Aside from other popular scary creatures like witches, vampires, and ghosts; the zombie is the most dreadful but is also one of the favorites. Zombie gifts are always present during Halloween so it is not uncommon to see people lining up in shops to buy ghoulish zombie items to decorate their houses and to give as gifts. Some people had taken a particular liking to these creatures who rose from their graves despite how ghastly their appearance may be. To please these zombie fans, here are some zombie gift ideas that will surely tickle their fancy.

On the photo: Zombie coffee mug from Think Geek

Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

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Since you can’t rip your own arm off just to be able reach that itchy spot at your back, you may need the help of the zombie back scratcher. This dismembered arm is of no use to its original owner but can prove to be very useful for the living. This ludicrous arm with peeling flesh and sharp claws will be a perfect back scratcher. Never mind the disgusting appearance, what is important is the relief you get from using it.

Remote Control Zombie

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What could possibly be a more freakish gift than a toy zombie that really walks and makes those gruesome groans? Make your friends scream and run for their dear lives once you activate this remote-controlled zombie and it starts ambling forward in search of juicy brains. The remote is even shaped like a brain for more horrifying effect. A scary but highly amusing gift for a zombie fan.

Zombie Pen Holder

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Rid your desk of clutter and make it organized with the help of this dead (again) zombie. It has a hole on on its chest to hold a pen. It looks like you impaled it with your pen! Super cool. Since you can’t fight a zombie, this is the next best thing you can do to take revenge!

Zombie Hand Bottle Opener

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Some zombies can be helpful and are willing to lend a helping hand – literally! This creepy zombie hand can actually pop tough bottle caps. Perfect for Halloween parties and a great conversation piece. This is pretty interesting because aside from its unusual appearance, it is indeed very handy because it can loosen a tough pop top and is also a Church key can opener. This item is handcrafted so no two are exactly alike so you can be sure that you possess something unique.

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

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Are you in the mood for some cerebellum chip cookies? What about cinnamon flavored brain biscuits? Our zombie friends may have baked something really good and they want you to have a taste. These are some of the things that could run on your mind as you reach inside this zombie head cookie jar. But don’t let your imagination ruin your appetite. C’mon! Crack the zombie head open and relish those goodies inside. Mmm… aren’t they delicious?

Zombie Plush Slippers

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Walk around with these zombie slippers and expect different reactions. While others may think these are totally gross, there will be some who would think that these are absolutely cool! These may seem repulsive and you might require a thorough foot spa and pedicure after wearing them, but these slippers are actually very comfortable to wear.

Crawling Zombie Doorstop

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A zombie has managed to squeeze under the door but is stuck in the process. Worse, it seemed its body is cut in half revealing some of its innards. Yuck! This will surely elicit screams from unknowing human visitors and I can’t blame them. This half-bodied zombie is not really a welcome sight. But for zombie lovers, this is just so far-out!

Smokin' Dead Zombie Ashtray

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Ideal gift for a person who loves to collect weird items. Another frightening adornment to a mantel or center table and is attractive in a strange way. A piece that easily attracts attention and without a doubt will be a topic of conversation among guests. This zombie head holds another surprise - it looks complete on its own but it is actually an ashtray once you remove the top of the scull. Cool!

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Zombies

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“See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil.” Believe it or not, these are the messages conveyed by these 3-pc Walking Dead mini statues. These grisly figurines may look evil but zombie fans will think they are perfect to sit on their computer tops or on shelves. Each one of them comes with a double adhesive to hold them in place.

Zombie Horror Bank

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A coin bank with a scary twist. Every time you drop a coin, a zombie will creep from the box to grab the coin. You will be encouraged to drop more coins just to get more glimpses of the hidden zombie. And nobody will dare to pilfer some money from it, too! Your money will be safe. This ghastly coin bank is battery-operated and a great Halloween gift for kids to inspire them to save their money.

Some Runners Up

Here are some super cool zombie gift ideas that did not make it to the top twelve, but are super cool too.

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