White gifts us the colors of the clouds, cotton, Snoopy, Brian Griffin, and rice. White depicts faith and purity. As the opposite of the color black such as in movies, books, print media, and television, it typically depicts the good guy in white and the bad guy in black.

Moreover, as the color of snow, white is often used to represent coolness and simplicity. White’s association with cleanliness and sterility is often interpreted to communicate safety. The color white is also associated with low-fat foods and dairy products. White also makes a beautiful color combination with yellow and red.

So, the list below is an interesting gift category with white gifts as its theme.

  1. White Candies and Sweets
  2. White Gadgets and Electronics
  3. White Gifts, Games and Toys for Kids
  4. White Gifts for Your Home and Kitchen
  5. White Gifts, Clothes and Accessories
  6. Office and Work White Gifts
  7. Other Beautiful White Gifts You Can Share

White Candies and Sweets

White candies and sweets are wonderful treats to give to family and friends.  If you know someone who loves to indulge in candies and sweets, the list below will sway someone with a sweet and sour tooth as they are not only interesting gifts to give but they come in pristine white themed color.

Peppermint Breath Mints

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These Potty mouth peppermint breath mints is one usable and interesting gift to family and friends.  This will come in handy after every foul-mouthed rant. Packed with 1 oz. of delicious breath fresheners and the breath will be sweet even when the vocabulary is not. The tin contains approximately 165 mints, so almost enough to last a full day.  A fun gift to give to family and friends, young and old.

Bag of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

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This funny Reindeer Farts Peppermint Cotton Candy is here to sweetly make you laugh. People of all ages can enjoy this delicious, melt-in-your-mouth taste of cotton candy. This also makes an excellent stocking stuffer as well as a sweet gift. Be the hit of the holiday party with this hilarious and unique holiday gift.

Kit-Kat Mini’s White Chocolate Wafer Candies

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Need a break? Have a Kit-Kat. This is the newest addition to the Kit-Kat family and this comes in white unwrapped mini crisp wafers and creme.  Each pack is packed in an 8oz bag where you “Pour ‘Em, Pop ‘Em and Seal ‘Em”.

Dog Bone Candy Sprinkles

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White bone candy sprinkles are the cutest sprinkles ever.  This would be perfect for a kid’s upcoming Paw Patrol or Halloween themed party or any dog lover birthdays.  These candy shapes are thick and crunchy and not quite as hard as a sugar pearl but not as soft as jimmies sprinkles. A perfect crunch in between. Great gift for people who bake and just loves to decorate. Pair these with other party supplies for a truly unique event.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy

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This famous and all-time Japanese, Korean and Chinese milk candy is up for grabs.  For the young ones, this is one interesting candy to eat as its transparent cover is edible too.  If you grew up in an Asian household, this might be a childhood favorite candy and a great gift to reminisce about the fun old times.

White Gadgets and Electronics

This is the year in history that literally made nearly everyone a participant in today’s digital world. Thus, the list below rounds up the six best white gifts, gadgets, and electronics for the social media lovers and gadget-obsessed persons you know in your life.

Toilet Bowl Night Light

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This gift is both fun and functional. This toilet bowl night light will be a tiny white light companion for a night visit in the toilet.  Its sturdy adjustable arms allow easy installation on any toilet bowl. It forms a firm grip around the toilet rim that makes the lighting accessory stays snug all the time even if the seat is raised and returned down. So simple and a unique gift to give.

White Otamatone – Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument

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The Otamatone is a cute, quirky, and fun to play electronic musical toy characterized by its eighth note-shaped body, adorable moving mouth, and silly, buzzing, amusingly off-key “voice.”  Simply press and slide fingers up and down the touch-sensitive stem to play different notes and you can also squeeze the Otamatone’s “face” to create a “Wah” effect and shake the stem while playing a note to add Vibrato.  For musically inclined friends, this one is a must-gift.

Flying Baby Owl with Lights and Sounds

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Meet Owleez, an interactive toy pet that can be taught to fly. This adorable baby owl will learn to fly with your help and practice. Place her in the included nest and watch as she spreads her wings and magically takes flight right out of the nest.  How fun can that be. This toy is made of durable and lightweight materials, so when she crashes it is A-okay, it is all part of learning.  A fun gift to give for the kids and kids at heart.

Just Married – White 16GB USB 2.0

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This is one interesting white gifst to give to newlyweds or as anniversary gifts.  Simply load up this small USB drive with wonderful pictures and videos and this will be turned into one big and great gift for your favorite and special people.

Bear Design Wireless Mouse

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This cute mouse design will make you smile each time you click and use it.  The “C-Type Receiver, ‘Return to Desktop’ Button & Re-Chargeability” makes it easy for everyone who is always online.  Great gifts for desktop, MacBook, and other laptop users.

Michelangelo Airpod Case

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For art enthusiasts, this Michelangelo-inspired AirPods case will be a cool addition to their collection.  With a twist of the smoking Michelangelo, it adds fun to whoever will use it.  A cool gift to give to one cool dude too.

White Gifts, Games and Toys for Kids

Kids are little explorers who learn by doing. Play provides them a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills at their own pace. Thus, games and play stuff are essentials in their growth.  While it may seem like choosing toys for kids should be easy, the truth is, it is just too overwhelming.  But that problem is solved as the list is narrowed down for you.  Check out the list below for interesting white gifts and toys for your little ones.

Toy Robot

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This is an exquisite remote control robot toy that can bring fun to every child. This toy robot can flash its eyes and can make funny voices if turned on. It can move forward, backward, left and right. In demo mode it will sing and dance. One interesting and interactive gift for the kids.

Sunny-Side Egg Children’s Halloween Costume

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This Egg-cellent breakfast costume will just make one’s day.  As they say, you are what you eat.  Pair this with a slice of bacon and you and your buddy will be one delicious breakfast meal.  How cool is that? This costume comes in SML and XL sizes with an easy slip-on and slip-off on regular clothing.  A funny Halloween costume gift for the kids and adults too.

Liquid Ass Prank Gift

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Are you on the urge of a funny prank as a gift? Well, this white Liquid Ass will do the job for you.  This is an overwhelming, stinky, funny prank gift for close family and friends. Once unleashed, this power-packed, super-concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt-crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo. Can you imagine their facial grimaces? It will have you laughing until it hurts.

Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball

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A white gift that will know the future of just anyone is just awesome.  This fortune-telling talking ball is what kids, teens, and even adults need. Just ask Mr. Predicto.  His eerily accurate knowledge of the future will make your jaw drop, as he talks back to you to answer your YES or NO question. Mr. Predicto is the perfect party toy for new fun games for family and friends and a great toy gift as well.

The Rigid Stiff Rope Magic Trick

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Are your kids interested in magic or would you want your kids to be interested in magic? This soft rope will just do the job for you. At a command it becomes soft or hard and still like a rod and then back to being soft again. A trick for the family on any special occasion and a fun gift to give as well

Big White Goose Pillow Plush Toy

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This is one wonderful and awesome gift to give to people of all ages. For animal and bird lovers out there, this can be one cute plush toy to give to make somebody feel special and loved.

White Gifts for Your Home and Kitchen

Finding useful, essential, and decorative kitchen and home accessories are nice to do activities and is actually a relaxing activity to the mind and body.  For quirky yet functional home and kitchen gizmos and decors, check out the list below.  This will not only bring smile to your loved ones but they will definitely have fun using these items as it is inspired in the color white.

Funny Oven Mitt

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The must-have kitchen mitt and the perfect funny gift for a loved one who literally loves to cook alone. This oven mitt is reversible, heat resistant, with high insulation and 100% cotton. Great for cooking, baking or grilling.

Novelty Wine Glass

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This humorous and useful present showcasing different levels of poured wine is just the coolest gift for wine lovers. The wine levels are the following: Calm & Collected, Loosey Goosey, Menace to Sobriety. Whether white or red, one could surely tell the difference. A great conversation starter as well.

Fairly Odd Urinal Shot Glass

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This pair of shot glasses provide a steady stream of laughs, especially around friends and family. Whiskey, brandy, or Tequila may be the best “urine” treat one could possibly enjoy in this high-quality 1. 5oz ceramic shot glass set. This set of two-shot glasses makes the perfect gift for male friends and buddies.

Squirrel Nut Bowl

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This cute ceramic nut and snack dish is designed as a squirrel laying eggs. Nutty the squirrel is glazed to a high finish ensuring to keep all the favorite food safe and to offer them to all hungry guests. This adorable and practical snack dish as gift is sure to be a conversation starter at the next party.

Best Gift Ever Mug

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The perfect gag but useful gift for men or women. This Best Gift Ever ceramic cup makes a humorous present for a parent, husband, wife, sibling or friend. An awesome and delightful gift to coffee lovers or tea drinkers as well. Surely, this cup will bring smile on their faces as they sip their brew first thing in the morning.

White Gifts, Clothes and Accessories

 Looking for interesting white color-themed clothes and accessories for gifts to give to your favorite persons? The items below are awesome, funny yet useful, and functional things that you can choose as gifts.  These things will surely bring a good laugh to your fave people on their special days.

Code Brown Commandos Emergency Underpants

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These emergency underpants come in three neatly packed pairs such that when “disaster” strikes, one will be prepared. Most importantly, this pack of disposable underwear always delivers a big laugh. This has a stretchable fit and one size fits most. What are you waiting for? Grab one now and make your best friends laugh out loud.

Giant Tortilla Blanket

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Can we go dirty white? This burrito blanket is the perfect gift for family and friends, it will surely bring happiness and humor to you and your family. Kids cannot even wait to wrap themselves up. Even pets will put their noses close to this novelty blanket to confirm whether they had the aroma of tortillas, isn’t it fun and amazing?

Zen Make-up Kit

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For yoga enthusiasts, the message in the bag is what matters most. This will be a well-loved gift for a colleague, friend family who loves to exercise. The bag is well-made, small but very functional. It can hold spare eyeglasses, scarves, jewelry, and others while someone is in a class.

Funny Ankle Socks

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This is a head-turner novelty pair of socks as it says “I am not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes”. A great gift to give for daddies, for the nap king and queen and the sleepyheads.

It’s my birthday bitches! Sleeveless shirt

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This birthday girl long sleeve t-shirt is the perfect birthday gift for women. This unique apparel design was perfectly made to spice up a boring closet. With a special person’s birthday coming, this will be one cool gift to give.

Jewelry Porcelain Dish

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This funny porcelain ring and jewelry dish with the “shit I can’t lose” tag line is a funny but clever idea to give to friends and family as a cute gift. It becomes a reminder of heaps for keeps.

Office and Work White Gifts Ideas

If you are gift hunting, one of the easiest lists to look for are those gifts needed in the office or at work.  Check out the list below for interesting and funny gifts to give to co-workers and colleagues on their very special days or just to celebrate small wins at work.

Funny Toilet Paper

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This 200 Sheets of 2 ply toilet tissue with a hilarious message printed on each sheet is for your shit too. Rest assured that the quality of this bathroom paper is of high quality with no-smudge ink printing. Great gift for birthdays, retirement parties, the holidays and many more special occasions.

Funny Emojis Cubicle Accessories

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These bright, colorful Emoji faced icon desk cards displaying 29 different Emoji icons are not only practical, but they are addictively fun and will have every office in hysterics and guaranteed laughter and at the same time relieving office tension and stress. Great gifts for boss and colleagues too.

Scented Candle

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Light up an entire day with this 12.5 oz scented candle. This will be up for approximately 50 hours in ideal condition. Gifting this candle is a unique way to remind that special someone to just keep on going and to just light up.

Not Today Satan Notebook

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This cute notebook in A5 size that comes with 160 sheets of lined paper is a great cheer me up gift for office colleagues. With its catchy line on the cover that says: Not Today Satan – this will definitely make them laugh every day.

Funny Thermos – “Goodluck finding employees better than us”

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“Good luck finding employees better than us” is a unique and funny line to share with an employer. This will surely capture anyone’s attention and a sarcastic conversation starter in the office. When coffee is poured, you will always be remembered. A great farewell gift to give to a boss or a supervisor.

Ceramic Succulent Pottery Plant Pot - Please Don't Die

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Chances are you know someone lacking a green thumb. Then this particular gift is for them. The pot with “please don’t die” on the outside of this ceramic planter will definitely give plants an extra boost. Thus, every little bit helps. Great for plant lovers and non-plant lovers alike.

Anti-Stress Beta Lightbulb

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This is not an ordinary piece of decoration as this is the anti-stress lightbulb that beholds the harmony and peace of nature itself. This makes a suitable gift to friends, family or even a company. Staring at it for 15 seconds and taking deep breaths will calm your anxiety while training your mindfulness and focus.

Other Beautiful White Gifts You Can Share

For funny and interesting white gifts for your favorite people, this list will be of great help. Choose a gift from the list below that perfectly suits their personality and surely, it will be a gift most remembered. Most of all it comes in white-inspired theme color.

Toilet Paper in Tiny Glass Jar

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This is a unique and unusual gift for him and her. This is a toilet paper roll in a bottle – a tiny glass jar with a wish card on it. A lovely, handcrafted gift for birthdays. Its funny line that says – This is the best gift I could find for you on your birthday will truly be a memorable gift to give and to receive too.

"Food & Shit" Magnetic Notepad

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This is one funny grocery list notepad and a cool gift to give to busy mothers. It comes with a magnetic back to keep it handy on the fridge. It can also be a cute and witty addition to a fridge magnet collection. Thus, this will make a grocery shopping list a fun thing to do as this pad will surely spice up the experience.

Funny Quotes and Expressions Tea Towels

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These 4-set kitchen towels cotton with printed design is both thoughtful and funny. Its design are: How Do I Like My Eggs? UMM In a Cake; Rise & Shine Mother Cluckers; Get Your Fat Pants Ready; Oh For F**K Sake. Your loved one will greatly be delighted when opening this box to see a thoughtful funny but practical gift.

Statement Chef Hat

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This is a terrific gift idea for friends and family who loves to cook. A chef’s hat is a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone who is in command of his or her kitchen. This hat is fashionable and stylish. So, show off your loved one’s personality with this smart and good-looking chef cap.

Funny Pillowcases

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This single pillowcase with a controlling funny video game controller and TV remote Arguing just says it all to gamers out there. This is a cute gift to give to a son, a husband, or a wife or to anyone who is glued to the screen. An amusing reminder for the couple’s too as an anniversary gift.

Funny Snot Nose Egg Separator

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Make your friends and loved ones laugh instantly by giving this fun and gross snot nose egg separator as a gift. But hey, this is fully functional and can be used regularly to separate eggs – just in the grossest and funniest way possible. Great for baking and egg lovers too.

Kitchen Sponge Holder

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This may be just a simple gift to give but this is definitely a gift with a statement. This sponge holder will just make some noise in your sink. Once the dishes are clean and bright, lay your sponge in its bed and let it sleep tight. At least, this will surely awaken your imagination while washing the dishes.

Funny "Laundy or Naked" Laundry Basket

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This gift is one simple and funny item but if a loved one is a minimalist but with a knack for designs, then this laundry basket just speaks for itself and will add much pleasure to their quiet and solitary life as the print says “Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow!”. Just kidding!.

"Just Add Water” Water Bottle

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Any of your friends into camping and hiking? This gift will guarantee laughter on his or her very special day. Just add water to this hilarious 16 oz water bottle. Make thirst disappear with this new formula that when diluted, can make up to infinite gallons of water. Such a practical gift.

Punny Herb Pot Bundle

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A set of punny terracotta pots for herb lovers out there. With its unique lines, this will surely be a cute gift to give. Choose from among these witty lines to label your herbs: Once Upon a Thyme, Basil and the Beast, Chillantro, We’re Mint to be, Eat Drink & Be Rosemary and you are off to a wonderful day.