Whales are huge sea creatures that are usually bottom dwellers.  Whales symbolizes solitude, knowledge and compassion.  Native Americans from the Pacific Coast as well as the South American Nasca honors these creatures and even worship them.  Europeans considered them as symbols of the world just like the body and the grave.  Whales are also known to be great symbols of the ocean.  Most people are enchanted by its beauty and have chosen it as their animal spirit.  If you know someone who loves whales or is guilty of being one then you need to check out our fabulous finds for whale themed gifts below for your reference.

Whale Charm Necklace

Nice Whale Themed Gift for a Mom

Keep your favorite whale close to your heart with this whale charm necklace.  This gold plated necklace is a very stunning piece of jewelry that is eye catchy and entertaining to look at.  This whale charm necklace comes with a wordy description that will keep any whale lover out there even more entertained and in awe.

Whale Ring

Whales are huge and enormous sea creatures but since we can’t get enough of them, we made miniature versions of whales to our liking.  This whale ring is one cute example of it.  This whale ring is hand crafted to perfection and it measures eleven millimeters wide by five.  You have the option to customize this whale ring by engraving the ring band with a name or even a message for up to twenty characters.  This whale ring comes in a gift box when bought which makes it gift giving ready anytime and anywhere.

Whale Tail Wrapped Bangle

Be more attractive and look more sophisticated with this whale tail wrapped bangle.

This one of a kind jewelry is so attractive and yet so durable.  It is made of high quality materials which makes it look astonishing to look at.  This whale tail wrapped bangle comes in rose gold color which is perfect for night wear or even on casual attires.

Nautical Whale Candle

Candles are not only for birthdays, it can also be given as a gift especially when it is designed perfectly just like this nautical whale candle.  This nautical whale candle will make your birthday or your candle lit dinner more interesting than ever!  This nautical whale candle measures more than an inch in diameter with almost three inches in height.  It comes in a set of four and is also gift ready for it comes in a clear gift box when bought with a white bow ribbon too.

Whale Tea Infuser

Enjoy your tea parties even more with this one of a kind whale tea infuser.  This tea infuser is cleverly designed in a blue whale which makes your tea time more interesting than ever!  Let Fred the whale brew your tea and let him amaze you as he makes tea time more fun.  This whale tea infuser is made of silicone that is easy to clean which makes it even more fun to use.

Funny Whale Mug

When someone asks you, how long will you love them?  What would your answer be?  Well, I have a charming solution for you!  Check out this funny whale mug, it says: I whale always love you!  This is a cute way of saying I love you to your loved one and a charming gift too especially for the whale fanatics out there!

Whaley Travel Mug

Start the day right by having your favorite beverage and if you ran out of time for breakfast, you can still grab some munch as well as your hot caffeine fix with this whaley travel mug.  This funny travel mug is a funny yet optimistic mug that can brighten up your day!  The mantra written on this travel mug which states today is going to be a whaley great day is a positive vibe magnet that can help you get through your day!  This travel mug is spill proof and can keep your beverage warm where ever you go.  This travel mug can house up to 14 fluid ounce of your favorite beverage anytime and anywhere!

Whale Tote Bag

Nice Whale Themed Gifts for the Ladies

If you are always on the go, you would like to have your things be carried all at the same time.  This tote bag can do it for you because it is designed for everyday use.  The good thing about this bag aside from its durability is that it is adorably crafted with your favorite blue whale.

You can gift this to your whale lover friend or even gift it to yourself too.

This tote bag comes with a small coin purse too.

Whale Cosmetic Pouch Bag

Messy bag can be brought by your scattered make up.  And you don’t want your favorite shade to go to waste because you accidentally laid on it.  You can keep your essential make up from trouble and avoid having a messy bag with this whale cosmetic pouch bag.  Your whale love is beautifully floating on this one of a kind cosmetic pouch bag.

Any whale lover would be delighted to have this!

Whale Nautical Shirt

The whale says it all, actually you are alike; you are only blue when you are not by the sea!  This funny whale nautical shirt is actually a Hanes sweatshirt with a very cool whale print as design.  Any whale lover out there would be delighted to have this sweat shirt as a surprise.  This is a unisex sweat shirt that has various sizes to choose from.  Don’t be blue just be you and just like the whale be bold and stunning with this whale nautical shirt.

Whales on Bermuda Blue Socks

Keep your feet warm with this pair of whales on Bermuda blue.  You need not to be blue for you can wear your favorite blue whale on Bermuda blue socks.  You can show the world your love for whales and be fashionable at the same time.