Gift Canyon is now accepting guest posts. Yay! We do have some rules:

1. Your post must be about gifts, events, and holidays.

Note that we are revamping content, and we have an editorial calendar. Send us an email for suggestions!

Here are some ideas for topics:

  • Gift ideas lists. This site’s bread and butter posts. Please keep your gift suggestions general (ie, recommend “funny shirts” not “I-am-a-September-guy-I-will-mess-you-up statement shirt”). The reason is that we won’t be allowing affiliate links on guest posts. Please do not touch any topics that are discussed in our recent posts, though. Update: gift ideas are not on the table right now, as we want to focus on less commercial information.
  • Gifting how-to tips.
  • DIY gifts. Made a dessert that can be given as a gift? Share the recipe and photos of your last edible obra maestra! Baked some unique goodies? Made a DIY card? We’d love to feature that on this site! In fact, you only have to write 400 words as long as you provide beautiful images of your masterpiece.
  • Creative gift wrapping. Same as DIY gifts. As long as you provide step-by-step photos, your word count is lower.
  • Gifting rules and etiquette. In your country or locale.
  • Information about a certain holiday or celebration. Especially those that happen locally in your country.
  • Party planning tips. Birthday celebration ideas, wedding anniversary tips, bachelorette party themes. They are all welcome here as long as you provide good photos.

We want high-quality articles, not throwaways you would not want to publish on your own sites.

2. There are some topics and links we do not like.

No promotion of pr0n (including nude arts), MLM, crypto, medical marijuana, or anything that can promote violence, self-harm, or quackery. We also reserve the right to refuse topics and sites that are not mentioned but we think are harmful to Gift Canyon to associate with.

3. We love original, long-form content!

Your article body must be at least 1200 words and original. An exemption is DIY, recipes, and wrapping how-to’s where only around 400 words are needed, as long as step-by-step images are added.

Your article must also be formatted in small paragraphs and each section is separated by subheadings. Make it easy to read!

Your article also should have not been published anywhere. We want your guest post to rank and refer traffic to your site, so please do not republish.

4. No affiliate links in your post.

Because affiliate links are for this site only.

5. Insert your links in the middle of the article.

We are not allowing any byline, so link up to three properties in the article body. Make your link flow naturally in your words. Do not sacrifice readability so you can get a specific anchor text.

6. You transfer article ownership rights to Gift Canyon.

By sending a guest post, you agree to give Gift Canyon the rights to the article (when it goes live – we will not claim ownership on rejected articles) and not republish the same somewhere else. We also reserve the right to remove an article or make some changes after publishing. When we publish your guest post, you agree to visit the post once in a while to answer comments. If they appear.

7. A Note About Recent Automated Requests

Automation is nice, but please do not be lazy AF. If you sent us an obviously unpersonalized pitch, your request automatically gets ignored. Seriously, if you are lazy enough to not send us a personalized request to post, we know you are too lazy to send us a quality guest post.

Article Submission

If you think you can do the things above, send your pitches to guestpost[AT]giftcanyon[DOT]com.

  • Note that we are revamping content, and we have an editorial calendar. We will give you topics, you put your own spin!
  • We will tell you when the article goes live or if we want revisions.
  • We also would want to see the sites you want to link to, for vetting purposes.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand go!

How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities:

Just type in Google:

  • “write for us” + “gift ideas”
  • “write for us” + “gifts”
  • “write for us” + “celebrations”
  • “write for us” + “party ideas”