Collecting toys never really had an age limit. In fact, some toy collectors earn money from their collections. Reselling collectibles make good profit. And what makes good collectibles? Rare items. Sometimes it’s not the best seller that gets valued high over time, but the one who was released in a limited number or the one who seems strange among others.

Here are some weird plush toys that will definitely catch people’s attention:

Feisty Pets Plush

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At first glance, you’d be wondering why this item is included in this list. And then you decide to squeeze this toy out of cuteness and you find out why. From a cute, cuddly dog to a grumpy one who looks like ready to attack. Then again, most of us can relate when our day suddenly gets bad. At least you’ll have this toy to accompany you.

Lazy Sloth Plush

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This sloth hits a little too close to home for most adults. The meaning of the word ‘sloth’ itself gives it away, then comes the cigarette and the alcohol it’s holding. Total picture of daredevil for an adorable toy. The cigar and bottle is detachable though, if you ever think of pushing Moochie here to get a job.

Cat Ghost Plush

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You can hear people that cats are the most adorable little devils in this planet. They’re silly and would drive you crazy when they decide to rip apart homework or go for a bathroom break on your freshly waxed floor. But we love them all the same. But what about a ghost cat? Yes! Rather than driving away your Halloween visitors with this toy, they’d be drooling over it even though you can’t see the cat under the white blanket. But the big eyes peeking out of the eyeholes and the shape of the ears as the blanket drapes over it, so much cuteness!

No Furby Plush

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With all honesty, the original Furbies aren’t the best looking toys ever released. But even with it’s aesthetic crossover between an owl and a hamster, it became a hit in the late 1990s. But here comes an even weirder sibling of the Furbies…a bald Furby by the company Meanies. A hairy Furby is one thing, but a bald Furby…outrageous. No words can really describe it, and I’m sure your friends will be speechless as well.

Pumpkin Bat Plush

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I can’t decide whether this one is adorably scary or scarily adorable. Perfect decor for a Halloween party at your home, this unique plushie will hopefully steal your guests’ hearts and not their souls. The hollow black eyes though draws you in as if sucking in your energy so try not to look at them. But if you like creepy cute things, then this fella here is perfect for you.

Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Plush

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Harry Potter is a never-ending (good) epidemic. It literally has every merchandise item imaginable but I bet you haven’t gotten your hands on this one-a plushie of the horrendous Monster Book of Monsters. You can get exactly the tarantula eyes and fuzzy fur plus the tongue sticking out from in between the pages. It’s so disgusting that you just have to have it!

Uterus Plushie

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If you’re a girl reading this, then you would know the almost monthly dilemma of getting your cycle. The pain is so unbearable sometimes that you resolve to hugging a stuffed animal or pillow to cushion your aching body. Why not get this uterus plushie? It’ll be contradicting to hug the plushie version of the reason why you’re in pain but what gives? Maybe it’ll help the pain go away.

Giant Carp Fish Plush

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Seeing fish plushies like Nemo and Dory from Finding Nemo is not out of the blue. But seeing a realistic trout plushie…well, that’s something. This is a great buy for your cat who loves fishies. Or your dad who loves going fishing on weekends. Or you can prank your mom and put this inside the freezer!

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