chosen, it is automatically deleted from the list so duplication of gifts is avoided.

You can also use online gift registry for accepting cash gifts which you can use for buying special items, or to add to your wedding or honeymoon fund.

A wedding gift registry can be truly useful to make your needs and wants for wedding gift items easily available to your guests but just like any part of the planning a wedding, there are still some things you might want to consider. Here are more pros and cons in wedding gift registry. Be sure to weigh each one carefully.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gift Registry?

The Advantages of Gift Registries:

  • Wedding registries are made to make gift-giving easier for your guests by providing a range of items you need as you move in to your new home. With these, your guests will have an idea on what to buy instead of the usual guesswork that comes with gift-giving and ends up with gifts that you will never use or don’t particularly like.
  • Registries also give your guests the option to purchase directly online. Online shopping is a practical choice especially for those who are out of town, or too busy to go to malls. Online shopping is more efficient as deliveries are made right to your doorstep.
  • Most couples these days have been living together for a while before they decide to get married. They may already have most of what they need in their homes so a registry will help their guests choose gifts that they still wish to have.
  • Couples always complain of receiving more than they wanted of a particular item. For example, what will they do with 7 sets of punch bowls, 8 place settings, 10 sets of glasses, and no towels, no blender, and no can opener! Gift registries can help couples put up a list of what they truly need which eliminates the usual problems of receiving several unwanted items.
  • Wedding registries also allow you to request for traditional or non-traditional gifts. Traditional gifts include house accessories while the non-traditional gifts include tools, electronics, honeymoon fund, home down payment, among others.

The Downsides of Getting a Gift Registry:

  • Most couples feel uncomfortable with registries because they feel like they are asking for gifts. However, registries had become so common these days that invited guests do not take it as offense if you put up a list of what you want for the wedding. Instead, they think a registry is more practical because it is easier for them to think of what to buy for a present. Besides, gifts are always expected during these events.
  • There are couples who have been living together for some time and had accumulated a lot of household items that there is no room for more. In this case, they can skip registry or they can set up a cash registry for a honeymoon fund or charity.
  • Sometimes, guests may not want to buy those pricey items on your list so make sure to include items at different price range. You do not want to appear too greedy!
  • Low-priced items are usually taken quickly so other guests are left with the more expensive gifts. To solve this, you should always update your registry list. For the guests, if you are left with the more pricey items, it is best to go in with the others to purchase a larger gift. You can then put all your names on the gift card.
  • If you prefer not to accept gifts at all, you can include this request on your wedding invitation. Since guests still want to give gifts on this occasion, you can always direct them to your favorite charity.
  • Some couples actually prefer cash as gifts. It is often understood that if you don’t register, it means you want cash instead of traditional gifts. If you feel uncomfortable asking for cash gifts, you can spread the word subtly among close friends and family members explaining you could use the money for something like a new car, or for starting a new business.
  • Some guests may still choose to buy gifts of their choice which are not on the list because they don’t want to feel limited to a few stores.
  • There are guests who don’t want the couple to know how much they spent on the gift.
  • Your friends may not be able to afford a gift and they may feel unwelcomed without it even though you really want them to attend your wedding without worrying about a gift.
  • Yours is just a small and simple wedding and you may not be able to fill out a registry. You can still try registering if only to take advantage of the completion discount that many stores offer should you want to buy certain items..

With this list, have you decided on putting up your own wedding gifts list and register? Whatever you decide, just don’t forget to thank those generous guests who sent you those wonderful gifts. Keep a log on who sent what and send a thank you note within six weeks after the wedding. Always remember, it’s not the gift but the thought that counts!