Giving themed gifts to each other has been a tradition by spouses during wedding anniversaries. The traditional theme for the seventh year of marriage is wool, so the couple are intended to give wool gifts to each other.

Are you a man looking for wool themed presents for your wife? Then look no further: here are some useful, romantic and fun wool wedding anniversary gift ideas for her.

Take note that this list is for the wives. While the ladies can find something for their husband here, too, I created a separate article for presents for the hubby.

Useful Wool Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Freudian Slippers

Freudian slippers! So punny!

You can go with these useful wool presents!

  1. Wool socks.
  2. Woolen slippers! Especially the plush types. You can get these funny Freudian slippers especially if your wife is fond of psychology. So cute and comfortable!
  3. Cashmere cardigan. She will love how the fabric feels.
  4. Alpaca wool scarf. For those cold winter days. Stylish and warm!
  5. Wool beanie hat.
  6. Wool poncho. Looks ethnic. It will give her wardrobe more variety!
  7. A really comfy wool duvet.
  8. Pair it up with wool blankets and pillow covers!
  9. Hand warmers. You can make a DIY crochet hand warmer or buy them at Amazon.
  10. A handbag made of wool! Women love bags.
  11. Felt coin purse. A cute way to store her coins and keys!
  12. A tablet holder made of felt.
  13. Winter wool dress sweater. Fashionable and warm!
  14. Throw pillows with felt monogram. You can order two and have your initials added to each one.

Romantic Wool Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Wool yarn monogram!

Some romantic woolen presents for your lovely wife!

  1. Your initials made into a wool yarn framed artwork like this.
  2. Wool rose. There is actually a bunch of themed roses sold by Just Anniversary Roses. This is romantic and decorative. She can put it on display on her work desk until your give her another themed rose next year!
  3. Matching Jerga hoodies. These are Mexican hoodies made of alpaca wool. Buy matching ones so you both can express you are a couple when you wear these when it is cold outside.
  4. You can also go with matching couple sweatshirts!
  5. A plush sheep or alpaca. It is an animal that produces wool and the stuffing is wool. It counts!
  6. Felt heart necklace. Cute!

Fun Wool Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

You can hire a chef to make you a delicious lamb dinner!

You can hire a chef to make you a delicious lamb dinner!

Something that will excite her!

  1. How about a wool experience? You get to herd sheep and experience the simple life in the country.
  2. A delicious lamb dinner. You can hire a chef to cook at home or just go out for dinner.
  3. Felting lessons. You both can try to create artworks made of felt.
  4. Wool painting sessions. A bit different from traditional painting but still as fun!

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