Have you ever heard of a push present? What is a push present? What to give as push present?

A push present is a gift given by a husband or partner to his wife who has just given birth. It is a symbol of a dad’s appreciation for everything a mom has to go through to bring their baby into this world. A push present is usually given before or after birth and sometimes given even in the delivery room. This practice has earned popularity in recent years especially in the United States.

Some women felt they are entitled to a gift after going through labor. Of course a healthy child should be enough as a gift but a baby should not be confused with a gift. The baby is a blessing from God while a material gift, as a token of appreciation, is different.

Message to Dads: Push Present Will Make Your Wife Feel Much Better

If your wife wants a push present, don’t go berserk and start counting the expenses like hospital bills, baby dresses, etc. Just think of it this way, you can’t possibly do whatever she is doing, whether it is a normal delivery or C-section. You witnessed her develop swollen nose, swollen tummy, swollen breasts, and swollen ankles. You watched her sweat through hours of labor and get an eternal scar after a C-section. Maybe it’s not Christmas, but she performed a miracle and wanting a gift after delivery does not qualify as greed. Just give her something to show how much you appreciate all the physical, mental, and emotional exertion she did in giving birth to your child.

This doesn’t mean you have to get a loan or rob a bank just to give her a present. Just buy a little something that you’ve been wanting to give her but can’t find a perfect occasion for it. If you can’t think of something, you can always ask her casually for ideas.

And now that you realized your wife truly needs a little spoiling, here are some suggestions to help you choose what could be the perfect push present for her.

Popular Push Presents for Moms

What to give as push present, you ask? Here are some ideas!

  • Jewelry – not all of us can afford a million-dollar diamond ring and earrings like what JLo got when she gave birth to her twins. A simple jewelry like a charm bracelet etched with your baby’s name or initials will do. You can also consider giving a less pricey but equally gorgeous piece of jewelry like an eternity ring or an elegant necklace which your wife can wear on different occasions. You can have these jewelry customized to make it more personal on this special day.
  • Massage or Spa – after all the stress and discomfort your wife has to go through in the past nine months, you can treat her to her well-deserved “me time” in a spa where she can be pampered after a strenuous labor and child birth. A gift certificate will be a great present so she can have her mani-pedi and her much longed-for facial. A new mommy will surely enjoy a tummy-toning massage to help her get back into shape.
  • Forbidden Food – after nine long months of staying away from her favorite foods and drinks, now is the time to allow her to indulge in all her desired desserts like chocolate truffles, soft cheese, ice cream, and more. Her eyes and mouth will surely pop open as you provide her a buffet of mouthwatering sweets she deprived herself for months.
  • Signs of affection – a push present doesn’t always have to be expensive. One of the best gifts you can give to a new mom is expressing your love and affection. You can do this by simply bringing flowers and colorful balloons to perk up her otherwise boring hospital room at the same time capturing that moment with a picture of her and your newborn baby just to hold on to the memory. You can also hang banners in your home as you welcome the new baby. It will show how thrilled you are in having a baby.
  • Rocking chair – a new mom will need a comfortable chair where she can cradle her baby. A cozy rocking chair placed in the nursery or even in your bedroom will be perfect and she will definitely adore you for it!
  • iPad – a gadget will be useful for new mommies because she can enjoy things of her choice with just a touch. She can watch cooking shows, movies, pay bills, read e-books, or simply rock the baby to sleep while playing music on her iPad.
  • Journal – mommies love taking down notes especially when she is writing about her baby’s firsts. A journal will be an ideal gift as she writes all the significant memories that go with motherhood.
  • Diaper Bag – a multi-purpose diaper bag is one of the basic needs of a new mom. A diaper bag will be very useful for travel as it can contain almost everything your baby needs from wipe cloths to milk bottles, and even extra change of clothes. Not only practical but it also shows you think of her and your baby’s needs.
  • Kind Deeds – let’s face it, the arrival of a new baby are more often a time to be prudent on spending money. So if you choose to be frugal and decide to save your money for christening, or other things, you can still give your wife a push present in the form of free gift. Kind deeds are always welcome and I’m sure a lot of women will be grateful for a month of back-rubs or two months of taking charge of all night feedings. You can also agree to wash the dishes or do the laundry. Whatever you do to make your wife feel your love and support. Totally free but absolutely priceless.
  • Family Trip – you can also plan a vacation when the baby gets a little older. You can take your wife and your little bundle of joy to a place where she can relax and enjoy. Don’t think that a new baby will deprive you of some quality time with your wife. On the contrary, babies are fairly easy to travel with for they often sleep through flights and dinners out. Just make sure you look for a place which offers babysitting facility and has a store nearby where you can buy milk, diapers, and other baby’s needs.

To Mommies: If You Want a Push Present, Just Ask!

If you want a push present, you can make it clear to your husband/partner that you will be happy to get one. If he expressed interest in getting you a gift, you can tell him what you like and say it nicely, but never demand for anything.

It is fine to think how nice it will be to have a push present but don’t expect too much from your husband unless you are married to a multi-millionaire. If you do, you are setting yourself up for a disappointment. Just be happy with what your husband is willing to give you. Remember that there’s no piece of jewelry or material gift that can compare to the joy of having a baby.